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  1. What makes you think they are rolling? On their website it says non-rolling.
  2. Yes .... applied in early June and then turned in secondary in early July. Have heard nothing
  3. Hello! Would love some advice from other prospective PA students. It is November, and I am still waiting to hear from six schools. I have been rejected from four. No interviews yet. Overall GPA: 3.0 Science: 2.9 HCE/PCE: >1000 Medical Scribe hours in ER and outpatient urology Volunteer: 900 hours with mission trip to Romania orphanage, soup kitchen, youth camp, community cleanup, etc. Also have 150 shadowing NP, Dr, and PA in different specialties And thousands of hours with extracurriculars: dance, college clubs (medical and science), tutoring, and was a TA for ana
  4. How would they be sending out interview invites if they are non-rolling and their deadline is in January? I have also seen on this thread that people have been "moved to the next step". How is this possible if they start reviewing apps in January? Is anyone else confused :')
  5. Did they send an email as well? Worried I will miss the call if I get an interview
  6. I submitted my resume and listed address and hours. The description of duties was already on my resume! And in the question box I just said "on resume". Hope this helps!
  7. I am filling out the secondary application and was wondering what this meant: If you are not submitting a resume, please outline your employment history. List most recent position first. Give name and address of employer, dates of employment, position, speciality, and if full time or part-time. So if I am submitting my resume, must I put the address of my employer, and all of that other information? Not really sure how to format that into my resume
  8. Same here. I emailed them and they said they were working with CASPA to fix this! As long as you sent your scores to the code listed on Frostburg's website, you are good to go!
  9. I received the supplemental app recently and I am wondering if it makes a difference as to when I complete it since St Johns has non-rolling admissions?
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