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  1. Hey guys, For the CV, it says to outline relevant work and volunteer experience. Is this all you guys are putting on your CV? I feel kind of weird putting together a CV without education, certifications/licenses, honors/awards, and other sections. I'm thinking of just adding these sections, but keeping them brief. & on the work/volunteer sections I plan to be more detailed/expand more.
  2. Accept Davis first and ensure your spot is secure. Then, give up your seat at the other program. Still a good time to join the new cohort. We’re still in the on-boarding process!
  3. I attended a shadowing event earlier this week and one of the speakers teaches at WesternU. They said Western finished interviews. From my past experience applying, they send out rejections at the end of interviews around this time March/April.
  4. I would turn it in ASAP. Remember they are rolling admissions!!! Good luck.
  5. This is actually a thing. Out of all my interviews, I felt I only really connected with one and felt that was the program for me. That's where I am going and I am beyond happy with my choice!! The interview is a big part. Remember, the interview is also about if YOU accept THEM and if their program is a fit for you. Good luck!
  6. They finally sent me an update today (last heard from them in December). They now gave me a position/number on the alternate list.
  7. I got a rejection today as well. But I will be attending another program. Good luck everyone on your journey!
  8. I forgot I applied here as a backup. But they sent rejections out today. They already completed the last interviews if anyone is still waiting
  9. Yes, but only if you can prove they are course equivalents. Last cycle, I applied with repeated coursework and they accepted all the courses as repeated. However, this current cycle I reapplied with the same repeated coursework (no new changes) and they did not accept 2 courses. They said the courses were not equivalents, but last cycle they did accept them as equivalent and repeated. I’m not sure what changed this year that caused them not to accept the courses. Just be sure your courses are equivalent.
  10. They go by GPA tiers. If you had a higher GPA, you should have been reviewed by now. I believe someone said they are on the 3.6s
  11. I’m not sure if they send them at the same time, but people have already been rejected post interview.
  12. No updates here. Just got the NAU PA Community Day email.
  13. I've been comparing programs as well. USC is a longer program, and their courses are spread out more (4-5 courses a term), which I believe makes the course load more doable. I personally do not want to attend a program where you're taking 10 courses per term, so I like this about USC. However, there are shorter programs that offer this as well. I'm also surprised USC doesn't have clinical experiences during didactic year. There are shorter programs that offer first year clinical experiences, which is something I would want from a program. This gives you more clinical preparation compared to j
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