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  1. Maybe your applying to the wrong schools? Are they more top tier schools? I would look at schools aimed at lower gpa, and apply to a lot more of those
  2. And to be honest, there’s been no single event that made me want to do PA, I’ve just came across the profession in my jobs and have wanted to do that more and more everyday which makes writing my essay harder I think
  3. I’m applying to PA school for a second time next year. I want to start working on my essay soon so I can get that out of the way. I read my essay from the first time and I think that could’ve been why I didn’t get any interviews, it was just very vague and didn’t focus a lot on why I really wanted to be a PA. Question is, people who applied more than once, how did you write your essay differently?
  4. Patricia5827

    Scribe Experience

    I’m kind of confused on what you’re asking, but I’m a Scribe currently at Scribe America. Any questions, lemme know
  5. Patricia5827

    Guys I just need a good pep talk

    I would love to quit my scribe job and have some free time, but if I do 1) I would be making technically less than I would’ve been making with just a Scribe job and 2) I’m asking the PAs and doctors there for letters
  6. Hey guys, reapplying in 2019. At that time, I was pretty blind on applying to PA schools, I only applied to 3, with a cumulative gpa of 3.2 and science gpa of 3.1. 3 years a Scribe, gre of 306/5. I got no interviews, so I planned to vamp up my application, take two years off, and apply in 2019. Currently, I’ve finished emt school and now work as an emt full time while working part time as a Scribe still. I work 60-70 hours a week and have barely Any free time. Am also involved in an orchestra and I don’t plan on quitting because I love it so much. Will retake two courses and shadow a cardiologist (am planning on using some scribe hours for shadowing also). This whole working every day is making e exhausted, but all I can focus on is applying to PA school and eventually quitting one job so I can have some free time. Do you guys think I’d get in next year to a school? I’ve also done a lot more research, Am applying to 12 schools and they all are aimed towards low gpa
  7. I know FSU wants you to specifically state how many hours you only had direct patient contact as an EMT, just wondering if any other schools in Florida want the same? I haven’t seen any others that state it on their website but I could have missed something
  8. Patricia5827

    Worried about my PCE & HCE, Please help

    Do you do an extracirriculars or are in any clubs? Your gpa is stellar, im just thinking if you do something on the side that will make you stand out as an applicant
  9. Patricia5827

    Chance of getting into PA school?

    You need more experience, preferably hands on
  10. Patricia5827

    How does my application look?

    Shadowing , extracurriculars
  11. Patricia5827


    Most universities should offer it (I’d say they’re all in person)
  12. I have a list of 20 and am having the hardest time narrowing it down. I qualify for all of them and have good numbers compared to their prior class statistics. Any advice ? Thanks!
  13. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    ok, thank you . did you use it to calculate your prereq gpa and was it close? ive already calculcated my sGPA and cGPA im just trying to see if im doing my prereq gpa right
  14. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    its still not letting me put in anything for the credits or quality points ? do you know any other websites
  15. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    that links not working for me somehow

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