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Do patient hours "expire"

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Hi all,

I'm in Junior year w/ 4.0 GPA - I'm an older student - spent 2011-2017 working for the DOD as a civilian contractor in PTSD research.  Gained a lot of one on one patient/subject time during those years (3000+) which several PA schools have told me will count toward applications (USC/Duke/LLU/UCD etc). 

Issue is I've been a full time student since mid 2017 and won't realistically be applying until 2020/2021. Will my patient hours be too long ago/expire?

(I can go back to full time work, but it would delay my graduation time and possibly impact grades. I have a child and an active duty spouse about to deploy so significant unpaid volunteer hours aren't an option. Have to be able to cover childcare). 

TL:DR is there a limit in time between when you got your patient hours and when you apply?

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2 hours ago, Cadapter said:

I have seen some programs say that the PCE hours must have been prior to "X" amount of years, but that was only a handful of programs. I think it is pretty rare.

I have heard of this as well, specifically from programs that want a lot of HCE/PCE.  They seem to want at least some portion of it to be current-ish (within the last year or two) but never stop counting older HCE/PCE

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Guest HopeToBePAC

I will be applying to a school that wants the PCE to be prior to 2 years from the submission of your application, meaning anything older than 2 years from the day you submit the app wouldn't count. However, the MAJORITY of schools will accept PCE no matter how long ago the experience(s) were. So, I wouldn't worry about it, just double-check the schools' websites to make sure they don't have any specific criteria; if they do, it should be stated under their requirements. 

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