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  1. I decided to turn down my spot at this program last week and I let them know then, as well. I’m sad about it because I love this program, but I ultimately decided it was important for me to be closer to family. I would expect that someone else was offered my spot or will be offered it, but I have no insight into the process.
  2. Yes. My second round interview was 2/3 and I got the call that Friday night and got the email the following Monday.
  3. I got accepted last week and I am BEYOND thrilled! Having said that, my partner and I definitely have to figure out if we can make this program work financially. We have one week to crunch the number and figure that out.
  4. Hi Folks, I was super excited to be offered an acceptance to this program off the alternate list last month. However, I have been lucky enough to get some other offers from programs that are a better cultural fit for me. I officially let Tom know this weekend so I hope this means someone else who loves the program gets offered a spot!
  5. I could be wrong, but I think the earliest we could hear back would be the week of February 15 based on something Dr. Butler said in the tech support Zoom. We'll see. Good luck!
  6. I did mine, too! Did you find it more challenging the the first?
  7. I interviewed last week. Tom said that they will not be holding anymore interview weekends this year. He also said they are likely to get back to all of us without two weeks from this past Friday.
  8. I did not receive a confirmation email for my RSVP, which makes me a little anxious! I received a confirmation of my application on June 4th and I was invited to the January 11th info session and a January 20th interview.
  9. Sorry to hear this news. Did the two of you receive these letters over email or in the mail?
  10. I just got the secondary review email last week! I have to admit that I was pretty surprised to get it this late (I applied originally in June), but I guess that means they are still planning to do more interviews?
  11. Congrats! When did you interview? And do you also see anything pop up in your applicant checklist?
  12. Does it just say "Need for Application to be Complete" under the "Applicant Checklist" section? Has anyone who has been accepted seen this pop up?
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