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  1. Bonus is not taxed any more than regular income. It is taxed initially at 25% or something, but when you do your taxes if you have paid too much you will get the difference back in the return.
  2. I was going to say that sounds pretty low, until I read Florida. Why do you want to move there? Where do you live and how much do you make now?
  3. I'm confused, are you not seeing patients when he is not there on the week off? When he is there, do you have patients to see? Your own panel or just help out in clinic? Do you assist in surgery? In any case, look for a per diem or PT job. I'm sure there's a UC somewhere who needs weekend coverage or something.
  4. I don't see a reason to spend an extra 50K, they are both well established programs and have been around for decades.
  5. Hospital credentialing costs money, but I've never heard of paying for that out of your pocket. If you work for the hospital, they should cover it. If you work for a group who needs you to be credentialed at the hospital, they should pay for it.
  6. What percentage of collections do you get with the base 70K salary? 50K sounds super low but if it's 25% of all collections you can easily bring in 100K+ with just the bonus.
  7. All? They didn't say in the last 5/7/10 years? This is the crap I'm worried about going through credentialing for a new job right now.
  8. I don't know about pro-rating license/DEA, but PTO is an earned benefit and is to be paid out immediately at the end of employment in California. I'm hoping it's like that in all states. That's stealing your money if they don't pay it out.
  9. W2 just means that you are an employee and not a contractor, so they will pay half the FICA taxes and they tell you when to work. What benefits you get like malpractice, CME, PTO, retirements, etc. is completely dependent on your employer and the terms you negotiate. I don't know the malpractice carriers names off the top of my head (I think CM&F was one) but I would google some options and get 3-4 quotes before choosing one.
  10. My work says "You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more" is defined without PPE. So if I was wearing a surgical mask next to my wife who has covid and is maskless, then this is not exposure.
  11. Excuse me sir, I'll have you know our President is on the phones working very hard to steal the election. Have some faith!
  12. I think the key words here are "while under investigation" and you can answer no the the question. Ah sorry, mixed up the voluntary and involuntary. You would probably need to answer yes, unless you change the terms of the seperation.
  13. How are PANCE pass rates? Seems like price is a wash due to cost of living. If you want to live rural, might be better to choose School 1 and do rural rotations. City may have more availability, but some rotations you may have to fight with med students or residents for learning opportunities.
  14. Got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine 2 days ago. Some deltoid soreness that night, maybe a bit of fatigue the next day. I am on Entyvio for Crohn's and answered no to immunosupression just in case so the computer didn't automatically reject me!
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