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  1. It was said at the interview that the admission committee will meet on or around the 2nd week of December and admission decisions would be given out (accept/reject/wait list) around the 3rd week of December, assuming prior to Christmas break.
  2. Cadapter

    Choosing the right school

    Might be unrelated to your financial situation, but isn't Stanford like upwards of $175k+ in tuition/costs/fees? If you are relying on mainly loans to finance your education, one might consider the cheaper school.
  3. Cadapter

    Waitlist Support Group

    Don't think of it like that. You were waitlisted, meaning the committee could see you in the class, but there were others who were either more qualified or interviewed better. I am waitlisted to my top choice, and I 125% would accept a seat if given the chance. My GPA and GRE is lower than their average, but I have more PCE. The way I see it, there are plenty of applicants who are more qualified than myself. But I take pride in knowing that someone on the committee saw something in me and which was enough to possibly attend their program. Unfortunately, PA programs are limited in size (I've seen as few as 25 to 100), and they can't accept everybody, even highly competitive applicants. Think of it like this: the program you applied to likely had 750+ applicants. Probably 10-20% received an interview. You already beat out 80-90% of the applicants. You're not "second choice" here. You're obviously qualified for their program, but in reality, there were people who were just "a little bit more" qualified. Don't feel bad, feel proud that you made it this far!
  4. I'll be interviewing on the 18th in the AM. Also a tip for the people who are not from the area: the traffic around Stamford is horrendous on weekday mornings, so plan your travel accordingly.
  5. Cadapter

    Interview rejection?

    I was declined an interview 2 months after applying. I assume schools will be quick to reject if you miss any initial requirements but may take longer after a good review of your application.
  6. They did not mention that specifically. I imagine not that many at this point.
  7. Wow, interesting! Their website says that interviews would begin in November and deadline is Oct 1st. I guess we'll start to hear more about interview invites soon.
  8. I figured I would give an update to those still waiting: The admissions committee is actively meeting to make final admit decisions. These should be coming out within 2-3 weeks, per what the admissions office shared. If you received an interview and got the "your application is under review..." email, you'll know within that time. Fingers crossed to those of us waiting patiently!
  9. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Very casual. Group of current students met with us and answered questions about the program and just general Q&A. It was nice to meet the other applicants as well. A lot of the info was also given on interview day.
  10. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    To those staying at the best western: Did you mention the Quinnipiac “preferred” rate when you booked your room? I was actually quoted a cheaper price than the Quinnipiac rate lol ($97 vs $99/night). Wonder if I did something wrong...
  11. Application deadline is Oct 1st, and I don't believe they offer interviews until after this date.
  12. Hey! I saw you got an interview with QU. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats and HC/PC experiences?

     Thank you so much! 


  13. Cadapter

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Quinnipiac does not take into account the GRE scores because it is not a part of the application (at least that is how it should be in theory). I did take the GRE for other schools and got a 302, so really not that impressive haha.

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