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  1. I don’t think they send out interview invites until September since it’s not rolling admissions.
  2. Cadapter

    Transcript Verification Question/timeline

    This just means that CASPA has your transcripts. Your application won’t be verified until you apply to a program and pay the admission fee. Your application needs 2/3 letter of recommendations, all transcripts received, and the fee to verify. This process can take one day all the way to four weeks depending on when you do this (seems applications are getting verified in 1-5 days at this point in the cycle). After your first application to a school, you will not need to “re verify” for every other school, so it is quicker.
  3. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I submitted 5/21, verified 5/22. Good luck everyone!
  4. Submitted 5/21, verified later that day!
  5. Cadapter

    GRE re-take?

    #1: I have not retaken the GRE before, but I have heard this question proposed on GRE forums. The general consensus is to retake the entire exam, even the writing. Obviously PA programs may look at the GRE differently than traditional graduate programs (like a math or literature program), but it is always a good idea to retake it in its entirety. This is the advice I have read at least. #2: My unofficial score was exactly my scaled score. I believe it is this way for 99% of the exams. The only think that was different are the percentiles, as this is ETS specific for this period of exams. My Verbal score was a 61st percentile using 2016 measures but a 68th percentile on the official report.

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