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  1. Archana Patel, if you follow her on instagram @ap.the.pac she has virtual shadowing around every week
  2. Im in the same boat, and have a full time job while working a part time job as an ER tech to help pay bills but also get my PCE hours. I actually know a lot of people who have been opthamology techs, but only some schools accept that as PCE. I was a scribe in the past, and if you're a scribe for a private clinic sometimes the pay is okay. No licensure is required, but scribe is also kind of considered low-middle tier PCE for most schools. There may also be some clinics who look to hire MAs without licenses, and provide on the job training, but that may only be a few if even any clinics near you.
  3. Has your application been verified? If so, there's not really anything you can do. Last year i made some small mistake on my app, it was verified, and I called caspa to see if they could change it and they said no since it was verified already.
  4. For your cumulative and science GPA, schools use the GPA calculated by CASPA, which takes into account all grades, even repeated ones. So, for example, if you got a C in Chem 1 and then retook it and got an A, CASPA would use both. Now when it comes to prereq GPAs, some schools use CASPA, and some do grade forgiveness, where they only count the repeated grade (so that GPA should be high if you repeated courses and got As). I have a list of schools that use grade forgiveness for GPAs, you just have to look on their websites.
  5. I wouldn’t do paramedic, that’s a big commitment both financially and time-wise. I would maybe get a license that has shorter schooling, I did emt school and it was only 3 months. My stats are kind of the same, and I’ve yet to receive any interviews so you’re at least getting interviews! But I wouldn’t spend all that money just for PCE hours when you can get a cna or emt license in a few months.
  6. I am preparing for my third cycle in 2021 and am working on retaking/taking new classes. I have been retaking classes this year and plan to retake Genetics in spring 2021 (I have retaken all classes I got a C in). Im debating on retaking micro or taking pathophysiology after. Micro I took previously and got a B-, but I do want to take it again just to refreshen up on it. Or should I take pathophysiology, which I havent taken before? Ive heard its the best class to prepare you for PA school, but I'm nervous about taking it and not updating my knowledge on microbiology.
  7. I think both provide their own valuable experiences! Like someone said, I think it depends on what type of patients you want to care for and what you enjoy more. I got my EMT license because I am more interested in emergent/trauma situations, but CNA positions can allow you to help more in long care facilities. It also depends on what jobs you can get in your hometown also. In my hometown, if you have an EMT license OR a CNA license you can be an ER tech. Look around at hospitals and clinics and see what licensure they require
  8. NOVA is super competitive and most people who get accepted have gpas around 3.5,3.6 and up. I’m not saying it’s impossible though, I know some people with 3.3-3.4s who got in. You just need to make the rest of your application as competitive as possible. Be sure to get As in all those classes, and work on getting good quality PCE ASAP. Also shadowing and volunteering can go a long way, especially now that you still have a couple years before applying you can get good hours in those areas too. Maybe even look for research opportunities at FSU if you can find some.
  9. I dont think it has to do with anything regarding conduct or anything, Im pretty sure its just the chart was brought up because the patient is suing. I was always sure to not leave PHI out in the open or anything like that.
  10. I was a scribe for 4 years and left that position over a year ago. I just received an email that a law firm is seeking my deposition for what I'm assuming is a patient I charted on. Im probably over-reacting, but do these show up on PA school applications, and if so, do they have a huge effect on my application as a whole?
  11. LOL im down for a pity part group chat...Im entering my third cycle next year
  12. If your GPA is around 3.2-3.3 I would retake them to get As. I applied my first two rounds without retaking them and have C's in Gen chem 1 and 2 (GPA around 3.3). This third cycle Im retaking to get all As
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