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  1. MCP would have been fought as well; ANY positive name change would have been railroaded.
  2. Sorry to hijack this thread; however, for those who did fellowships, were you able to command significant step/salary increases at locations above that of PAs who were there for 1/3/etc years already? I see it can open significant doors; nevertheless, I am curious about the pay and where one may expect to be with a 12-24 month EM program under their belts.
  3. Any idea what the pay is once you’re done with the 12 months?
  4. Doesn't Maine have a pretty similar scope of practice regarding collaboration (or lack thereof for seasoned PAs)? This was approved at the start/height of the pandemic last spring.
  5. Unemployment is designed for those who are out of a job and in the search/actively working for a new one. You chose to attend PA school and paid for CASPA, supplemental applications, etc. Avoid attempting to double dip because it can be...illegal.
  6. Honestly, you need to contact the schools you are interested in to get the EXACT info regarding this. Do not rely on random people who may have never even utilized CASPA.
  7. That's a no go, chief. Think of it this way, you have thousands of people who meet the requirements already and finished all pre-reqs. Schools may give a break on counting mammalian physiology as human physiology (after reviewing the syllabus/content); however, don't expect them to magically turn one class into two.
  8. I’ll “shadow” you for MA pay for 6-12 months and hopefully upgrade following.
  9. Good afternoon all. Preparing for the future, I am definitely interested in EM, completing a residency/fellowship, and practicing in a smaller hospital and in particular, a rural area. I am a paramedic in both 911/CC transport roles, which I am sure will be helpful for rotations. I'm trying to set myself up for success by maintaining my paramedic credentials throughout PA school (and beyond) and completing alphabet courses that would be useful, such as ATLS. Looking ahead, my PA program offers an EM rotation in a big city at a Level 1 trauma center, along with the good and bad that come
  10. If it gets assistant out of the profession/title/mindset, I’ll happily check your receipts as you leave the big W.
  11. Couldn't have associate been done years ago, and without the million dollar research/price tag? I'm glad a change WILL happen; assistant has to go.
  12. To play devil's advocate, do you think that docs would be more concerned about a name change versus OTP, or better yet, the scaled independent practice model that has/is happening in certain states as of recent? Assistant has to go; hands down. A) Keep the acronym and go Associate. Associate has been used before. Some of the folks on here have a Physician Associate degree on their wall. B) Totally rebrand the profession with a unique, new title Either way, it sounds like the public needs significant education on what an MCP or PA really is and does.
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