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  1. Do yall know when 90% of applicants will receive a response? Is it still mid-March?
  2. Has anyone (current student or applicant) heard anything negative/alarming concerning the program at Glenside? Please share your experience or what you've read/hear/saw. Thank you! P.S: If you're timid, feel free to private message me.
  3. I received the email about 3 weeks after the email about confirming my desire to remain on the waitlist
  4. I got an email saying I was placed on an alternative list but I was also rejected without an interview a month ago haha Edit: I'll correct it for y'all
  5. Just got off the waitlist for the Glenside campus!
  6. Has anyone hear anything alarming or flat out negative about this program? Just asking lol pm me if you're not comfortable sharing here
  7. Are there any current Texas Tech students in the forum? If there are any, can you share your experiences with the program/geography- the ups and downs. Thank you
  8. Was rejected without interview this afternoon. No worries though Good luck everyone
  9. Someone will email you with a FB link. I got mine I believe the day after
  10. After much consideration, I believe that I'll be giving up my seat. I hope this helps y'all progress up the waitlist.
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