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Dual Credit from High School

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Hi everyone! I am fairly active in the PA schools thread but have never posted here, so here goes! I am a (very) non-traditional applicant who graduated from high school in 2015 with ~28 college credit hours from courses I took at our local community college (English, History, Government, etc.) in lieu of AP classes. I then went to undergrad at a small 4-year institution. After my first semester, I transferred to a larger state school, where I finished a BS in Public Health and a BA in Sociology in May of 2018 (shout-out dual credit). Then, I finished my MPH in 2020 and began applying to PA schools in the 2021 cycle.

To do this, I had to take (and in some cases retake) most of the prerequisites I needed to meet the requirements or year minimum, which I began doing during the summer of 2021 at a community college here in NYC (BMCC). After finishing Micro/Lab, A&P I/Lab, Chem I/Lab, and Nutrition (not required, I know), that community college began offering courses that conflicted with my work schedule, so I went to a different community college in NYC (still within the CUNY system) and finished A&P II/Lab, Chem II/Lab, and Orgo I/Lab. 

My questions are:

  • How do admissions committees see my dual credit? Do they think I went to a two-year college and then transferred to a four-year, or will the fact that the dates coincide with high school be self-explanatory? I feel like this is likely a dumb question, but I have been wondering for a while and haven't ever asked anyone who's either done this before or maybe a part of admissions somewhere. 
  • Does the fact that I took my prerequisites at 2 different community colleges look sus? Obviously if interviewed and asked about it, I can easily explain the conflict with my work schedule, but it's not as if I can just write that on my application.
  • Dear reader, if you have made it this far, do you have any advice for a third-time applicant who's shown a significant upward trend in stats since their first CASPA cycle? To preface, I applied my first and second times with smol PCE the first time and unfinished coursework both times.

Thanks for reading, and if you comment/respond/react, thanks for being there with me! We will get thru this somehow. 

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  • Administrator

1) I doubt anyone cares.

2) No, totally normal. I had credit from 10 separate colleges/universities in my CASPA.

3) What are you missing besides coursework to demonstrate that you are a match for the school's target/mission? It can be PCE, volunteering, overseas experience, cross-cultural experience. Anything here is fair game except for research. Pre-PA students with extensive research experience is almost as much of a red flag as listing an MCAT score--it screams "I really should be in med school instead." and may draw pointed questions if you make it to an interview.

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