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  1. "The pay I'm expecting really depends on the entire compensation package include the benefits provided. If you believe I'm the right person for the job, then I'm sure we can come to an agreement. Is there a pay range for the position?"
  2. Sounds like marketing from Walgreens, preventative things like vaccines and a yearly checkup don't charge a co-pay from any private insurance already.
  3. Not a bad offer, but a couple of things: 1. How many hours a day and days in a week will you be working? 2. Will you have supervision and training in the first few weeks/months? 3. How much will the health insurance cost you? The employer match is decent. Vacation and sick time isn't bad. 4. Make sure the liability insurance is occurrence based, if it's claims made see if they will pay for tail. 5. Non-compete is not optimal but no really enforceable in a lot of states, plus I guess 25 miles is not too big of a deal in a rural area. If it's not in the contract, it didn't happen! Bring up that you discussed 110K during interview and tuition assistance at 10K a year for 7 years that is not in the offer letter.
  4. He graduated a year ago, this is a crazy long time (I know Florida is competitive, but all my classmates found jobs quickly 2 years ago). Given the time between school and working, the longer you wait, the more you are going to forget and the more confidence you will lose. At this point, you need to find a job in a system where you have good supervision for the first few months or even a residency program if you can get in. If you're in California now, why don't you look at hospitals in Bakersfield and Fresno and Barstow or things of that nature? Should be easier to get a job in those more rural cities.
  5. AbeTheBabe

    Profit Sharing

    Ask them how it works, they should be able to explain. Based on RVU or collections? If it's a percentage of collections, is it straight percentage or only after a certain amount?
  6. I read own x-rays in ortho (shoulder/elbow/knee/hip) only. Took a few months, consult with SP if anything weird.
  7. AbeTheBabe

    Contract negotiation help!

    1) Make sure those clinic hours include time for documentation, if you're seeing patients from 8-5 you can document in between if you're seeing 2 an hour, not 3-4. 2) I think if it doesn't mention taking call that should be fine. 3) This is a deal breaker. It is a benefit that can be worth 10-20K a year and is expected for a professional. You need to figure out if those benefits are offered. If they aren't, that salary is way too low and you should pass on this offer and let them know why. 4) Better to a specific amount and number of days. What if they only approve local CME and you want to go somewhere else? What if they only approve CME for your specialty but you want to learn about something else. What if they think 1K is too expensive for a conference when average CME money is 2K. Also, do you get some days off for CME? You should get at least 3, but 5 seems to be pretty standard. 5) 2 weeks of PTO is too little, does this include sick time? I'd aim for 3 if it does. 6) Not that I know of, but you should be able to ask about that in the interview to your SP or maybe even another PA who works there. Also, make sure the place is willing to train. That is super important for a new grad. You can't start seeing patients right away. Have they trained a new grad before?
  8. AbeTheBabe

    Claims made policy info

    What if they change insurance providers? Would you still be covered if you're no longer working there?
  9. I see, thanks for the info. I'd be willing to volunteer if they let my try the obstacles, not much of a runner though!
  10. AbeTheBabe

    Ortho offer

    Sounds pretty great, congrats! The only thing you didn't mention is how much you're expected work? Call? Nights/weekends? It's a great offer if you're working 40-45 hours a week. Not so much if it's 60+. As far as other groups, just politely inform that you have been extended an offer and need to make a decision very quickly. If they would like to extend an offer they would need to do so sooner rather than later. I wouldn't call them specifically to let them know though.
  11. Serious question, why does Tough Mudder need volunteers? Why even volunteer? Do they not charge pretty high amounts to participate? Do they donate to charity? Can't they hire medical professionals for their events?
  12. Ah, that's too bad. Good luck with everything!
  13. #1 - No idea, talk to lawyer. #2 - If you feel pressure, just tell them it's a big decision and you need to have a lawyer review the contract so you need one week. #3 - Doesn't seem abnormal. For your previous 2 jobs with no contract, could they not change your schedule any time? The employer can change anything at any time, the only power you have is the leverage to walk away. If they've really been looking for someone for a year, they are probably not paying enough, and would not want to have to go through the process again which gives you some power.
  14. Have you considered Vegas? Close enough to Cali that you can drive to see family, plus looking at the last AAPA salary report Nevada is a good state to practice in.
  15. If you're going to be losing benefits by going to part time you will need more than 75K to make up for that. My wife is a recruiter, maybe we should start our own firm

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