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  1. We switched over to RVUs as we joined a bigger health system. We now get 10-12% of "collections" which are basically wRVUs being paid out at about 90 dollars per RVU.
  2. Not really, would probably just increase the incidence of unsafe backalley abortions. If Texas wanted to reduce unwanted pregnancies they should do so with real sex education (not abstinence only BS) and easy/free access to contraception. "The State of Texas does not require any sex or HIV education to be taught in public schools, yet if a school chooses to teach these topics, it is required to emphasize abstinence until marriage1. There are no requirements about specific content, including medically accurate information about contraception."
  3. You lack critical thinking skills. When was the last time the flu killed over 100,000 Americans in 3 months? COVID-19 is a brand new virus that no one has immunity to, spreads easily, no vaccine, and has a mortality rate higher than the flu. You're right, the masks are not protecting us from the virus. But they help reduce the spread. It's more for the protection of others, rather than yourself. Do you care so little about your fellow Americans that you won't even be mildly inconvenienced to help protect others? What rights are you talking about? Where in the constitution does it say you have a right to be a disease vector in the middle of a deadly global pandemic? I bet you bitched an moaned about the economy reopening, and now that it's open you can't even wear a mask to help reduce the risk of it shutting down again. Do you have a right to walk around naked? Do you have a right to drive around without a seat belt? To have your child drive around without one? No? I thought so.
  4. How long were you there for? Honestly seems like an excuse they used to get rid of you. Whether they weren't happy with your performance or the clinic realized they don't need you right now with everything happening, I don't know. Did the patient get unnecessary radiation? Yes. Is it a huge deal in the grand scheme of things? No.
  5. What do you mean by lack of support? Is it lack of support/advice from your SP or lack of clinic support like no MA. If you can't ask your current SP for help, I have high doubts you would be able to at a new start-up that's RVU based. Don't forget, your RVU will only be as good as their marketing/business ability. Doesn't seem like a great time to go RVU based due to the pandemic.
  6. Ya if you can't find a job in the big city, it's worth the sacrifice for a couple of years. Who know, you may end up prefering a small town compared to a big city. I'm sure there are still single people and people to make friends with. Maybe you can join a kickball beer league or a painting class or something.
  7. How did they come up with 26 patients a day? How much are you actually collecting from those calls? Wouldn't it make more sense to cut costs by decreasing hours and then you wouldn't have to make those calls? How much money are they saving by getting rid of a microwave and water dispenser? That last one is the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
  8. Well this is great way to kill morale. They should cut the hours to save money, not destroy benefits and make you work more when there is less volume.
  9. Everyone in my class who already had kids, had a spouse at home. I really can't say if it will be doable, but just know it's a HUGE time commitment. It's not just going to school and coming back, you are spending most of your nights/weekends studying. At 12 your child will be pretty self sufficient, but it's tough to say how he'd feel if mom couldn't hang out with him anymore. Maybe after school programs and such will be helpful. Do you have any family support or close friends that can help out for a year or two?
  10. Had a 25% pay cut for almost 3 months. In the beginning it was fine, I was working a LOT less than before with 1-2 full days off a week. Then outpatient surgeries started back up, worked more. Then inpatient started, now working full time. Thankfully our pay returns to 100% next week!
  11. Sounds pretty bad to be honest. You'll be a cash cow for them. How about once you hit 300K in collections you just earn 1/3 of all collections and no salary? Maybe after a year.
  12. Tough situation, honestly. If they are doing telemed they are getting the same rate as regular visits though, and it sounds like they have minimal overhead with no support staff so I don't see why they should be struggling Too much. I'm sure there's less volume though. If you can get 40/hour I guess I would have to take it. It's easy to say don't do it but times are tough right now.
  13. Ya unfortunately you'll have to wait it out probably. Have you been receiving unemployment?
  14. That's a pretty bad offer. I started in ortho in LA over 4 years ago with 95K salary too, but with better benefits and a 10% collections bonus and less hours and no call or travel. You should really try to negotiate if you can. Salary - You should try to add a % of collections now rather than later. If you're not collecting much then you won't get anything, phrase it that way. Although I get 10% of all collections, you can say 20% of collections over 200K or something so he knows he won't have to pay extra until you're making him money. Benefits - What is the match? Working 50+ hours a week with only 2 weeks off is recipe for burnout, I get 3 weeks plus another week for CME. I'm a bit confused about the medical insurance. He pays 3,600 towards your HSA or your premium? Since HSA has a maximum 3,500 a year it sounds like premium. If so, your premium cost is going to be a lot, 300/month is not much. CME - Obviously not ideal. 2K and 3 days is pretty standard. License/DEA - This is unacceptable. Your employer should pay for the things that are required for you to do your work. You're an employee not a contractor. Problem is right now is not a great time economically. I'd say if you can get the bonus in there then go for it. If you can't, make sure to get fees paid for and maybe some more PTO.
  15. Kaiser has one payer and the PAs have excellent pay and benefits because they are unionized. Hoping to get in one day!
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