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Deciding between 2 schools with different PANCE pass rates

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Im so blessed to have been accepted to 2 programs, however, I am so torn on which PA program to attend.

A)I was accepted to 1 program that I absolutely loved the staff, facility, and truly felt at home. They have a small class size of 30 which I love. I also would be able to rent a house and have a much better living situation. But they just had their first class take the PANCE and a class of 19 students had a 54% pass rate. Their didactic year was unexpectedly online due to Covid, therefore, I strongly believed this contributed. They have hired a new program director that came from a PA program with a 100% PANCE pass rate and he is implementing changes to improve the program. I met the director and he seems very competent and wants to do anything to make this program successful. They will have 2 more graduating classes before I graduate, therefore, I’m hoping they can work out the kinks.

B) The other program I was accepted to is not in an area that I’m thrilled to be in. I also felt like another number at my interview instead of feeling valued. Their class size is also double the size (60) and I normally learn best in smaller class sizes. But, their PANCE pass rate is 95%.  

I’m not sure what to do! I can’t seem to decide between following my heart, or my logical brain. 

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Did you also look at the attrition rate... it may be something you have to calculate yourself but consider how many students start with a cohort and how many sit for the PANCE. If a program say starts with 24 but only 18 sit for the PANCE...even with a 100% pass rate that would be concerning.

Was program A also a newly established program? Do they have other years of PANCE pass rates? 54% is really low comparatively even for new programs if it is one. 

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@dogrgreatThank you for your response! School A is a new program and there are only 1 year of PANCE pass rates to review. I looked at the attrition data and both schools had 2 people who didn’t graduate. My thought process is that school A possibly didn’t have the best selection of students for their first class and had to switch their class to online due to Covid. I’m thinking students probably cheated and didn’t get the education they needed to be successful on the PANCE, but I won’t know for sure until the next class graduates. And I would already start the program by then. I’m so torn! 

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