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  1. Hi, when does UC Davis start sending out interview invitations and rejection emails? Thank you!

  2. I had to list my CNA certification also, and I listed my school for the issuing organization.
  3. Just make sure the programs you are applying to isn’t on a rolling admissions basis, otherwise, that might be considered late. But, if it’s not, you should be fine. I know people who submitted right before the deadline and was still able to land interviews.
  4. That wouldn’t be considered PCE. You need to do something hands on, where you are taking care/assessing a patient. With patient transport, you are hands on somewhat, but you are not responsible for their medical care. Same with housekeeping. So that would probably go under HCE
  5. Did you shadow directly under a doctor or PA?
  6. Shouldn’t be an issue at all. I had to take some pre-reqs after I graduated and did it at a community college and didn’t transfer those classes to my university. Like the person above me said, online classes are more of a preference. I personally feel like I don’t learn much taking online classes. Also make sure the classes you need for PA school are okay with it being online.
  7. If anything, it is probably your gpa that will hold you back. Your other stats are pretty good. Different school prioritize different aspects of your application, some may focus on your gpa, others, your experience. I would explain in your personal statement about why you got the grades you did. A lot of programs have a minimum gpa of 3.0, and that is just the bare minimum, so explaining it in your application is something you should consider.
  8. If I were you, I would choose the degree where most of my pre-reqs could be fulfilled so you won’t have too many extra classes to take.
  9. I think I actually left the description part blank because I already described my job duties under the experience section on CASPA.
  10. Practice tests, practice tests and PRACTICE TESTS. I cannot stress that enough. Practice tests helped me immensely when I was studying for the GRE, I also used magoosh to study.
  11. I submitted my application in early July last year and still received interviews. You should be fine! But do keep a lookout for certain schools you are applying to because some may start in the summer and their deadline is a lot earlier than most programs.
  12. @Beata UCD does things a bit differently. You should be hearing back for an interview in late September. It’s only after the interview whether admissions will decide to take you to the next step, which would be to submit the supplemental application. You should hear back for the supplemental application in early November!
  13. I start the program in July so I can’t answer those questions just yet. Let me know if you have any general questions
  14. Hey everyone! Let me know if you all have any questions, I was accepted into the program from the last cycle
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