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  1. I applied in May too and my gpa is also pretty low, gre and pce are pretty good
  2. I’m guessing they start with highest GPAs first so I’m not giving up until like December! Hah
  3. I submitted in June and haven’t heard yet so Does anyone know if there is an open house soon? Or do they only do scheduled visits ? I did a scheduled visit like two months ago but want to go on campus again specifically for the PA program
  4. Oh! I might try asking my school then, did you just ask them to see if they had a transcript for you?
  5. Unfortunately my emt program was not at a CC so they didn’t end up counting towards my gpa.
  6. Oh Yes sorry GRE was pretty good! 306 total with 5.0 writing. Im trying to retake classes here and there that I can afford, if i dont get in this year ill try to take more prereqs next year. Hopefully I get in though!
  7. I wish I could afford to take like 12 credits for the next 3 semesters to retake all those classes but I just don’t make enough money right now. I was thinking maybe doing an RN program to get the hours while also getting money and then reapply?
  8. Weird I didn’t get that email, oh maybe because I haven’t submitted my application yet. Huh I’m not sure why they pushed it back
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