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  1. That bonus is pretty awful. wRVUs where I work are paid at 110 for physicians and 90 for PAs. That means you'll have to be bring in about 360K to the practice before you see anything, and then after that you're making like 5% after that high initial amount.
  2. Can you clarify the bonus? You only get 20% of procedure codes like I&D, laceration repair, injections, etc? Nothing from office visit? Minus 15,392 per month from what? So you have do over 15K of procedures in one month to get any bonus, and even then it's only 20% of the amount over 15K? Don't even count that as a bonus, you're never going to hit that. If you have no other option just try to get higher hoursly rate and get rid of bonus. Any retirerement? CME days? Is malpractice occurence?
  3. From what I'm understanding they were expecting you to cover 5 times your salary? That would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. You should never sign a contract without a lawyer reviewing it, especially since you didn't understand it. Seek an advice from a lawyer, NOW. Without someone reading your whole contract and knowing the laws in your states, nothing anyone says on here is going to help you.
  4. Can't be California, I have no such restriction seeing WC patients. I can't do the final visit with the permanency rating, which I would never want to do anyway.
  5. My desired salary would really depend on the benefits that are offered. If I'm the right person for the job, and I hope I am, I'm sure we can come to a mutual agreement. Is there a pay range for the position?
  6. Even with cut hours, you'll probably still making more than unemployment. Yes, they can do this unless you have a contract of some sorts. CA is at will employment. My job of 5 years cut my hours to 2 days a week, and gave me a month of advance notice. Luckily I got my dream job working the other 3 days making 50%+ more like 2 weeks later, just . Start looking!
  7. Absolutely take the cardiology offer. Those TRT clinics are sketchy at best, and it's not really evidence based medicine. If you're lucky it'll be mostly pills and injections for erectile dysfunction. Worst case scenario is "treating" normal 50+ year olds and weight lifters with extra testosterone and messing with their own production.
  8. That's honestly insane. I wish people would choose a different specialty instead of taking these terrible derm offers, it cheapens all that hard work.
  9. I don't think there is a time limit on the background check unless it was scrubbed. I'm confused, why was it a DUI if you had one shot? Were you underage?
  10. Did you check and see when your benefits department sent the referral to insurance? This sounds like an acute injury and the patient probably didn't have a lawyer, meaning they can talk to the adjustor. For stat referrals you can ask the patient or your MA to call the adjustor and help move things along.
  11. Tutoring can be very lucrative, you can even do it over Zoom a lot of the time now.
  12. California is at will employment, so I don't think contracts are generally a thing here. Maybe just an offer letter to include pay, work hours, and all benefits so that you have everything in writing. I didn't have one with my private employer, and I don't have one with the large healthcare system here.
  13. Bonus is not taxed any more than regular income. It is taxed initially at 25% or something, but when you do your taxes if you have paid too much you will get the difference back in the return.
  14. I was going to say that sounds pretty low, until I read Florida. Why do you want to move there? Where do you live and how much do you make now?
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