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  1. I'm confused, is a blood thinner not standard protocol after a knee replacement? Aspirin is standard for us after a hip replacement, doesn't matter if they are taking OCP or not. This honestly sounds like he is expecting too much from you as a new grad. You are a few weeks in, trying to learn a specialty, trying to learn his protocols, etc. Don't be so hard on yourself. Speak up if you have questions. Look things up on orthobullets. Watch physical exam and procedure videos on youtube. You got this!
  2. I would wait for the contract. See what the benefits are and what their offer is. Think of a number now that it would take to get you to leave (benefits being equal). If the number they say does not meet it, negotiate. Let them know that you just had your annual review bringing you up to 58/hour and that you would love to work for them but it would take 65/hour to get you to leave since you are happy in your current position.
  3. Next time he says that shout "No, I'm a professional you and you don't get to to talk to me like that" and leave. I doubt HR will fire you, since they'd be afraid of a harassment or wrongful termination lawsuit.
  4. 55/hour is basically the base pay they were offering, however now you will be responsible for your portion of the FICA taxes (7.5%) and don't get any benefits they would have been otherwise offering (like health insurance, retirement, etc.). On the flip side, you can deduct a lot of things as business expenses on your taxes (like a car lease). Sounds like they offered it to you this way so if they or you decide it's not the right fit, it's less of a hassle. Just be aware if they are setting your schedule and you have to go to work and do that job I don't think it's technically 1099.
  5. I'm a big fan of conferences because that's how I force myself to study now that I'm done with school. Musculoskeletal Galaxy is good for a new grad, hopefully the COVID situation is better by June. I believe it's in Portland in 2021. You can also find a musculoskeletal ultrasound course which I thought was helpful early on. I'm personally going to Ortho Summit in Vegas in December this year. The conference is being held, everyone there has to have a negative COVID test right before the conference, temperature checks every day, mask use, etc.
  6. Highly recommend having a contract lawyer review it, it's worth the money.
  7. Please make sure you have another job lined up or are in a place financially where you can go without a job for 6-12 months (especially right now) before you quit. What is the problem with the job that is taking such a toll on you?
  8. My understanding is that CA passed SB697 and the although it doesn't remove the need for a supervising physician, you can have a delegation agreement with the practice so that you don't need to have a separate agreement for each physician or surgeon you work with. There are other restrictions as well (like your SP name doesn't have to be on your RX). Here is the pamphlet given to us by CAPA regarding the changes. SB 697 Implementation Info.pdf
  9. I wouldn't worry about an appeal until you are actually dismissed. Work with administration to avoid this at all costs. They DO NOT want you to fail. If it's one course maybe you can retake, or pass a special test or something.
  10. I'd try to figure out what your hours are like at the private practice. How many are you expected to see in clinic? How long does it take to complete charting? How long are the OR days? For the hospital job, try to get retirement matching info. Find out your healthcare costs for both places (especially if you have a family, it can be very expensive). In the end, since it sounds like you don't want to stay in neurosurgery or neurology forever, I'd take the hospital job. Will allow you more flexibility. Will be easier to take a different job in the hospital. Plus that sweet, sweet 3x12 schedule. I'm assuming you will also get overtime.
  11. Oh ok that's not bad then. Look into their complete benefits package. Also, that RVU is attainable as long as you are consistently semi-busy.
  12. Sounds like it's a W2 job? How much PTO do you get? 401k matching? I'm really confused about the bonus. What is 105,000 RVUs? Why are you dividing it by 30? 3,500 wRVUs is something a PA can usually make in 6-12 months, not in a quarter.
  13. Awesome! Were the NPs dressed unprofessionally?
  14. Is this a brand new vaccine? I heard a couple of the vaccines being produced are just tweaked versions of current FDA approved ones.
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