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  1. Hi Everyone, So I just spoke to Leeann and she gave me some tips for people applying next year if you didnt get in this year: Starting next year, they will look more at the last 60 credit hours in your undergrad gpa They will also look more into the Prereq gpa (She said now all prereqs have to be completed in the past 7 years). Genetics will be added to the prereq list for this upcoming cycle Andddd theyre getting rid of the GRE and using PA-CAT/Casper She said since its the first year they will be using PA-CAT they dont have set scores students should aim for, they will just compare your scores to other applicants' scores.
  2. For those who recently got an interview, what are you GPAs? Im still waiting from June and thinking its pretty much my GPA
  3. I dont think they do. I had bio 1 and bio 2 and genetics this past year when I applied to their program
  4. I think schools will see your graduate certificate well, since it is graduate level classes. How many credits is it? There are only a few, and i mean FEW, who have minimum GPA requirements under 3.0 but you still need to have a great application to stand out. What patient care do you have?
  5. Honestly, thats what I ask. I guess you could ask specifically where you can improve, PCE or GPA or leadership experience
  6. Yes, I agree with the other person. Don’t focus too much on it in your paper, but you can mention how it opened your eyes to the healthcare field. Just focus on answering the question: WHY would YOU be a great PA?
  7. I have the same score and schools told me the score was competitive. I’m retaking it but that’s because it’s coming up on 5 years but if you recently took it you’re fine I wouldn’t retake it
  8. Im not saying its solely numbers of schools you apply to get you in, Im saying that it one thing they can change the next cycle to increase their chances. I bet if they do that alongside working on their interview skills they will definitely get into a school next round they apply to
  9. Its like entries in a contest, the more entries you put in the better chance you have of winning. So maybe those 3 schools you just did not fit into their mission or their student profile, and maybe you apply to two more the next round and you fit perfectly into their mission and their "type" of applicant
  10. Yes definitely more schools next round maybe like 7-8
  11. Id ask schools your applying to, some want the specific human genetics, others allow substitutions
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