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  1. I guess it depends on what schools you are looking at. Im 3.3 and I def consider that low lol
  2. I agree 100% ! Ive had previous volunteering hours at an animal shelter and I think it makes you stand out as an applicant , as opposed to everyone else with medical service hours
  3. So, I would say most schools look at just your overall and sGPA. Many specifically list it on their websites. There are some that look at all 3, prereq GPA, sGPA, and cGPA but you would have to do your research on the schools you want to appy to and look at their website. But sGPA is definiteley important to a lot of schools
  4. You’re getting paid way more than me when I was a scribe and also currently as an emt tech. As a scribe I was at a lousy 10.50 and as an er tech I’m barely making 12. I need to go wherever you are!
  5. Id say you need to get at least like 20 shadowing hours. Most schools view PCE and Shadowing as two different entities, and having no shadowing hours with only 2000 PCE hours wouldn't stand out (at least in my opinion). Plus I think 90% of schools require a LOR from a PA, do you have a PA that will write you a LOR?
  6. I was a scribe and put some of my hours under shadowing and put it as compensated
  7. One F wouldn't completely ruin your chances! There are hundreds of PA schools around the country and they all have different requirements to get in. Ive seen people on here with 5 F's get into PA school. Id suggest retaking any prereqs you got below a "B" in, work on HCE hours, and get some shadowing/leadership/extracurricular hours. Just apply smartly, like me since I have a low GPA too. There are plenty of people with low gpas who get in!
  8. Totally not an answer to your question, but I’m entering my third cycle too and have pretty much much the same stats. Best of luck to us!
  9. You can message me
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