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  1. That should be fine, one of my colleges didn’t do it and I walked into the business office and gave them the paper. caspa will email you when they receive the transcript, like they do with any other transcript
  2. How is everyone answering this question about why you want to attend a faith based instutition?
  3. I used psych for the first one and for a second one I have motor development and learning, would that count? I emailed Michelle and she said “if the class is under the subject of psychology, sociology, and Human motor and development they will count” so I don’t know if that’s a yes or no
  4. What classes are you guys using to fulfill the second behavioral science class?
  5. So on the last couple classes I had I added them after submitting my application two years ago. It says unverified, will it say verified after I submit my first application also?
  6. I agree, too listy. Take out everything that describes your duties since those will be in your resume and explain how those duties will make you a great student
  7. I mean if you want to go through a whole nursing program and then a whole pa program, you can I just think that’s a lot. You could take just your prerequisites, but most of those are only offered at 4 year colleges so you might have to apply again to your alma mater as a non degree seeking student (just thinking out loud here, totally not sure about that). It definitely will be a long road but this profession is so worth it in the end. Highly recommend the gre it’s something simple that can help you stand out that much more
  8. Saw this in a fb pa group I’m in, a couple programs just got accredited in March! More options to apply! https://paeaonline.org/5-programs-earn-provisional-accreditation/?fbclid=IwAR3XVQAtcgnRFQ6MaoL7j-FfIlpvQVCoJyw11ryBRXQzw6g8Pmhr7fKPSTw
  9. I’d love to continue helping you, just message me
  10. In the second paragraph, were you volunteering while also going to classes? I was kind of confused about that because you never really state it. In the next paragraph, you jump to "after I graduated', and im guessing this is after you graduated from your classes? Still kind of confused here. Like someone else stated, the third paragaph is way too long and i would just cut to the chase about how the PA helped. Then you can use a bulk of the characters to describe how you witnessed the PA-patient itneraction and how it inspired you. What job role did you have here by the way? MA, CNA, ? Youre essay isnt as bad as I have seen some, but its just missing a personality. Its very bland.
  11. Is there a cadaver lab and a physical library? Jut wondering
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