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  1. Your chances will increase dramatically after 1000+ PCE hours. I would maybe also try raising that science GPA a bit by taking rigorous upper level science classes to impress admissions committees looking at your application
  2. Community service is highly regarded so get involved with a few niches. A gap year to get PCE is pretty standard and some programs, especially Californian schools, typically reframe from admitting new graduates unless you're way above their class averages. Also, there really is no loss to applying each cycle opening
  3. Your volunteering hours and PCE hours are on the lower end. It isnt advisable to apply when both of these are low because schools that dont necessarily have a PCE minimum will look at your volunteering hours. However, it doesnt hurt to try each cycle. All you lose is a "couple" thousand dollars and time.
  4. Has anyone on the alternative list heard back?
  5. Keep in mind that high school hours do not count
  6. If your gut is telling you so, trust it. The worst thing you'd want is to be kicked out and have to start paying those grad loans immediately
  7. Hello! I was wondering if anyone may have a list of, or would like to share a program's name, PA programs that do not require PCE and focus heavily on GPA and community involvement. Thanks in advance!
  8. I think the upcoming class is full now. I see 64 people now on the Facebook group and that has been a good indicator I've seen with other programs.
  9. Yup they shared that alts are paired with accepted students with similar stats. They didnt share how many alts there would be but it is obviously not 98 as there were people who received acceptances far earlier than the masses with no one placed on alternative list at that time.
  10. No they have already accepted many of the upcoming class. There might be 20+ alternatives but not 98
  11. That is how alternative lists work. You are an alternative lol. I can second that I heard the same during the presentation.
  12. Has anyone on the alternative list received any news?
  13. Yes! Absolutely. We were informed that the acceptances would be sent out in the middle of March.
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