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Multiple Acceptances- Need to Pick a Program

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I have been accepted to two schools so far. I am getting very close to the deadline to decide which program I will attend and have put deposits down at both schools. I am having trouble making a final decision because I like both schools. Can anyone share advice as to what factors and criteria are most important in making my decision. 

School A:   in-state, just below average PANCE, 1 clinical elective, longer didactic days, 4 semesters of didactic, 60 person class, no research paper. Friendly staff and very welcoming. I had a really good feeling being there and enjoyed how nice everyone was. School provides housing if rotations are very far. 

School B:   out-of-state, above average PANCE with prep course, 2 clinical electives, 2 primary care rotations, shorter didactic days (more time to sleep/study), 3 semesters of didactic, 40 person class, research paper. I met less staff but I liked those I met. Had a good experience at interview but not amazing (MMI interviews). School does not provide housing for rotations, but seemed that most are local. 

If anyone has any advice on choosing a program I would greatly appreciate it! 

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1 hour ago, Patricia5827 said:

I would do School A if you dont want to go through the trouble of finding new housing, paying out of state tuition, and pretty much starting in a new city

Do you think that the PANCE rate and 1 clinical elective are okay? The programs are about the same cost anyway. And both would be in new cities. 

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Absolutely school B. Shorter didactic days will mean the most when you want to stay sane in PA school. Secondly, you want to go to a school with a great amount of elective rotations so you can really hone your appreciation and skill for a specific specialty (which is critical if you are planning to work in a "cutthroat" specialty)

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