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  1. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Got an interview invite today (on a Sunday?) for 9/7. Verified 6/5. Gonna try to attend the social, but traveling from Boston sooo...we'll see how the traffic is.
  2. GRE scores can take several days to be received by the school. I think ETS sends them bi-weekly? I believe they want the "complete" application by today. I'd send over an email tonight and see if they'll accept the official scores late.
  3. Has your application been verified yet by any other schools? If not, at this point in the cycle, it may take several days, possibly a week, to verify. You can submit an application for verification with 2 LOR's; you don't need all 3 by CASPA standards. If your application has already been verified earlier by CASPA, then yes you can apply by the deadline with 3/4 LORs. As long as the LOR has been requested (on CASPA), it is usually fine.
  4. Cadapter

    Verification times/Acceptance

    There will ALWAYS be "superstar" applicants to programs in any grad program, but more so in the health field (PA/med school/pharmacy/etc). I'm sure you've read some stories on here...the applicants who saved an African village from a water shortage, or have straight A's since pre-school, or have helped develop the next promising cancer drug. These applicants are typically granted interviews very quickly and usually accepted if nothing alarming happens. All you can do is focus on making your application the best it can realistically be and continue to brush up on your interview skills. The only people who truly know what schools want is the application committee, so there is no use in trying to over-analyze every possible reason why you haven't gotten an interview. If it helps, stop reading the school forums on here! I have stopped as well for the same reason as you; it was only making me more stressed out. Just stay positive! Except for the small number of schools with a January start date, it is still relatively early in the admission phase.
  5. Yea, that's a shame. I spoke with the same contact who said that BIO 2 would be acceptable. I was able to get some other coursework accepted via sending in the syllabi. I guess it's hit or miss, sadly. Also, does anyone know what they want to be uploaded under "clinical/professional" in the documentation in CASPA?
  6. I have direct correspondence with the Associate Director of Grad admissions saying that Bio 2 DOES count as an upper-level science pre-requisite. This was back in early April, so they may have changed their policy. I'm glad you mentioned something because if they don't accept it, I won't be applying here.
  7. 1 on 1 interview. There were 5 students interviewing I believe twice per day.
  8. Interviews are very conversational. Be prepared to address everything you listed on your PS, experiences, volunteering, etc. Have some behavioral scenarios in mind to pull from. overall it is was a very relaxed experience, staff is incredibly nice and welcoming.
  9. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I attended their open house in 2015. QU does have a direct-entry "pre-PA" bachelor's path which guarantees admission to their graduate PA program. This is from their FAQ directly: "We have 54 spots available each year. Of the 54 spots, a percentage of those spots come from Quinnipiac’s pre-PA program known as the entry level master’s physician assistant program (ELMPA). Students who have successfully completed all requirements of the ELMPA program, as well as the admissions requirements, will also be granted admission to the master of health science physician assistant program." I was a little confused because really they only accept approximately 25-27 students from outside applications.
  10. I am working on mine currently, but it is turning out to be a short-essay format. I really don't plan on using anywhere NEAR 5000 characters; aiming to get it across in <2000 if possible.
  11. Anyone get any confirmation emails or anything yet? I was verified about 2 weeks ago, haven’t heard anything yet from the program.
  12. Also received an interview invite today for later this month. I would contact them ASAP and explain the situation. I am sure they will work with you if possible.
  13. It’s rolling admissions so interviews will be going out until they fill the class of 50.
  14. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Just got my confirmation email. Looks like interviews don’t start until September?
  15. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Nope, I haven't heard anything from them about my application. No verification email or anything (although CASPA does say verified)

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