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  1. I get paid 10% of collections as a bonus every quarter, and that includes first assist fees. This is a large and well established practice. If it was illegal, trust me they would not be including it in my bonus every quarter, that's the perfect excuse.
  2. Florida is super saturated, I'd move to a different state or a more rural area of Florida.
  3. Make sure any call is paid, I wouldn't take that offer if it included call, even if it was just available by phone. Also, in a procedure heavy offer like this I would ask for 100K plus 10% of collections as productivity bonus. Also, make sure you're getting at least 3 weeks PTO.
  4. Ya if you're not getting a bonus based on productivity/collections, I'd aim for at least another 10-20K.
  5. Is there a productivity bonus? PTO? CME days? Retirement? Health insurance cost? Life/disability insurance? Malpractice insurance?
  6. Overall it's pretty bad but I went to school in South Florida and from my friends who I kept in contact with some did find good paying jobs. It's just hard to find. Plus cost of living is pretty moderate (relatively low housing costs and no state income tax) when you consider you're living in such a beautiful place. Plus he didn't say he was gonna move there, just that he was looking to shadow someone there.
  7. Try to go to Musculoskeletal Galaxy in June, pretty good for new grads or switching specialties to Ortho. I also recommend an ultrasound course with practice injections. Orthobullets is your best friend.
  8. I worked for a retina specialist as an MA before PA school. Very, very few ophtho PAs out there. Never seen one. You likely won't get a response. Mostly optometrists take our place and have an edge as we don't know jack shit about refraction.
  9. Where is the job? Pay and 401K match is decent, and time off is good. Overtime pay is excellent. The CME is less than average, and having to pay your own licensing/credentialing/certs is not the norm. Malpractice?
  10. I don't think a month of training is enough to go solo in a new clinic. You should get 4 weeks training, then AT LEAST a few months working with another provider on site before going solo. Even then, hopefully your SP is very responsive to calls/texts. It's really best that an experienced provider take solo coverage.
  11. $65 an hour at 2080 hours a year is $135K, not $120K. You would be clearing $120K at $58/hour so with 5-10% raises you'd be there in 2 years.
  12. Seems okay, but completely depends on how many hours you're working. If it's 40/week then it's not bad. If you're going to be working 60/week then it's crap.
  13. Discover has online savings accounts in the 2% range, which is more established. Ally and Synchrony are legit banks, just newer. But they are FDIC insured.
  14. I don't think you can make an informed decision without knowing the full details of the other job. Also, will you be able to be happy in the ED? I'm in ortho as well (3 years in), but I found out in PA school rotations that I wasn't cut out to be in the ER. I like all the procedures and the variety, but I'm too ADHD to take care of multiple patients at a time. I'd much rather finish one patient in clinic or the OR and move on to the next one.
  15. I went to PA school in Florida and moved back to California after. I had no medical connections in California. I started applying to jobs around graduation. Did 3 or 4 phone interviews. One of them led to a Skype interview. Then I did 2 in person interviews right after moving back to Cali (literally the next day) and got offered a good position in Ortho with good pay the day after. I took it and I'm still there 3 years later. Just start applying around graduation, make sure to let them know you'll be moving there. Tell them when you plan to be there. It helps if you have a reason to be moving there (I'm from Cali and all my family is here so the practice knows your not just gonna pick up and leave after 6-12 months). Check LinkedIn, Indeed, AAPA, the state PA org website, even Craigslist. Good luck!
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