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  1. Definitely stay positive. Remember there are like 50+ seats available. Maybe just a few really stood out during the interview. But those other spots still need to be filled. Write an excellent diversity statement. Don’t give up so easily. If they weren’t interested in you, you would have not received interview or secondary app invitations. Look at how far you’ve come.
  2. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I hope that's the case. Out of the programs I interviewed at, they are my top choice, so I'm definitely thinking of them too! lol I honestly thought everyone got this email like all the previous ones. This is my 3rd cycle applying. Lord knows I've been working hard, continuously for this.
  3. Congrats on the interviews! When did you guys apply? Are the interviews virtual or in person?
  4. Yes, absolutely! I got the email signed by him and Miss Thetford today. I submitted my secondary a week ago. The email starts with it was a pleasure meeting you at the interview. It then says after my interview and reviewing my application, I have the potential to be a great addition to their program and that my application was viewed upon highly by the admissions committee. Then, it says this "Although formal offers are not sent until mid-December, we want you to know that we are very interested in having you attend our program." Then it ends with they have received my secondary app and that they'll be in touch mid-December.
  5. Ohh! I submitted last week. I also got that email from graduate admissions. But I got an additional email today signed by Dr. Pearl and Miss Thetford saying what I stated above.
  6. Makes sense! It did confirm they got my secondary app. But it did also say they are highly interested in me attending their program. Again, idk if that's generic. Don't want to get my hopes up. Back to waiting. lol
  7. I think we should wait since it's technically still before Thanksgiving. lmao I'll probably email Poppy myself on Friday or something if we don't hear back.
  8. Did you guys receive that email from Dr. Pearl today? My heart stopped for a bit. lol I'm guessing this was sent out to everyone?
  9. omg idk. lol Like I understand they're probably busy, but they did say we would hear back before tomorrow. Who would you email? Poppy?
  10. Hey guys, Just checking in. Has anyone heard back? They said we would hear back before Thanksgiving, which is now tomorrow. lol
  11. If you pass their initial application screening, you will get a supplemental invite. They only send it to those who pass. This school is a little different as other programs usually just make everyone fill out the supplemental and pay.
  12. They are doing interviews up until March, so probably after then as spots become available
  13. Yes! MBKU is one of my top choices! Good luck to you as well!
  14. I did not interview. This was also a backup school so it’s fine. lol
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