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  1. You might want to show it to a lawyer, I'm sure one can do it for a nominal amount just to make sure. To me it sounds like if you're still working you should get it even if you have put in notice.
  2. 25 days PTO and you work 3 days/week. That means you get 2 months off a year? Holy shit that's good.
  3. 2013-2015. $75k. Had enough saved to pay for it. Got some sweet, sweet credit card cash back. Wife was working, we were able to live on her salary.
  4. Keep applying for other position and interviewing elsewhere. If you get another job and they eventually call you, make sure to tell them why you will be declining their offer.
  5. Hey man, I don't really take call but I'm in a big ortho group in so cal as well. If it's not in your contract and your pay doesn't reflect it, I'd negotiate a call rate. What does your compensation look like? Edit: Nvm I saw your other post. Ya I get paid very similar with no call. I'd negotiate a rate.
  6. Do you want to work at a place that will rescind the offer because you dared to ask for more money? They will either say no or come up a little bit. Most likely they will meet you halfway. Just reply saying you are very impressed and are excited to work there, but you were expecting a higher salary. Mention data from the AAPA salary report if needed.
  7. You need to find a new job, simple as that. I got a job in ortho surg similair to what you are doing as a new grad. Doc wanted me to do everything as soon as I was comfortable and we have a very good relationship. I was closing and seeing patients on my own and doing joint injections (including ultrasound guided hip) by 3 months. Also, if other staff are being rude to you like techs, you need to stand up for yourself.
  8. It would have been better if we had a place to move to. Because we were working and had the wedding/honeymoon we couldn't go out and look at places and figured we'll find something when we get there. So we stayed in different hotels for 7-10 days in each hotel for the first month until we found a place. This was hard for her as she was still working, or was trying to. Luckily we found a place we loved in our budget in a nice area. Walking distance to almost everything so we just shared 1 car which I took to school since she worked from home anyway.
  9. My wife and I moved from west coast to east coast the day after we got back from our honeymoon. Both had never left our parents house. She was very hesitant about leaving (she cried when she found out lol). I was on the waiting list for a school about an hour away, but once we started the drive out east I called them and told them to take me off the list so I won't have to make a decision like yours. It was very hard for her the first 6 months, but in the end she ended up loving it out there and was so glad we got to live in our own and do our own thing away from family. Luckily, she is in HR and her company allowed her to work from home. Also, she did her Masters in HR online. I can't stress enough how important it was that she had something to do after work as I didn't have the time to hang out after class for more than an hour or so a night. Hopefully she can pick up a hobby or have something to do or make friends with the other wives from guys in your class.
  10. Wow, didn't know that, something to think about I guess. How long ago was this? The ortho PAs I've talked to who work at Kaiser seemed to enjoy it.
  11. Really? That's sad to hear. I've actually considered going over to Kaiser because I've heard they have good pay and great benefits. In what field and area of the country did you work in? I'm in ortho in Los Angeles.
  12. It happens, don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you will find something that you're happy with. I'm confident my ortho rotation gave me the edge I needed to get my job, so I'm sure it's tough without it. Good luck!
  13. They have specific job postings like ortho, urgent care, etc.
  14. When first starting out, sure. But once you're up to speed how much responsibility you have in the OR is really determined by your specific SP and their preference.
  15. Where are you located? Details of job? Hours/days?