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  1. Hey everyone, current student here! You can copy & paste your personal statement from CASPA for your statement of purpose and yes, you will have to cut some stuff out to meet the 4000 character requirement. As for the diversity statement, this is a chance for you to show admissions a more personal side of you, what made you who you are and how you got there, the challenges you overcame, and etc. Just build off on your personal statement and you’ll know where to start!
  2. Current student here, generally, you should have received the interview invite already, which is the same thing as the applicant visit day. You hear back in November if they want you to submit the supplemental application and this is after you have the interview. This was my experience last year.
  3. I had to list my CNA certification also, and I listed my school for the issuing organization.
  4. Just make sure the programs you are applying to isn’t on a rolling admissions basis, otherwise, that might be considered late. But, if it’s not, you should be fine. I know people who submitted right before the deadline and was still able to land interviews.
  5. That wouldn’t be considered PCE. You need to do something hands on, where you are taking care/assessing a patient. With patient transport, you are hands on somewhat, but you are not responsible for their medical care. Same with housekeeping. So that would probably go under HCE
  6. Did you shadow directly under a doctor or PA?
  7. Shouldn’t be an issue at all. I had to take some pre-reqs after I graduated and did it at a community college and didn’t transfer those classes to my university. Like the person above me said, online classes are more of a preference. I personally feel like I don’t learn much taking online classes. Also make sure the classes you need for PA school are okay with it being online.
  8. If anything, it is probably your gpa that will hold you back. Your other stats are pretty good. Different school prioritize different aspects of your application, some may focus on your gpa, others, your experience. I would explain in your personal statement about why you got the grades you did. A lot of programs have a minimum gpa of 3.0, and that is just the bare minimum, so explaining it in your application is something you should consider.
  9. If I were you, I would choose the degree where most of my pre-reqs could be fulfilled so you won’t have too many extra classes to take.
  10. I think I actually left the description part blank because I already described my job duties under the experience section on CASPA.
  11. Practice tests, practice tests and PRACTICE TESTS. I cannot stress that enough. Practice tests helped me immensely when I was studying for the GRE, I also used magoosh to study.
  12. I submitted my application in early July last year and still received interviews. You should be fine! But do keep a lookout for certain schools you are applying to because some may start in the summer and their deadline is a lot earlier than most programs.
  13. @Beata UCD does things a bit differently. You should be hearing back for an interview in late September. It’s only after the interview whether admissions will decide to take you to the next step, which would be to submit the supplemental application. You should hear back for the supplemental application in early November!
  14. I start the program in July so I can’t answer those questions just yet. Let me know if you have any general questions
  15. Hey everyone! Let me know if you all have any questions, I was accepted into the program from the last cycle
  16. I’m a CNA right, about to start PA school this summer. Although CNA is completely different than nursing, I work with nurses all the time and see what they do. It is completely different than a PA. Ultimately, you have to decide what you’re truly interested in. My recommendation would be to shadow a PA first, just so you get the feel of the profession.
  17. Sounds more like HCE rather than PCE. Remember, PA schools really want you to have direct patient care such as EMT, CNA or medical assistant. Something where you are interacting with a patient and caring for them and etc.
  18. I was in a similar predicament as you. I couldn't decide between my nurse manager or one of the charge nurses. I ended up having one of my charge nurses write a letter for me because she was the one I saw and worked with all the time at work. I didn't choose my nurse manager because, although we had a good standing with each other, she has never seen me work, so I would suggest the same to you. Choose a nurse that has worked with you and seen you do the work! Hope that helps.
  19. You will definitely have a lot of more choices if you take organic chemistry. Yes, it’s true some programs don’t require it, but it might be beneficial for you if you do. Microbiology is definitely a must to take, good thing is most programs don’t require a lab! Definitely research on the programs you want to apply to as each program has different requirements.
  20. You are definitely off to a good start! I think because you talked about your education in the 5th paragraph, you can tweak your introductory paragraph a bit more. Maybe try to combine those 2 paragraphs into one. Also, in your second paragraph, I would try to talk about a situation that you faced on the job and how that solidified your decision to be a PA. Try to incorporate how each experience made you want to be a PA even more. Otherwise, I think your statement is really good!
  21. I was responding to your “plenty of downtime” response and simply commented on what I have experienced as a CNA so I don’t know how I was giving a false impression.
  22. First thing I thought of when reading your statement was that you’re not talking enough about yourself. The first 3 paragraphs are way too much, you can easily trim that into one paragraph. In fact, I would get rid of the second and third paragraph. Don’t put too many details on an event that you experienced, keep it short and simple. Also, in your fourth paragraph, you’re talking too much about Greg. Try to incorporate how working with Greg made your desire to be a PA stronger. I would talk more about how your experiences led you to the PA journey. You talked about your work, which is good but try to incorporate your undergrad as well or if you volunteered, etc. Some other general tips: you don’t need to use grand words to get your point across, keep it simple and work on your grammar a little, I saw a few mistakes.
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