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  1. AbeTheBabe

    Delaying employment

    I'd definitely go straight to working and then have kids a little later. Which state will you be working in? My state (CA) has pretty good maternity leave benefits. If your state doesn't try to get hired somewhere with good benefits.
  2. Salary did come up for me during my phone (Skype) interview. HR lady asked what I was looking for. I said it depends on the whole compensation package including benefits but that if they think I'm the right person for the job I'm sure we can come to an agreement. She then said they don't negotiate and outlined their offer for new grads (which was a solid offer) and I took it. They hired two other new grads a couple months later and they got the same deal.
  3. Just standard interview questions and specifically why ortho and why that area. I did a Skype interview before I moved from my PA school state to my home school state, it was pretty informal. Glad I wore pants (seriously considered not wearing them) because I ended up having to stand up to get my phone as the sound wasn't working and we used the computer for video and the phone for sound haha.
  4. AbeTheBabe

    Any PAs in Ophthalmology?

    Ha, I know! Unfortunately I didn't go to school for 3 (4?) years to learn refraction so I'm SOL there. But as far as I know optometrist cant do intravitreous injections, botox injections, assist in surgery, etc. Maybe I'm wrong.
  5. I have a full time job (ortho) which I enjoy. I spoke today to a ophthalmology practice. They're looking to possibly hire a PA. Maybe I can do weekends in the beginning. Anyway, this would be their first PA (a couple of docs and 3-5 optometrists) and they were wondering how the PA would fit in. I know there isn't that many PAs in eye, but for those that are in it can you describe your job duties and responsibilities? Do you see patients in clinic? Assist in cataract/retina surgery? Do pre-op H&Ps? Do intravitreous injections? This particular practice also does botox, so I would probable be doing that too. Any help would be appreciated? I have 3 years experience as an MA for a retina practice before PA school so ophthalmology isn't foreign to me, but is a big shift compared to what I'm doing now.
  6. Bump. Interested about this. I have 1/3M coverage through my employer. Not enough?
  7. Just pay off the loans, at that interest rate is not worth investing. Make sure to get any employer match though.
  8. What's your interest rate? That's the key question here.
  9. Cringey joke, not really worthy of outrage tbh.
  10. AbeTheBabe

    Investment Allocation

    Hey griffiths, I have my private HSA through Optum which is pretty good and plays nice with a lot of insurance companies. Here is how to determine if you have a HDHP: https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/high-deductible-health-plan/
  11. AbeTheBabe

    Investment Allocation

    It's actually there on the bottom right. Also depends on your interest rate. With low rates (like mine at 4.25%) I'm just going to pay over 30 years and any extra cash can go towards trying to max out my 401K and eventually an IRA.
  12. AbeTheBabe

    Investment Allocation

    Can't tell based on that. What's your age? Do you have goals of buying a home? A car? How much do you have for retirement? How old are you? Etc.
  13. AbeTheBabe

    Deciding between two offers

    If you are a female, take the OB job. Not because I'm sexist and that job is less hours and you can spend more time with your family, but because if you are a male finding a PA job in OB is quite difficult. I know the peds ortho is your specialty, but that's gonna be a lot of hours for less pay, plus peds ortho is way more specialized compared to OBGYN.
  14. AbeTheBabe

    New Grad IR Offer

    Beware of what the recruiter says, is this their recruiter or an outside company? The outside recruiter doesn't get paid unless you take the job.

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