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  1. USF states they might be using it next year but I talked to an admissions director and he said they’ll still also accept the GRE too so I might just retake the GRE
  2. Is anyone still waiting to hear? I submitted in June, this wait is ridiculous ...
  3. I’m in the same boat too!! Don’t let your grades stop you, I’m taking prereqs too while working two jobs because I need to pay bills
  4. I know the NOVA universities in Florida have no age limit on their prereqs
  5. Retake gre definitley get more shadowing hours and ask a PA for a LOR i would volunteer more as well
  6. Thank you! For some reason I thought it started in May I don’t know why I thought that. What were your stats?
  7. Are you from out of town? I just want to know how you handled with finding a place in such a short amount of time.
  8. Oh my apologies, I was asking that to @ren0221
  9. ^ i agree. I would suggest getting a different PCE which exposes you more to patient care, vitals, and blooddraws like an EMT or CNA. Im also a huge proponent of writing a stellar PS, that can definitley set you apart. I wrote about an orchestra Im in, anything to make you stand out! Pour your heart out into that thing. I would even suggest start coming up with a prompt now
  10. I’m realizing that now, next round I’ll apply to more. I don’t really want to leave Florida, just because I have my family and significant other here. I wanted to apply to more in state but I didn’t meet their requirements (for example, some pre reqs needed to be within 5 years for some schools, some wanted a minimum prereq gpa of at least 3.0)
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