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  1. Are you replacing a PA? What will your typical schedule look like as in how many patients will you see? If you bring in 500K (which is pretty easy to do in derm from what I understand) then you'll be making 150K. You can always try increasing the % to 33, or maybe 40-50 after 500K. Granted I don't know what's typical in derm, just a thought. The number is likely based on collections, not amount billed. That is pretty damn good for 32 hours / 4 days a week. If you wanted to supplement your income you can do part time somewhere else. Also, for CME make sure you get a specific dollar amount and if you get any additional days for CME. Typical CME is 2-3K and a week.
  2. Look up the legal definition of physician.
  3. Looks pretty good, but I'd aim for extra pay for call. Bonus is pretty slim too. I get 10-12% of collections in ortho surg depending on the amount of collections.
  4. No I did them all in Florida. Getting a rotation in Cali with no connections seemed like too much work to me at the time.
  5. Also, if you didn't know the schedule (say you have to take call, works some weekends/nights/holidays, etc.) then you can say the 100K figure was based on 40hours/week and since I will be working 50 on average I'd like 120K. Something like that.
  6. Depends on what your bonus is I guess. No CME I can halfway understand, but no licensing? I mean, you want to hire a PA but not pay for state license, DEA, NCCPA, and things that the PA needs to be able to function? At least that's a decent amount of PTO (comparable to 30 days of a 5day/week schedule). Any holidays? How much will medical actually cost you (do you have to add spouse or children)?
  7. I don't understand your incentive bonus. Is it a percentage of collections after a certain amount? If so, what is that percentage? Paid vacation is too low, especially since I don't see any sick days which should be a week and CME days another week.
  8. They can afford to pay you way more, obviously. I make more than you do and bring in half as much (post-ops and second assist a lot). If you've already discussed all that and they are not willing to budge much, I would start job hunting, only way to increase your salary.
  9. I get paid 10% of collections as a bonus every quarter, and that includes first assist fees. This is a large and well established practice. If it was illegal, trust me they would not be including it in my bonus every quarter, that's the perfect excuse.
  10. Florida is super saturated, I'd move to a different state or a more rural area of Florida.
  11. Make sure any call is paid, I wouldn't take that offer if it included call, even if it was just available by phone. Also, in a procedure heavy offer like this I would ask for 100K plus 10% of collections as productivity bonus. Also, make sure you're getting at least 3 weeks PTO.
  12. Ya if you're not getting a bonus based on productivity/collections, I'd aim for at least another 10-20K.
  13. Is there a productivity bonus? PTO? CME days? Retirement? Health insurance cost? Life/disability insurance? Malpractice insurance?
  14. Overall it's pretty bad but I went to school in South Florida and from my friends who I kept in contact with some did find good paying jobs. It's just hard to find. Plus cost of living is pretty moderate (relatively low housing costs and no state income tax) when you consider you're living in such a beautiful place. Plus he didn't say he was gonna move there, just that he was looking to shadow someone there.
  15. Try to go to Musculoskeletal Galaxy in June, pretty good for new grads or switching specialties to Ortho. I also recommend an ultrasound course with practice injections. Orthobullets is your best friend.
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