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  1. I got married during my 2nd semester of didactic year. My wife and I did a destination wedding and already had paid for it and had the date set prior to me getting accepted into PA school. I spoke with my faculty about it on the first day of classes. I was very fortunate in the fact that they allowed me to take a couple of tests early on the day before I left for my wedding. I was gone Thursday-Sunday and back to school on Monday. It wasn't all that stressful for me because the wedding was basically planned prior to me being admitted to PA school. Had the faculty been less willing to work with
  2. I was hesitant at first but have done more reading and talking and have concluded I'll get it as soon as I can. Like others have said, the known post-COVID syndromes sound significantly worse/life-altering to me than any documented side-effects of the vaccine (granted I understand the vaccine has not bee around very long)
  3. I would most definitely be interested in an anesthesia residency for PAs
  4. We keep seeing comparisons of COVID vs the flu. I have no numbers to back this up, but doesn't it seem that COVID is spreading like wildfire compared to the flu? I would be curious to see transmission rates of COVID compared to the flu. I couldn't find any good data online regarding this. Again, I have no numbers, but isn't COVID putting a greater percentage of people affected by the disease in the ICU vs the flu? Or is it just the fact that so many more people are being affected by COVID at one time compared to the flu so it seems like more people are needing ICU beds because everyone is gett
  5. That is most definitely the case with EMR. If you click the save button at any time during a note you are writing, a copy is saved in the EMR. People looking back through EMRs can look at EVERY addendum ever made to EVERY note.
  6. I don't have an answer to your question but just wanted to point out: any EMR will save every addendum that is ever made on a note. So, if your "Mr./Mrs. _____" signature were to disappear, it would still be on record in the EMR.
  7. I think the point that MT2PA was trying to make is the fact that a majority of PA programs will be giving you timed, computerized tests where you watch the time tick away. Also, the PANCE is setup the exact same way as the GRE in the fact that you're taking a test on a computer, in a cubicle, with 60 minutes per section of the test. I think MT2PA was just trying to say that these sorts of things may invoke more panic attacks in you in the future if you don't address the issue before PA school.
  8. Student loan payment insight: My program cost about $80,000 for tuition. After living expenses and interest accrual, I finished school with $135,000 of student debt and re-financed as soon as I graduated. My interest rate after refinancing is 4.5% on a 13 year loan and my minimum payment per month is $1,100.
  9. I would agree with some of the other posters that you need to improve your interviewing skills. I'm of the mindset that if a program has offered you an interview, at that point it is your job to sell them on why they should have you as student and it is your seat in the program to lose. Personally, I looked up common PA school interview questions. For the month before my interview, I would hand the list of questions to family/friends/co-workers on a daily basis and have them randomly ask me questions from the list. After each question and response, the person working with me would give me feed
  10. I have a bit of experience in vascular surgery. I work in trauma/general surgery but we cross cover other specialties in the OR if needed (vascular, neurosurgery, oncology). I have covered for this group of surgeons periodically for the last year and a half. We've had a good working relationship which led them to offering me this job as their practice is growing rather quickly. Thank you very much for the insight. I greatly appreciate your help!
  11. Hello everyone. I am going to be starting a new vascular surgery job soon and my new employer is open to negotiating a collection bonus. I have no experience with these and am looking for some guidance as far as a general setup for this or what is fair for me to expect. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  12. Correct. We are also independent prescribers and do not require a co-signature on any medication whether it's a scheduled medication or not.
  13. I have been following the FIRE path since I graduated a year and a half ago. My wife is a teacher, so although her salary is low, we should be able to have health insurance provided through her school district for the rest of our lives after retirement. I'm currently 31, hoping to fully retire at 50 but my wife will have to work for another 5-7 years after that to meet her 25 year mark. We live in a very LCOL area so as soon as our collective school debt is gone ($130k for me and $30k for my wife) we will be flying pretty. I'm hoping to have our loans paid off in the next 5 years and then inve
  14. Michigan is a very PA friendly state from a legislative point of view. A law was passed in 2017 removing the terms "supervision" and "delegation" from any laws. We now work with a "participating physician" according to the terms of a "practice agreement". This law also allowed PAs to be independent prescribers with DEA numbers and do not require a physician signature for any prescription written including any and all scheduled medications. The only prescribing limitation we have is for medical marijuana and abortive drugs. The state of Michigan also has a wide spectrum of areas to work i
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