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  1. Hi, I'm a first year student. They only send out the secondary if you are selected to proceed in the process. You need to pass the interview phase before they send the secondary. If you submitted your CASPA application, the next step is to wait for interview invitations to go out. If they need anything else from you, they should contact you about that. Hope this helps!
  2. I was just offered a spot in the PA program. I gave it up as I am already in another PA program. Hope this helps someone out! There's still hope if anyone is still waiting
  3. Nothing here. Tried logging in to view my status but website is down.
  4. This was more a program specific thing rather than a CASPA thing. But yes, you are right. I myself took plenty of postbacc courses as well to improve my overall and science GPAs so I could apply to other programs. I would encourage others to do the same for the purposes of other programs. But yes, Davis specifically focuses on "baccalaureate" GPA. I think the idea is with a second bachelor's, they will use the baccalaureate GPA from that second bachelor's instead of the first for admission consideration.
  5. If you took physiology after finishing undergrad, you can use it as a prereq still. The grade just won't be factored into your "baccalaureate" GPA since it's post bacc.
  6. For this school specifically, you wanna look at your "baccalaureate" GPA.
  7. You're welcome! Sounds good. Their interview process is rather interesting! P.S. I'm an EMT too. And there are a few other EMT/paramedic/EMS folk in my cohort.
  8. Yea, I am unsure why they use the bachelor's GPA. Definitely pros and cons to this. I do feel they are pretty generous with their science prereq GPA requirement as well. Honestly, it's crazy that those courses from freshman/sophomore year come back to haunt you for graduate school apps. I know looking back, I could've done better in Gen Chem. lol But I know there are programs out there that will look past this and notice your upward trend. Do not give up. I feel you are so close to an acceptance!
  9. Hi @alysd, yes I remember you too! Unfortunately yes, they utilize the bachelor's GPA on your transcript, which is final upon graduation. Post-bacc courses aren't factored into this GPA. Plenty of other applicants have asked me about this as well. One was advised to complete a 2nd bachelor's degree. This is really the only way I'm afraid. But if they tell you something different when they reply to your email, please let me know! Amazing improvement on your GPA btw!
  10. UC Davis does not do rolling admissions. They review applications after the deadline! Last year I waited and applied 2-3 weeks before the deadline (to obtain more PCE hours) and got an interview. The class size is 65 for PA students. However, this is the last year of their current NP program, so idk if they'll be filling these NP spots with more PA students for the next cohort. Usually both NP and PA students are in class together.
  11. @Banana123 Here is the post from last year.
  12. I believe so. According to last year, the second credit check was done a few days apart from the first round of finalist notifications. I don't think they'd process all those credit checks and make a decision in a few days. However, another post said only 1 credit check round was done last year and in 2019. idk if this is accurate?
  13. I feel like there will be another round, but it's hard to say when bc the timeline is off from previous years. This first round is earlier than usual. I'm also wondering if they will send out finalist emails like usual (2-3 weeks after credit check) or if it'll be closer to September.
  14. Discover would work for your Experian report, but I believe they update it monthly rather than up to date. You can make free accounts at Credit Karma (Transunion & Equifax reports) and Experian (Experian report) for up to date reports.
  15. It wasn't through NHSC itself. It was through a secondary website like Credit Karma where you can see your credit report. I got a notification about a new inquiry and it was from NHSC/HRSA.
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