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  1. I received a rejection email. Second year in a row. Sigh Good luck everyone!
  2. The email I got said they’d be sending out more interview invitations in mid-December so I’m guessing sometime this week.
  3. I got the email as well! I was beginning to lose all hope this cycle since I’ve only received 1 rejection so far. This email gave me a little bit of hope.
  4. It's basically an email saying all required materials for your application have been received and that your file is now eligible for review by the committee. I got this email 3 days after receiving the initial confirmation email.
  5. I’ve been pretty patient since submitting my CASPA app. lol I was just wondering if they were done with interviews since they’re rolling
  6. Has anyone received an interview invite recently? Or are they done with sending invites? I haven't heard from them since after submitting my supplemental in September.
  7. I haven't heard back about an interview invite yet. Still waiting on that. The last time I heard from them was Sept. 3rd. It was an email confirming my application file was complete and will be reviewed by the committee.
  8. ohh I believe that's the first email. It's basically saying your CASPA app was received and is being processed. In a few weeks, you should get a second email saying your application has been processed and sent to admissions committee for review.
  9. If it's the email that says your application has already been processed and sent to the Admissions Committee, then your application is being reviewed.
  10. I got the fee waiver the same day I emailed them about it. Literally within 10 minutes of emailing them.
  11. So I never got that email. The first email I got from Touro was an invite to complete the supplemental. After submitting supplemental I got a committee review email saying my application will be reviewed and I will be contacted about interview decision.
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