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  1. Patricia5827

    Chance of getting into PA school?

    You need more experience, preferably hands on
  2. Patricia5827

    How does my application look?

    Shadowing , extracurriculars
  3. Patricia5827


    Most universities should offer it (I’d say they’re all in person)
  4. I have a list of 20 and am having the hardest time narrowing it down. I qualify for all of them and have good numbers compared to their prior class statistics. Any advice ? Thanks!
  5. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    ok, thank you . did you use it to calculate your prereq gpa and was it close? ive already calculcated my sGPA and cGPA im just trying to see if im doing my prereq gpa right
  6. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    its still not letting me put in anything for the credits or quality points do you know any other websites
  7. Patricia5827

    How to calculate prereq gpa?

    that links not working for me somehow
  8. Anyone know the right way to calculate your prereq gpa? I think thats the biggest factor that will decide what schools I apply to. I tried just calculating your gpa as you would normally with just the prereq classes (most schools seem to just want bio 1, bio2, either orgo 1/2 or chem 1/2, micro, stats, psych, and A&P1/2) but iit turned out weird. I had a school email me last year when i applied stating my prereq gpa was only like 3.02, and today I got around 3.5 so im definitely not doing it right. Anyone can help me? Thank you!
  9. Hey guys, so im currently employed as an ED Scribe at Scribe america (very well known company) and have been with the company for about 3 years. Our hospital just deciding to switch partners , so we’ll be switching to Phys assist in October (which is probably our number one rival). So we have the choice to stick with the transition, or stay with Scribe america but be doing a different job. So If i stick with the switch and go with physassist, I’ll be doing the same. Working in the ED alongside the same doctors, same pay, just different company. If I stick with Scribe america, then I’ll be what they call a “nurse scribe” and be working on the PCU, so no more ED and I’ll be working alongside nurses now instead of physicians. However, I’ll have more hands on stuff like vitals and ekgs. Which path should I do? The only thing that’s making me want to stay in the ED is that I can ask these doctors for LORs. if I stay with Scribe america and go to the pcu, I can still ask these doctors for LORs it’ll just be harder to get in contact since I’m not in the ED anymore. I’ll be doing this part time, and am trying to get a full time job soon as an emt
  10. Patricia5827

    Taking Online Science Courses to Raise GPA

    I’m doing that now, I applied last year and took some science courses online. I never got an interview so idk how they view the classes as, but I’ve been taking online courses ever since to raise it even more
  11. Patricia5827

    EMT classes count toward gpa?

    So did you just call your emt school and ask what grade you got?
  12. Hi all! I’m reapplying next round and I’m trying to get my whole application better. I took emt school and am now working as an emt, since having no hands on patient care was something I think that held me back last year. I was talking to someone who said the classes you took in emt school can count towards your gpa for CASPA, is this true? And does it apply to a vocational type of school? My emt school was its own school, sort of like a vocational school and not at a community college
  13. Patricia5827

    Does shadowing or volunteering look better?

    I just did emt school and that’s what my second job is gonna be. I don’t work 80 hours a week but after I get this second job I’ll probably be close to that. I need a steady income right now to pay all my bills and whatnot. And I’m really focusing on my gpa because it really sucks and it’s low, so I guess volunteering would look better?
  14. Patricia5827

    Does shadowing or volunteering look better?

    I have no shadowing hours, and I have volunteering hours however it was from like 3 years ago and isn’t a lot. I’ve heard that on my application, I can take some hours from my Scribe job and use them as shadowing since I’m working directly with physicians. I applied last year but didn’t try that so currently I have 0 shadowing hours and a couple of volunteering hours
  15. Hi guys, I’m applying my second round this year and am doing a lot to vamp up my application, including getting better experience raising my gpa, going to open houses, and shadowing or volunteering. Problem is, I’m about to have two full time jobs and am retaking a class and doing an extracurricular activity so I can only choose between shadowing or volunteering to add onto my busy schedule. I work as a Scribe and asked doctors about it, and they said volunteering since I’m doing hands on stuff. I just want to hear other answers. Thank you!

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