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  1. ACCEPTED!!! Got the phone call today. Can’t wait to start at U of L.
  2. I just received email confirmation for interview acceptance and schedule for the day on Dec. 14th. I had to RSVP by Monday Nov. 5th
  3. I am from Charlotte, NC.
  4. Just got my interview invite for 12/14/18 on 10/29! Supplemental confirmed on 10/2 for me. Looks like they are sending them out right now for the December month. Best of luck.
  5. The electronic signature would be ideal. Personal experience for hand-signature: I drove over to the PA's office to get signature, (which she knew I was coming), but I had to wait 30 minutes just for to be able to come out for 3 minutes and brief hello and sign it. I wish I had utilized electronic signature as it would be easier for both of us and I would assume University of Lynchburg would have no issue with electronic signature.
  6. I just received email confirmation that my supplemental application was received now. It arrived back to U of L on August 27th and I didn't hear back until today, October 2nd. Also, the email states, the review process normally takes 45 days. Frustrating as I have already waited over a month to hear back from them. I am assuming the first round of interviews are not until November anyways as it looks that way from past cycle year posts in here.
  7. Stated in early messages in this thread, I applied early June and someone else applied late May and we both received our supplemental application on August 17th. So it looks like roughly two months before you hear if they are moving forward with you or not. Maybe you hear sooner since we are now in the heart of application season. Good luck.
  8. Here is a link to a thread specifically about genetics that is on the first page here of the topics. Take a look at it for me detail. I am finishing up genetics next week with Doane. It is 8 weeks long and you can't finish it earlier as each Monday that week's assignments are released. I highly recommend Doane and take a look at thread for me information.
  9. anybody heard anything from U of L who already submitted the supplemental application?
  10. DMBPA


    The final is 2 hours long according to syllabus and not sure how many questions it is. I would assume it is all multiple choice like the quizzes and homework, probably 80-100 questions.
  11. DMBPA


    Hey Everyone: I am currently on week 5 of the 8 week Genetics class with Doane University. The genetics class includes being in a small group, (4 total students) and you have to write a discussion statement about a topic by Wednesday night. Write two peer reviews by Friday night from 2 people out of your group. You also have a weekly project or paper analysis , homework (multiple choice questions) untimed, and a timed quiz due by Sunday night. The homework and quiz are graded right away and only get once chance to do it. The project or paper analysis and discussion statements are graded by the professor. The professor responds fairly quickly through email. This is my first online course so as assumed it is self-taught. Each week there is 2-3 chapters assigned for the week. Each week material gets released on Monday morning so you can't work ahead of schedule. I put in 1-3 hours daily, probably closer to 90 minutes and have a solid A so far in the class. I highly recommend Doane if you need 1 or 2 prerequisite courses to get completed. It is very convenient for me being online and working when I can. This is my only course I need to complete prerequisite and I am not taking other courses, but I am holding down a full-time job and father of two. If anybody has any other specific questions please ask. Def. recommend Doane.
  12. I am currently taking the genetics course at Doane U. Like the poster said about Biochem, I also put 1-3 hours a day into it and have a solid A half-way through the course. The bigger question is whether the PA schools will take online lab credit. I highly recommend Doane University.
  13. They sent that accidental email out 2 minutes after I received the initial supplemental application email. I called two weeks ago to confirm my package got to the office and now I am waiting to hear back from them, no email about supplemental application received yet, but phone call confirmation.
  14. Applied June 12th and received supplemental application 8/17. To thatgirlonabike- University of Lynchburg isn't a religious school. You are getting it confused with Liberty University in Lynchburg which is a very religious school. Lynchburg College just changed their name to University of Lynchburg on July 1st.

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