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  1. I agree with Erin. Make sure the hours are not crazy and get them to cover licensing/DEA as you need that to do your job. Otherwise looks pretty good for Florida.
  2. I live in a HCOL area and my wife works making close to a PA salary so we will be fine. Things will be a lot easier once the kids are out of daycare and in public school. The house I bought for 700K 4 years ago is now about a million so definitely happy I pulled the trigger back then.
  3. The MA turnover and shortage at my old workplace has been constant, long before covid. The pay is crap, the stress is high, the patients and sometimes the docs can be difficult, and the benefits are awful if you have more than yourself to cover for medical pay. The previous HR lady (who was there for over two decades) only cared about one thing (short term costs). Who cares if the quality of the MAs is crap and increases provider frustration. Who care if the constant turnover means lots of stuff slips through the cracks and looks bad on the practice. If I had no education, I would definitely j
  4. Ha! I'm quite a ways from that. 2 kids in nursery school and 600K+ in mortgage/car loans. I'm in no rush to pay that off though at 2.75% mortgage interest rate. Can't wait until the kids are in public school though!
  5. Me and my then girlfriend/fiance lived at home for 3 years and worked full time while saving up. Got married before PA school. Had enough to pay for both of our masters degrees. In hindsight it would have been better to buy a condo then sell it, but being loan free has been great.
  6. I have a trimmed beard, that's my face did not see a reason to change it. I did not shave it for PA interviews, new grad interviews, and (more recently) my dream job interview. No issues!
  7. If the job requires any credentialing you have to have it on there. Some places will rescind the offer if your CV doesn't match the credentialing application and you have to have ALL jobs in the credentialing application. But if you're applying to say a outpatient only solo practice you could leave it off.
  8. Is this W2 or 1099? Either way seems pretty low, but very low for 1099.
  9. No pre-existing coverage is a non-starter. I would expect that from insurance companies (until they were forced to cover it by the ACA) but from faith-based "insurance"? I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Jesus healed the sick. If my wife has Crohn's disease and I have hypertension and high cholesterol even though we don't smoke/drink/etc. then we are not eligible? Or are we eligible but it won't cover an eventual bowel obstruction or fistula or heart attack?
  10. That bonus is pretty awful. wRVUs where I work are paid at 110 for physicians and 90 for PAs. That means you'll have to be bring in about 360K to the practice before you see anything, and then after that you're making like 5% after that high initial amount.
  11. Can you clarify the bonus? You only get 20% of procedure codes like I&D, laceration repair, injections, etc? Nothing from office visit? Minus 15,392 per month from what? So you have do over 15K of procedures in one month to get any bonus, and even then it's only 20% of the amount over 15K? Don't even count that as a bonus, you're never going to hit that. If you have no other option just try to get higher hoursly rate and get rid of bonus. Any retirerement? CME days? Is malpractice occurence?
  12. From what I'm understanding they were expecting you to cover 5 times your salary? That would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. You should never sign a contract without a lawyer reviewing it, especially since you didn't understand it. Seek an advice from a lawyer, NOW. Without someone reading your whole contract and knowing the laws in your states, nothing anyone says on here is going to help you.
  13. Can't be California, I have no such restriction seeing WC patients. I can't do the final visit with the permanency rating, which I would never want to do anyway.
  14. My desired salary would really depend on the benefits that are offered. If I'm the right person for the job, and I hope I am, I'm sure we can come to a mutual agreement. Is there a pay range for the position?
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