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  1. Probably not, but also "maybe." I am a Dietetics major, and I had tons of lvl 3000-4000 nutrition/dietetic courses. Some of the 4000 level classes were considered "graduate" credit. I convinced one school to take one of my advanced lvl 4000 medical nutrition therapy classes. However, I don't see this being the norm.
  2. If the school only requires OChem I, then only apply your grade for that specific class. You can assign pre-requisite grades in each school's CASPA app. They should NOT average the grades in that case (different than if OChem I/II were required).
  3. Unfortunately, this is a school-by-school basis. Some schools will take the higher attempt grade, while others will average all attempts. I would reach out to each specific school for clarification on what their guidelines are.
  4. They will add their own credentials when they register for their account on the evaluation portal.
  5. It does not calculate it after it receives transcripts. It only calculates when you submit your first application for verification.
  6. I would not completely reuse your PS. I don't think COMPLETELY rewriting it is necessary, but I would take a look at it and see if there are any pieces which you can omit. For example, there may be some "fluff" you included which can be cut for more elaboration on any new PCE or achievements you gained this last year. If the schools you're applying to do not have a supplemental question asking what changes you've made as a re-applicant, it might be worth touching on these things in your PS (since they will know you're reapplying anyway).
  7. Anyone else waiting to join the FB group? I applied almost a week ago with no response.
  8. I'd be weary. Is it a newer program that may be a "churn and burn" type program just trying to get the sweet, sweet PA tuition money? You will find crappy professors at every school at every level, even "top" programs. You will also find competitive students at every program. In the end, if this is your only acceptance, I would place a deposit. You can always say no (despite being out of that $$). Maybe try and see if there is a facebook group for their PA program and see if you can connect with some current students?
  9. You will receive an email which you can print out the PCE verification report from the Zip file. Just have your manager/whoever is verifying your hours fill it out and you can send it in via mail. I don't think they accept email/fax return for these documents.
  10. It depends on what is documented on your transcript. If they are "W," then you are fine. If your school uses "WF" (withdraw-fail), that would count as an F. Just be honest in any supplementals which ask about any past academic hardships. Some schools may not even ask about it.
  11. Likely Vasovagal Syncope. It's common. I had a few minor episodes while shadowing in the OR. For me, I wasn't used to wearing a surgical mask for >1 hour at a time. I also have bad habit of not eating breakfast (oops), so it is likely multi-factorial. This has no bearing on your ability to be a PA. Most people get used to it as they spend more time in the OR (or around blood), and there are strategies you can use to improve the symptoms.
  12. I feel like people who hate Gen Chem love Orgo, vice versa. I actually enjoyed Biochem. It was 15 weeks of pure hell (professor was hellbent on failing all the premeds) and really taught me how to study for upper level coursework.
  13. I have seen some programs say that the PCE hours must have been prior to "X" amount of years, but that was only a handful of programs. I think it is pretty rare.
  14. This is interesting. The alternate list email stated that the list was "randomized." I wonder what information they can provide .
  15. If you haven't seen math for several years, I'd say 3 months is a good, safe time frame. I gave myself about 2 months of "quality" studying and I didn't do well on the quantitative portion (148), but I also didn't see any of that math for over 10 years. If you have no time limitations, getting Magoosh and working on a problem set each night over a few months would likely be adequate.
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