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  1. Theres no community colleges that can offer the classes?
  2. I agree ^. I am a super shy person once you initially meet me, and I can like stumble over my own words and mumble when talking to people. However, I have been an ED scribe over the past 2 years, and the one thing that doctors/PAs/NPs have all taught me is that you NEED to be confident in what you say. How else are you gonna talk to your coworkers? And in a healthcare setting, you are bound to disagree with someone, and you cant just go along with them and need to voice your opinion. My college has a career services building, where they have mock interviews for grad school, and they tape you so you can see how you appear. They also have counselors that can practice with you, and Ive been seeing one for the pas tyear, who has given me a cheat sheet of what questions grad schools will ask you and how to answer it. Research your area, a local college should offer something like that
  3. Another scribe here, people who have not had the experience are not aware of the knowledge it can provide you with. Now, I am NOT saying that this should be your only experience when applying to PA school, which is what I think other people are trying to say. This is a great experience to learn physiology and how it applies to medicine in a real setting, but EMT and other hands on care would be great to have as well
  4. Hi all! looking to shadow a PA in Orlando, preferably an orthopedic PA. And one that doesn’t make you pay money to shadow them. thanks!
  5. oh my goodness I'm so happy for you! Can I send you a message?
  6. I haven't heard anything either
  7. Has anyone heard a rejection yet
  8. Still sitting here waiting ..
  9. when did you submit your caspa?
  10. Is it a good time to email them and ask what my status is?
  11. Is it good time to email them and ask what my status is?