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  1. My hospital-based EMS has our medics on police helicopters; max pay is about $75K and you're not flying everyday; we do a lot of stuff besides wearing the jumpsuit. We always operate with two pilots (who happen to be cops). A local private big name hospital system also has flight medics and they are topping $100K. Long story short, the pay sucks for this gig as a PA.
  2. Sounds shady. Programs are going to try to blame some of this on COVID; however, this could be business as usual.
  3. Dumb question, would taking the course as a PA student allow the actual certificate/card to be awarded or do you need to be a real deal PA?
  4. You’re about a year late. Wait a month for the next cycle.
  5. Probably ~90% of people gave up on PCOM or committed elsewhere already; it's March.
  6. How many places did you apply to? What kind of schools (good, new, those that favor experience, new ones that favor high GPAs?) It could be your personal statement, LOR (which you don't get to see obviously), or supplemental applications and answers. Did you get any interviews? If not, there is potentially an issue with one or some of the items I mentioned. To be honest, I agree with the poster mentioning about deserving a seat. Nothing is guaranteed; the admissions process is only getting harder. I work at a university that has a PA school, graduated from another program there, teac
  7. Hi all. Has anyone on here taken the "ACLS EP" course? I am looking at some opportunities in the area and it sounds intriguing. Thank you.
  8. Accepted to a few programs with UCSD Extension Medical Terminology. No issues; it counted everywhere that required it.
  9. I am planning to use some conference time in my paramedic role to take some additional courses; I am interested in ATLS (I've taken PHTLS, The Difficult Airway EMS, and many of the typical alphabet courses so far). I am matriculating to PA school this summer. Has anyone taken ATLS while enrolled as a student? I know it can be pricey; however, we do have a reimbursement program from my hospital and get paid for the days to be there. Thoughts? I am very interested in EM in the future. I feel this additional knowledge would be great.
  10. Heard of some calls today (waitlist people)
  11. 1) Verify start date of orientation; you are still on the roster until they tell you otherwise or classes started 2a) Determine if you want to wait that long for a possible acceptance 2b) Matriculate elsewhere if the opportunity is available
  12. I'm not holding my breath, especially due to the fact its unranked, we don't know how many people are on it, and the trend of people holding onto seats until the last minute.
  13. People may have thrown down a grand for a program (or even two); however, NU could be their first choice. Thus, some will wait this out.
  14. Dropped my acceptance to the Boone cohort so hopefully something opens for you and others.
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