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  1. That's because these numbers are many, many times higher than "positive" cases. I'm sure that's the case in every country, and especially in the USA. Until mid-March the CDC guidelines were only to test those who had recent travel to China/Italy/Iran or who had contact who had tested positive. Now, they are only testing people who are sick enough to be admitted. When the dust settles you'd have to go back and see how many people died of "pneumonia" or "atypical pneumonia" and compare that to the averages from prior years and see how it stack up. In other authoritarian countries (China, Russia, etc.) they are hiding info to save face, no doubt.
  2. Collecting more than 1.5x your annual salary of 90K is unattainable? Why?
  3. This is basically only for unmatched med school graduates. My friend did this for 1-2 years plus some research and got into residency this year thankfully after graduating from Caribbean medical school a couple of years ago.
  4. Even if the fatality rate is 0.74% that's one part of the picture. That's still about 2-3 times that of influenza. Plus, there is no vaccine. No one is immune. It spreads very quickly. Many people are going to need hospitalization and ventilation at one time. Lack of access will kill more people than the disease otherwise would with adequate medical care. Many old people who die in their homes or nursing homes won't even be tested and won't be included in the statistics, etc.
  5. There's no cap, you just have to see what they expect and what the job involves. I work anywhere from 35 to 50 hours at my ortho job.
  6. Can you guys who are furloughed or at jeopardy of losing your jobs include your specialty?
  7. I was on Humira for 3 years then about a year ago I came down with something that knocked me out for weeks. I had high fevers for two weeks, fatigue, aches. After a couple of UC/ER visits I was admitted for FUO. They did every test under the book. Chest/ABD/pelvis CT, HIDA, LP, MRI, etc. I was on IV ABX for a week. To this day don't know what it was. Took weeks for my energy to fully recover. After a year hiatus, I'm now on Entyvio which is supposed to be gut specific. I hope. But I'm not taking any chances, I'm in outpt ortho so I took the next couple of weeks off. I definitely wouldn't be anywhere near a COVID patient without PPE on Humira. Sounds like a bad time.
  8. Buy a 10 pound mallet to establish dominance. The biggest I've seen is 5.
  9. Whether you signed a contract or not shouldn't matter as long as you went through the credenitaling/onboarding process and signed a delegeation/practice agreement. You can call the malpractice to confirm when coverage began and if you're not covered you should make sure the company pays for it.
  10. There are multiple good arguments here and you're not "convinced". This is evidence based medicine, not faith or belief. I find that it is almost always fruitless to argue/debate against deeply held religious beliefs which are not based on logic or reason. The simple answer is this: If you can't be objective about your medical care which is influenced by your religion, work in a field in which you won't have to do those vaccinations. Work in surgery, psychiatry, etc.
  11. Also, the whole 7 on 7 off with no PTO is bullshit. That means you'd have to work at a minimum 21 days in a row to take a 2 week vacation. 7 x 12 x 26 = 2184 hours / year 5 x 8 x 52 = 2080 hours / year You are working more hours in a year than a regular M-F 8 hour schedule, you are working nights which are undesirable, and you get NO PTO. That's shit. Ask for 120K with the caveat of getting 2 weeks PTO and more training time. Otherwise, keep looking.
  12. 2 weeks of training then you are on your own as a hospitalist? That's insanity.
  13. 1. 116,480 (40h/wk) + 11,200 (5wk PTO) + 3,500 (CME) + 17,472 (401k) + 5,000 (HSA) = 153,652 2. 176,800 (40h/wk) + 7,072 (401K) = 183,872 3. 208,000 (40h/wk) + 6,240 (bonus) - 16,068 (payroll tax) - 10,000 (medical insurance) = 188,172 Everything else being equal, 2 or 3 would be your best bet depending on how much health insurance will cost you. Most likely given the high cost of bennies, plus the probable bonus and shift differential, 2 would be the way to go.
  14. Do you have prior experience? There's two way of going about it. Either you do a percentage of your collections as a total, or you do a percentage of collections over a certain amount. Say you cost your employer about 200K a year between pay/tax/benefits. What are your prior collections? Will you see your own patients and will you always be first assist? Scenario 1: 10% of all collections, you rake in 400K and receive a 40K bonus. This can also be on a gradient (goes up by one percent for every 50K collected over 200K). Scenario 2: 25% of all collections over 200K, you rake in 400K and receive a 50K bonus. How to structure it depends on how much you think you'll collect. Might be more lucrative to do scenario 2 if you can bring in a lot to the practice. Plus it might be nice for the practice to rest easy knowing they won't have to pay you extra if your are not collecting enough.
  15. Odd. California is an at will state, I still received a one page offer letter outlining my pay and benefits.
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