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  1. 1. 116,480 (40h/wk) + 11,200 (5wk PTO) + 3,500 (CME) + 17,472 (401k) + 5,000 (HSA) = 153,652 2. 176,800 (40h/wk) + 7,072 (401K) = 183,872 3. 208,000 (40h/wk) + 6,240 (bonus) - 16,068 (payroll tax) - 10,000 (medical insurance) = 188,172 Everything else being equal, 2 or 3 would be your best bet depending on how much health insurance will cost you. Most likely given the high cost of bennies, plus the probable bonus and shift differential, 2 would be the way to go.
  2. Do you have prior experience? There's two way of going about it. Either you do a percentage of your collections as a total, or you do a percentage of collections over a certain amount. Say you cost your employer about 200K a year between pay/tax/benefits. What are your prior collections? Will you see your own patients and will you always be first assist? Scenario 1: 10% of all collections, you rake in 400K and receive a 40K bonus. This can also be on a gradient (goes up by one percent for every 50K collected over 200K). Scenario 2: 25% of all collections over 200K, you rake in 400K and receive a 50K bonus. How to structure it depends on how much you think you'll collect. Might be more lucrative to do scenario 2 if you can bring in a lot to the practice. Plus it might be nice for the practice to rest easy knowing they won't have to pay you extra if your are not collecting enough.
  3. Odd. California is an at will state, I still received a one page offer letter outlining my pay and benefits.
  4. Highly dependent on region, setting, etc. I'm in ortho in LA, no one cares. We wear long sleeve dress shirts in clinic but in the OR and such it doesn't matter. We have girls with nose studs and multiple ear piercings, hasn't been an issue.
  5. I'm in Cali at a large ortho practice. In surgical specialties, it seems PAs really dominate. We have nearly 2 dozen PAs and exactly 0 NPs. There was 1 NP when I first started, they got rid of him in under a year. Unfortunately, I know this isn't the case in other specialties.
  6. We just passed OTP in California. No more chart signature requirements, needing to put SP info on prescriptions, etc.
  7. My friend works in an ED in Florida, just got a patient with fever and recent travel to Asia. Stay tuned!
  8. One thing to keep in mind, 85% of physician pay does not mean we should be getting 85% of the pay. For example, if the physician overhead is 50% of their reimbursement, and PA overhead is similar to that of a physician, then 85% reimbursement means 60% pay after taking into account the overhead. I'm sure most practices make a killing off PAs, but it's just not apples to apples regarding reimbursement and pay.
  9. Damn, I need to find a new gig I guess. I'm in ortho, 4 years in. I made about 135K in the SFV working 40-45 hours a week. No call/holidays/weekends/nights. Mediocre benefits. Others in the practice make over 150K, but work more hours than I do.
  10. Sorry I just realized I am a member until April.
  11. Did you get any emails from CAPA about it? There are information materials and sample practice agreements on their website I was able to view even though I'm not a current member. I just needed to log in.
  12. This is exactly why you work and figure out what you like. Major part of being a PA is having is healthcare experience and knowing what you want to do.
  13. I don't think there's a standard. We get 10% of wRVUs paid out at 90 per RVU.
  14. Seems decent for a part time gig. The salary is so so, but benefits seem rare in a part time situation so that's nice. Also, potential bonus can make up for it.
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