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  1. Did anyone receive their rejection email today?
  2. Yup it was sent to an old email and this email isn't synced with the email used this cycle. Good idea. I need to call for clarification
  3. Did anyone received a rejection letter today? I got a rejection letter but it was sent to my old email from my previous CASPA so I want to verify with some of yall
  4. To add on, how will this be conducted? Will we be asked to share our screen on zoom?
  5. I'm a reapplicant but also on the waitlist from last cycle. Last year, I received the 10 digit ID and it didn't serve any purpose in the process of being admitted.
  6. Did yall send your official transcripts to the school's graduate program?
  7. For those that received an interview invite today, when did you receive their email confirmation about your application?
  8. They group by GPA and they group once more post interview. Essentially before the interview, you are paired with someone with about the same stats. If both of y'all are great at the interview, the slightly better applicant gets admitted and the other applicant gets placed on the alternative list in case THAT specific, admitted applicant declines his/her offer. Hope that makes sense. This was explained at last year's interview day.
  9. Recieved an interview invite today for 9/14. Received email confirmation 7/13 (very close to when CASPA was verified). Sharing this information for forum readers to visualize a timeline. Good luck everyone
  10. I believe it means that they examine the apps when they are recieved but at blocks at a time, rather than continuously
  11. I recieved an email confirmation yesterday. This was 11 days after the last step of my application (sending the money order) was completed. The email said there will be interviews from September until March. Good luck future Trojans!
  12. Hey everyone! I submitted my verified CASPA about 3 weeks ago but I'm confused on a certain thing. Last year, there was a supplemental application that anyone could access on their website. However, this year it isnt present on their website but CASPA hints at the presence of a supplemental application. Can someone clarify this?
  13. Your chances will increase dramatically after 1000+ PCE hours. I would maybe also try raising that science GPA a bit by taking rigorous upper level science classes to impress admissions committees looking at your application
  14. Community service is highly regarded so get involved with a few niches. A gap year to get PCE is pretty standard and some programs, especially Californian schools, typically reframe from admitting new graduates unless you're way above their class averages. Also, there really is no loss to applying each cycle opening
  15. Your volunteering hours and PCE hours are on the lower end. It isnt advisable to apply when both of these are low because schools that dont necessarily have a PCE minimum will look at your volunteering hours. However, it doesnt hurt to try each cycle. All you lose is a "couple" thousand dollars and time.
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