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  1. Came across this intelligent job posting today: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/hea/d/los-angeles-ma-pa-np-needed-ortho-part/6931448669.html
  2. I see cosmetic derm positions a lot on Craigslist, you can check into that if you haven't done so already. I have no experience dropping into a practice.
  3. Lol, of course it's a Florida MD. There are a lot of PA schools in Florida. Lots of new grads willing to take low wages and they take advantage. I'm not sure why a PA shouldn't earn 100K, it's not like they are not making the practice money. My first job out of PA school was 95K base salary plus a bonus of 10-12% of collections. I'm still there over 3 years later and my base salary is almost 110K. Most PAs are making 150K or more with bonuses included.
  4. Sounds pretty great, I'd probably sign a one year contract and see how things work out. Maybe try to renegotiate salary then before signing a longer contract.
  5. The surgeon and I both see post-ops split pretty evenly so it's not too bad. I'm just hoping they didn't screw us on the deal keeping our RVU payments low to keep the bonus relatively similar to before.
  6. I'm in Ortho and currently have a base salary and receive a bonus based on collections. This bonus ranges from 10-12% of your collections depending on how much you bring in total. We are now partnering with a large healthcare system, and they will be taking over billing and are going to be paying the docs in RVUs at a rate which is about 50% more than what they currently get (higher contracted rates with insurance). I'm not sure I have a question, but how do we make it fair for us PAs with the new system? Since as far as I know our base salary and benefits are not changing, I'm hoping our bonus will at the very least increase by 50% as it seems like the docs are getting a big pay bump.
  7. The chance of a future employer covering your past tail insurance (I believe it's called head in that situation) is pretty minimal. The first step is to make sure if it's occurrence or claims-made. Some places have standard benefits and those aren't negotiable, but the overall package might be worth it even if you have to pay a few grand when you leave for peace of mind. This is of course the pay and other benefits are great and the job is really what you want. I've heard that if the policy is still active you are covered even if you don't buy tail, but YMMV. I have to call and find out, as that's the situation I'm in now as well. Don't plan on leaving, but it's good to know what would happen if/when I do.
  8. Ya I think a bonus based on MD/PA productivity could be very lucrative. I have my own patient panel that stays on my panel unless I am literally transferring to the MD and he's doing the note/billing which is nice, he never tried to take credit for my work and we don't even bother with "incident to" billing.
  9. 1. Location 2. Salary 3. Specialty Unfortunately as a new grad you only get to choose 2 (if even that) so you have to decide what is most important to you.
  10. On average how many hours do you work on those 4 days? The insurance/retirement situation likely costs you 5-10K compared to other offers with full benefits. The days off are great though, you're getting 6 weeks PTO, 1 week CME, 3 weeks sick, and maybe even holidays which you didn't mention. But, there's no way to answer this unless you look at other options in the area and what they are paying. Check the AAPA salary report. If you don't get the raise you are looking for, make sure you start taking that time off and take advantage of your benefits.
  11. Base salary will probably be about the same but your bonus should increase. I'm 3 years out in ortho with base salary of 108K but I make 10-12% of collections which can be 25-50K depending on how many patients you see, how many surgeries you are first assist, how many post-ops (unpaid), how many injections you do, etc. I make low bonus compared to other PAs because I am second assist often which is unpaid.
  12. Ya, the commute is not sustainable like others said. Living there half the time is a big sacrifice not seeing your family 50% of the time and not something I would personally consider with other offers on the table. How often does your wife need to see her family? Not sure why she couldn't drive down to see them once a week. With your 7on/7off schedule you can go with them most of the time. It's easier to make that drive once in a while than to do it 50% of the year.
  13. Not a bad offer, did they mention a training period? Have they had new grads before? Regarding the distance, can you move your family out there? You definitely can't commute that distance and being away from your family every other week will get old quick.
  14. Solo provider after a month of training is a hard stop, no way do you want that responsibility. Find something more new grad friendly. The compensation is OKAY for a new grad, but that 1 day of sick leave just doesn't sit right with me. It's like a slap in the face. Either give a week or don't give any at all.
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