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  1. I’ve been a scribe for 4 years and you pretty much describe the job. It’s very stressful and fast paced, and you have no interactions with patients. I was lucky to work with friendly doctors, so I’ve never really had to work with angry doctors. It’s up to you if you want to continue. Going through this job has DEFINITLEY helped me get comfortable working in a fast paced environment and how to communicate with providers. I’ve also been an emt , and at least with that you have patient interaction. The training for that is honestly worse (at least it was for me), because youll be forced to make a decision on scene of a 911 call. Cons of emt though are that you have to go through extra schooling. Up to you!
  2. Overall, not bad. I like how you put a little creativity into the essay, but other parts of the essay remain pretty bland. you don’t talk about specifically why a pa. You do state lateral mobility, but you need to back that up with a story. I believe your essay should “show and not tell”. For every reason you state, back it up with proof. I see you had medical assisting experience, but what about any patient care experience? Have you shadowed any pas?
  3. I used @hmtpnw for editing and she is AMAZING, just throwing it out there for everyone! Her feedback is great and she actually explains why a sentence goes better here vs. there
  4. Thank you so much @hailstones! I emailed you, let me know if you didn't get it
  5. Like the above person said, cut out the second paragraph. I would only focus on one of those stories, thAt way you can use the additional characters for answering the question “why a pa”. I made that mistake first when I wrote up my draft, and yours doesn’t really answer that question either. You skim the top of the iceberg but don’t really go into detail. Your essay should answer “why a pa” and why you would be a great pa. You don’t have to restate your resume, that will already be in caspa. I highly recommend @hmtpnw for any essay edits! She’s great!
  6. I was an emt and I loved it. I think the experience you get between both jobs is good for pa school, but the experience is different. As an emt, you’re right on the scene of 911 calls doing critical care stuff (well what’s in your scope) . But like the person above said, most of the time you re sitting waiting for a call. The person above can probably vouch for the cna position, I’m guessing it’s not a lot of critical care stuff but more day to day care of a patient. I remember looking for an emt job was hard, so there’s that. It’s expensice too but I liked the emergency setting more so I did emt
  7. Idk if I’m too late, but aside from the great answers above , here’s something that’s hard to do: try to use the word I as little as possible. Like max, ten times in your essay. Try to show that you are able or have experience working in a team setting and kind of know what you’re getting Into. Plus refraining from using I will make you’re essay seem more personable
  8. Right at the end of your first paragraph, I come across a question which isn’t answered in your essay. Why specifically a PA? You don’t mention a specific pa you shadowed that made you want to do pa. You have to state why the pa profession specifically caught your eye, because technically all health care professions can help the underprivileged: nurses, doctors, social workers. And I’ve heard a lot of people get asked that question in interviews . Message me and we can send eachother our edits!
  9. In the second paragraph, I would kind of cut to the chase about what intrigued you about the PA role. Give a specific example if you remember one. You spend most of the paragraphs talking about your numerous visits and work ups, and you could use those characters for better sentences. also, you’re kind of just listing the experiences you’ve had. Don’t do that, that’s what your resume is for. I would pick between the pharmacy assistant or medical assistant and talk about one of them instead of both.
  10. Me me me I’ll read yours, message me I’ll send you mine
  11. I love this! I’m applying for the second time this year. Good luck!
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