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  1. I agree practice problems are your friend. Do some at least every night so you don’t forget the mechanisms by the end of the week. Tutoring sessions helped me too , even though I knew the stuff going over extra problems in the sessions helped
  2. This is my third cycle overall but first time applying here. I’ve used an editing service and have a lot of friends and people here proofread it
  3. Long story short, my company paid for me to get my CNA license as they intended for me to help with clinical shifts. Work with my current position increased so I never got to assist with the clinical shifts. Should I include the cna license on my caspa or not?
  4. Hello, I didnt see a thread for this school yet so thought I would start one. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Its interesting that a CNA license is a desired qualification for this.... it sounds like it would give you some patient care but not a lot in my opinion. I feel like you would get better direct patient care elsewhere
  6. It doesnt matter at all in my opinion, just as long as you complete them
  7. Thanks for starting this! This will be my third cycle overall too however first time applying to South. Good luck everyone!
  8. Hi! Im kind of in the same boat, except my scores dont expire until October. I messaged every school on my list to ask if they are looking for GRE scores within 5 years from my application date or the matriculation date. A majority, if not all, said 5 years within the date I submit my application. So you should be good but I would email the schools just to double check
  9. Thanks for starting this! This is my third cycle applying , good luck to everyone!
  10. Hi! This will be my third cycle too. On my list, these schools do grade forgiveness (ONLY for pre-req GPA, they still consider the sGPA and cGPA too). Im only applying to schools in the southeast. UC DAVIS EVMS UNC Campbell Keiser Univ of Tampa Gardner Webb West Virginia Univ wingate
  11. That's true, I would say contact schools directly that you are interested in and see what they say.
  12. Assisting a PA with platelet rich plasma therapy sounds super cool to me, and you could get realy close to that PA and I could see them writing an awesome LOR for you. Do you know if you get to do vitals, phlebotomy, etc?
  13. Is Casper required? I am registering for my Casper for next cycle and this school is on there
  14. Hi! I'm not sure how much my advice weighs since I am still in the process of getting into PA schools, but I started out this exact same way. I was very shy. My first healthcare job was a scribe, and after 4 years as a scribe, you come out more confident with communication since you're working side by side with physicians all day every day. I will say, as a PA communication and confidence are both huge things, especially since like you said, patients are looking to you for advice and information. Imagine if you had a PA that was not confident, you would probably not feel 100% comfortable with
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