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  1. I am a first year student at U of L and can help answer any questions you may have. First off, as you will learn on the interview day from Dr. Welsh, the doctoral program is very beneficial and is setting PAs up for future independence and success. It is a 9 month fellowship and you are working while taking this course work so you can earn money. Secondly, you do sign up to take the doctoral program if you come here (as our class is the first one for them to require it), BUT as Dr. Welsh said in the interview day, if a life-altering situation happened and you need to starting working ASAP you don't have to take it, but it really would be a disadvantage for your long-term career if you don't participate in it. The interview day will help spread more light on this once you hear from him. I hope this helps and feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
  2. just got the official facebook group invite about 4 hours ago!
  3. Search this forum as there is a thread of Doane U. genetics course I detailed a lot in there. I took it Aug. to October last year. Very doable, no lab component, a couple of writing assignments a week (they are short 1 page maybe page and half), HW that is multiple choice, Quiz that is mutliple choice (only difference in HW and quiz is that quiz is timed) and couple small projects and a final exam timed at 2 hours for like 70 multiple choice questions. I hope this helps. Yes, sign up and the this class if you need genetics.
  4. For sale: Official ETS GRE books for verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning as well as Andrew Rodican PA-C, How to "Ace" The Physician Assistant School Interview. These tools were vital in my acceptance this year. PM if interested and will discuss price. Thanks
  5. With this program, the DMSc is an extra 9 months long and you do get paid something, like an intern salary, def not full-blown PA salary. You gain more specialized experience and your salary would cover at least tuition and minimal living. The extra 9 months to me is worth it in the long run for you career. Do it all at once, vs. waiting a few years and then going back? Let's be honest, who would go back to school once they have been practicing for a while. Just my 2 cents
  6. First day of orientation is May 28th. Years past they have interviewed in February and March so I would confidently assume they will be doing the same this spring.
  7. I highly doubt it, previous years interview into March
  8. I was just accepted to PA school and most of my PCE is from 10-12 years ago. Best of luck.
  9. Start out with a 30 minute introduction by the dean about the day and introduction of the faculty. After that you are put into groups of 5 or 6 people and go into small rooms for 1 hour of group activity. Not to give too much away, they ask some questions and see how you respond individually and as a group. Nothing you can do really to prepare for that. After that you break for 15 minutes and then for the next 2 and half hours, you are either given a tour of the facilities, interacting with 1st year students, faculty, or interviewees in the main classroom, or you are officially interviewing. You interview 3 different times with either 2 or 3 faculty, so at the end each faculty member has gotten to interact with you. After that is done, you have a final hour of power point slides about the program and answer any questions. Overall, the interviews were fairly laid back, but it is an interview. Best of luck on your day, it is a great program, and I will be going there in May.
  10. ACCEPTED!!! Got the phone call today. Can’t wait to start at U of L.
  11. I just received email confirmation for interview acceptance and schedule for the day on Dec. 14th. I had to RSVP by Monday Nov. 5th
  12. Just got my interview invite for 12/14/18 on 10/29! Supplemental confirmed on 10/2 for me. Looks like they are sending them out right now for the December month. Best of luck.
  13. The electronic signature would be ideal. Personal experience for hand-signature: I drove over to the PA's office to get signature, (which she knew I was coming), but I had to wait 30 minutes just for to be able to come out for 3 minutes and brief hello and sign it. I wish I had utilized electronic signature as it would be easier for both of us and I would assume University of Lynchburg would have no issue with electronic signature.
  14. I just received email confirmation that my supplemental application was received now. It arrived back to U of L on August 27th and I didn't hear back until today, October 2nd. Also, the email states, the review process normally takes 45 days. Frustrating as I have already waited over a month to hear back from them. I am assuming the first round of interviews are not until November anyways as it looks that way from past cycle year posts in here.
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