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  1. I was not a nurse but i worked in nursing for years as an CNA to gain patient care experience. If you were to become an RN, the most logistic way to gain autonomy is to become an NP. Alot of NP programs you are able to do online, from what I know they do not require clinical year because they are based on the fact that you have been a bedside nurse for years. If your true passion is to be a PA, then do that! get your bachelors in something like biology, health science, etc. get your hours as an EKG tech and apply! everyone is different when going to PA school and there definitely are some RN--> PAs, however It is not common due to the NP route. There are no schools that i know of that REQUIRE a RN lisence.
  2. Hi everyone! I am currently a PA-S1 in my second semester, starting clinical rotations in the fall. My program offers 8 core rotations: EM, Family med, Internal med, surgery, Peds, OB/GYN, Geriatric meds, and behavioral health with only one elective. Popular electives include: any surgery subspecialty (cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, etc.), cardiology, psychiatry, orthopedics... and more. I was wondering if anyone had advice on picking an elective since there are many of these sub specialties I would love to gain experience in! if you faced a similar scenario, what helped you with making this decision, or does any one have insight on what may be best for post-grad life? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I was recently accepted into a program for fall of 2020. BIOCHEM was not a prerequisite, but I have been currently retaking the class in case I had to re apply. My acceptance is conditional based on having an up to date physical and that is It (I already submitted the physical). My question is, is It worth finishing up this class strong? Or should I stop putting effort into the class and relax until my program starts? I’m not sure what to do & don’t want to waste time studying if I do not have to! Thanks !!
  4. Hey guys!! I was ACCEPTED!! i had my interview on 4/6 and was notified on 4/14
  5. Has anyone heard back from the 4/6 virtual interview yet? Or know of their approx response time?
  6. Hello! If someone here could give me some advice on how to strengthen my application for my 3rd round of applying, i would appreciate it so much. (side note- is multiple rounds of applications looked down upon?) I recently graduated in 2019 with my BS in health science with a Cumulative GPA of 3.52 and science GPA of 3.35. I have about 1300 HCE hours in ICU Stepdown as a CNA, and operative orthopedic recovery unit as a CNA. I have about 50 hours of volunteer work in a local soup kitchen, and 16 hours of volunteer work with a kids exercise after school 8 week program. Since applying last May, I gained 1200 more hours in outpatient neurology as a MA/Scribe, for a total of 3400 HCE as of last week. I started volunteering for my local ambulance company and plan to get my EMT certification in summer 2020, and I am taking online biochemistry through UNE to open up more schools. My first round of applications, I got all rejections. My second round I had a few interviews and waitlists. I just want to gain as much advice from those that have gone through it themselves, because as you know, it is very discouraging! Thanks all xo
  7. I just want some advice on my application! I applied last cycle as a junior in college with 35 credits left to take. To no surprise, I got rejected from all 12 schools I applied to (NYS area). I have approximately 1500-2000+ hours as a CNA in 2 locations (a nursing home and ICU step down unit). When I applied my GPA was 3.4 while sGPA was a 3.19. With taking these 33 credits to finish my bachelors in Health Science with a concentration in Emergency and critical care, then graduate in May, I hope to improve my GPA to a 3.5 and sGPA up as well. I also volunteer when I can at a soup kitchen and a kids fitness club (total between both maybe 100 hours). I took my GRE and received a 150V/ 147Q / 3.5W. Any advice on how to boost my application for the 2019 cycle in may? I plan to apply once i receive my grades back!
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