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  1. 1st evaluation notice 6/08 Casper 6/29 Received email stating GRE scores were missing (turns out they weren't linked in CASPA, had to call) 7/06 2nd evaluation notice today 7/21
  2. Just submitted my Casper exam. Everything else is in so crossing my fingers
  3. Just submitted my Casper exam. Everything else is in so crossing my fingers
  4. Rutgers emailed today to ask when I was going to complete my last prerequisite today. I also got a second email saying that my application had been received and verified.
  5. Hello! Starting this thread for people applying to Case this cycle. If anyone hears anything post in this thread. Good luck everyone! I was verified 06/3 and received an email from CWRU that my app was complete on 06/7.
  6. Got an email saying Rutgers received my supp app fee, but nothing about the CASPA app.
  7. Verified yesterday and received an email from CDU yesterday as well that my app was received. Good luck everyone!
  8. Ughhhhh I submitted my CASPA 5/30 and they sent it back 5/31 saying something needed to be corrected on my transcripts but it didn't! I resubmitted on 5/31 and it hasn't been verified yet so it's holding me up and I'm getting so anxious.
  9. I'm waiting for CASPA to verify my app to see what my overall GPA will be. I know Emory has a strict cut off per the PA open house. So hopefully I can apply here since I work for the school of medicine and one of the assistant professors wrote one of my LORs !
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