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  1. Caligal

    reapply to the same schools?

    Definitely would apply again. I got rejected from a program (after interviewing) and had applied to the same program a year later and was able to land an interview again, so yes, definitely apply again!
  2. Caligal

    What are my chances

    Just like the above poster said, your experience sounds more like HCE rather than PCE. Check the programs requirements because lab assistant isn’t typically what they would recommend as patient care experience, you want to try to do something where you are hands on majority of the time like CNA, medical assistant or EMT. Those would be considered high quality PCE so I would definitely check out the requirements.
  3. Just received a rejection email which I’m not upset about since I already got into my first choice program congrats to everyone!
  4. I thought the same thing. I didn’t read anything in the email or student welcome packet about a deposit..
  5. Caligal

    Best Gap Year PCE

    Have you looked into CNA? Pretty cheap and it’s a fast program if you do it full time. That was the route I took for my PCE. I was initially thinking of doing EMT as well but decided not to because of the reason you stated, only having to report hours when you’re responding to calls and etc. At least with CNA, you get hands on patient care and it can be done in a month. Some programs don’t allow medical scribe for your PCE so look into the programs!
  6. Caligal

    CV vs. Resume?

    I had to submit a CV/resume for my program and I opted to go with a CV, it’s more detailed and has more information.
  7. Caligal

    LORs: How well should I know the provider?

    So you already have 3 LORs? I know it’s recommended to have a LOR from a PA or MD but that doesn’t mean you have a less chance at landing interviews if you didn’t. But if you really did want one from a PA/MD then you only really have one choice, shadow them for a considerable amount of time. The MD that wrote me a LOR, I had shadowed him for well over a year.
  8. Caligal

    Advice on how to stand out

    Well what is your GPA? If you have a low GPA then that’s probably what is holding you back. Most programs have a minimum of 3.0 but even with that, it’s not really good enough. It’s a good idea you’re retaking some classes. Honestly, I wouldn’t say you need to do much impress them, just make sure your GPA is good, and you have sufficient patient care hours. It’s a good idea to have recent PCE but they don’t expire! Make sure you check requirements for each school you are planning on applying to because some programs don’t accept medical scribe as PCE
  9. Caligal

    What are my chances? Reapplicant for 2019

    Click on my page and you'll see a message icon next to my name!
  10. Caligal

    Stats for 2019-20 cycle...Need help!

    You should definitely try to boost up your science GPA. Definitely does not seem competitive enough. I took genetics during my undergrad and it was a tough class for me, you're definitely going to need to study your butt off! You mentioned you had a C in calc, have you taken trig? A lot of programs accept that class as well. I know a lot of people who decide to skip applying for a year to boost their GPA up, you may want to look into that. You'll also have a lot of PCE hours as well too by then. Message me if you have any other questions! I'm a 2 time applicant and just recently got accepted.
  11. Caligal

    What are my chances? Reapplicant for 2019

    Your science GPA is probably what's holding you back because your other stats seem pretty good. Can't you re-take some of your pre-req science courses? That could really help you out. If you think your personal statement can use some editing, let me know, Id be more than happy to read it. I'm a 2 time applicant and got accepted recently.
  12. Caligal

    Organic Chemistry Fears

    I used to have the same fears before I took ochem but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes. I heard from plenty of people that those who had a difficult time in gen chem had an easy time for ochem and that was true for me. You just gotta study your butt off. Studying in groups really helped me! Biochem on the other was a whole different story, maybe because my professor was no good..
  13. Caligal

    End of June too late?

    I have heard of people submit their apps the night before the deadline and they were still able to land an interview and get accepted! Just like the above poster said, just make sure the schools you apply to aren’t on rolling admissions! And also, I believe you can update your patient care hours even after you have submitted your app.
  14. Caligal

    Do patient hours "expire"

    I have never heard of this happening.

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