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  1. AbeTheBabe

    Neurosurgery Newgrad

    Sounds pretty good! Try to push for at least 100K. What area are you in? Also, figure out how many hours you'll be working in a typical week excluding call. You also didn't mention anything about malpractice, make sure you figure that out as well.
  2. AbeTheBabe

    CAQ questions

    Have you seen this to be an issue in Orthopedics? I rarely see NP in surgery, our orthopedic practice has about 20 PAs and 0 NPs. There was one when I started, they got rid of him.
  3. AbeTheBabe

    CAQ questions

    With all your experience do you really think passing that test would be helpful in any way? I'm considering it but I only have 3 years experience with no trauma/spine/hand/foot experience. Only sports/joints.
  4. AbeTheBabe

    Experienced Ortho PA salary south Florida

    Depends where you are. I'm nearly 3 years out making 125K in ortho in LA. This is a much high cost of living area than south Florida and it also sounds like your benefits are better, although I have more autonomy and see my own patients. We get bonus based on collections and I'm on the low end, a coworker that is a lot busier than I am is making close to 150K. However, there are hospitals that pay big too. I know for a fact I'd be making ($80/hour + overtime $$$ at Kaiser). PAs can easily clear 200K. Hospital PA without bonus doesn't necessarily mean low pay.
  5. Isn't he investing in the company though? I mean, he's going to need to lease office space, hire an MA, buy all the equipment, pay PA base salary if he wants one, etc. That's a huge financial investment.
  6. Doesn't seem like much of a transition for you, you're already in ortho. It would basically be as simple as finding a new job.
  7. Cold/flu season is coming up. Solo provider is a no-no with someone so new. You want to be stuck seeing 30 patients in 1 day in a month?
  8. 3 days CME is okay, but $500 is way too little. Standard is $2,000. I'd counter with 105K salary and 2K CME.
  9. AbeTheBabe

    Study or move?

    It's doable. I'm from LA but went to school out of state. Got a good job in the location, pay and specialty I wanted straight out of school with no contacts. If you live in the more "rural" areas like Bakersfield you can definitely afford to live and buy a home on a single PA salary and be able to travel up and down Cali as you please. Here in LA, my wife and I have no student loans so we can afford a nice pool home for 700K in the valley.
  10. AbeTheBabe

    PA Home Loan

    The problem is the interest rate may be double or tripe what it is now when that time comes, you never know. It is certainly an option though.
  11. AbeTheBabe

    PA Home Loan

    I looked into those, the interest rate didn't make it worth it. Right now, interests rates are still lower than average. It's best to get the lowest interest locked in. I got my house with a conventional loan and 10% down 1-2 years ago. The house was 700K, so 630K loan. The interest is 4.25% and my PMI is 162/month. Sure, I hate paying it. But guess what, that's going to disappear in the next 1-2 years as long as housing prices continue to climb and my equity reaches 20%. If I had continued to save till I had 20% my house would have cost more and the interest rate would have been higher. I think the 10% is the least you should put down though. That's great advice, but not really possible for anyone in a major city. I know the simple answer is to move, but all friends and family are here.
  12. Yes, there are. Probably need experience though. I'm comfortable doing injections in ortho (knee, shoulder, elbow, U/S hip). I assume this training would help if I branched out to that direction.
  13. AbeTheBabe

    Help with New Grad Contract

    It's better to look a few more weeks, rather than switch jobs in 6 months. Have they had a PA before? What was his/her hours like? If you're gonna work 40 hours a week, then it's an okay offer. If you're gonna be working 60-80 hours a week, then it's shit. If you're working an average of 60 hours a week, that 90K means under $30 an hour. Terrible. Either clarify hours or insist on being paid 45/hour. Also, the fact that you need a doctors note for sick time is absolute bullshit. You're a professional with a masters degree. I have a cold but I have to drag my ass to an urgent care, waste a copay, waste my time, just so I can get a note so I can get paid. Bullshit.
  14. AbeTheBabe

    new grad ortho offer

    That's correct, you will not need tail. Congrats on the job!

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