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  1. Has anyone received any updates about their accreditation?
  2. Oh my gosh, your stats look exactly like mine its scary. This gives me hope! Did they give you any feedback in your interview about your app?
  3. Congrats to everyone getting accepted! This is my #1 choice for this next cycle, what is everyones stats for those who got accepted?
  4. Im starting to have PAs and friends edit it to see how it is. -Does anyone want to critique my essay?
  5. Hi Guys, This is my third cycle applying overall but only first cycle where schools I'm interested in require the Casper. Im kind of confused, does Casper "open" and "close" like CASPA? If so, do they open on the exact same date CASPA opens?
  6. I personally would retake the gen bios, I feel like a lot of classes in PA school build upon that material and showing you can retake it and get an A would look better (even though you didnt use them as prereqs).
  7. Late post, but how did you end up doing your personal statement? Im reapplying this year and am in the same boat
  8. @JaythePA Did you make your essay kind of chronological or not even mention what you did in the beginning vs what you changed this past year? Sorry, hope I worded that right. Im not sure if I should do my essay chronologically, like mention what I did my first cycle and then go into what Ive changed for this attempt, or not even mention anything I did in the first cycle and just explain what I've done in whole up to this attempt.
  9. I would retake them. General chemistry is pretty much a prereq for all the PA programs in the country, meaning a lot of classes in Pa programs build upon general chemistry. Showing that you retook them and got an A shows your serious about re-learning material and can pass classes in PA school with As
  10. Out of the two options youve listed, I would go with AMR. Ive worked with AMR before and you are exposed to so many different types of patients, and you definitely get comfortable with the pre-hospital side of medicine. I disagree with the above poster, you learn a lot in EMS that will prepare you for the ED if you ever get a position in the ED. I went from AMR to the ED and a lot of what I learned from AMR has helped me get accustomed fast to the ED. If you have any questions about AMR let me know!
  11. Hi, have you found anything? Im in orlando too and everywhere Ive looked they dont take shadowing right now
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