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New grad, new baby

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Hello, all! I'm graduating in a few weeks (Dec 15) and am very actively looking for my first job as a PA. I also happen to be due to have a baby in late January. Because of this, I'm looking for a job to start in April/May.

I had been advised by preceptors/advisers to not mention the pregnancy/baby during interviews until employment is secured. Have had a bunch of phone interviews and today was the first one in which the recruiter basically asked me what I plan on doing from December until April. She gave me a few options ("traveling? taking much-needed time off? volunteering? working somewhere else?") and at first I said taking some time off, but later in the conversation she asked again in a different way about a timeline and I was honest and told her I'm expecting my first child in late January. This admission didn't seem to hurt the conversation, as she seemed excited and mentioned applicable benefits. 

My question for you all:

Was this the right way to handle this situation? Should I be honest about the pregnancy in future interviews, if it comes up? I've felt during other interviews that recruiters wanted to know what I'm doing during this apparent time-off until my April start date, but haven't asked outright. So it seemed like a good idea to give a reason, rather than have it seem I'm just chilling around for 4 months. Plus, once I get an in-person interview I won't be able to hide the pregnancy. Also, I really would like to secure a job before Jan 15th or so, and I feel like being honest about the pregnancy might help speed the job placement process up? I know the large health care systems can be slow with hiring, but if they know my situation they'll work with me on a timeline maybe?

Not sure if any of that made sense, but you can probably tell I'm getting a bit anxious about getting everything figured out before baby comes! Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated, thanks!

Sorry if this topic is already on here somewhere, but I didn't see it recently.

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I think your answer is perfectly fine. Like you said, the in person interview will reveal why you need time off whether your tell them beforehand or not.

You may not even need to ask for time off until April anyway. I graduated in April and was offered a job around the same time. Credentialing at my hospital took so long I didn't start working until the end of July. A number of my classmates have had similar experiences with their jobs taking 2-5 months for credentialing to be completed.

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It is a tough question because organizations shouldn't hold it against you that you are pregnant but, like it or not, some will. Since you are doing phone interviews I would mention it because why go to a live interview with a company who is going to see you and say "thanks but no thanks"? I know it isn't fair and they will never say it out loud but really....why spend the time and energy? If they are going to pass on you because of that let them do it early.


Also don't take many clues from how recruiters act. It's their job to paint rainbows and sow happy feelings.

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You graduate Dec 15.  Usually have to wait 7 days to take PANCE (or more if you want to study) and I believe they don't test (or don't score) over the holidays.  Then you get your state license.  Then you wait 4-8 weeks for DEA.  Then you wait for credentialing.

I was 3 months after graduation before I started and that was one of the earliest in my class.  Consider that you can count out the remainder of Dec for holidays.  You're looking at March anyway.  You could easily say you are being realistic about the timeline and anticipate April at the earliest.  You don't owe them any explanation.  The interviewer who asked multiple times was clearly probing or she would have taken your first answer at face value and moved on.

You also might be a little unrealistic about how long it will take to secure a job/have a contract.  It took me almost 2 months of applying before interviews rolled in and after the interview it was 5-6 weeks before I had an offer.  Then 1-2 weeks of negotiating before a contract was signed and I could relax.  This will obviously vary greatly but especially considering the holidays (and HR is usually non-essential) there will definitely be back ups in the process.

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