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  1. Not selfish at all! Your husband needs to support you, just like you patiently supported him. I’m not married, still too young for that, but sit down and talk. He needs to realize this is your dream and sounds like you have a high chance of being accepted this time! i shadowed a pa who said her first year she had to move away while her husband and kids stayed at home. She said she felt terrible being away from her family but now it’s so worth it and she’s so much happier having gone to pa school.
  2. If you want a higher gpa, take the biology. If you want to look like you tried chemistry again and got a better grade, retake chemistry. That’s a hard choice! I honestly don’t know what I would do. Probably the biology, I have a couple Cs haha
  3. I live in Florida and was actually just in ny for vacation yesterday! I agree with the above people. Reviews for apartments here can be totally different than the actual apartment, and here living in a safe neighborhood I think is important. Take a cheap flight
  4. Just confirming, Adventist is NOT rolling admissions correct? I’m still working on my supplemental essay
  5. I got an email a couple days ago saying it’s under rreview
  6. No I haven’t, I submitted mine around the same dates as yours
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