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  1. I'm salary + bonus (collections percentage). We have fellows which means less work for me but also less money as I'm not first assist when they're there. Everything is very surgeon dependent, the surgeon I work with is fast and efficient and does a lot of stuff on his own.
  2. I work in Ortho outpatient clinic, pretty much 50/50 split between clinic and OR. Usually work from 7-3:30, although sometimes I'm out at 5 and sometimes at 2. No call/weekends/nights/holidays. Works for me, I like doing things outside of work like spending time with family.
  3. I've heard NYC pays really low, especially the hospitals. However, that is a LOT of PTO/sick/holidays which can make up for the low pay. If you're working only 10 months/year then the salary doesn't seem that low.
  4. I went to one while I was a student, wasn't worth it. Just apply online using the states PA website, hospital websites, and linkedin/monster/indeed/craigslist.
  5. Nice! Glad you were able to work it out. Good luck!
  6. I'm confused, what changed except the CME? Did you update the original post?
  7. It's definitely different in my practice. The surgeon and I share the MA and practice coordinator. I see many post-ops which bring in no money to the practice but clear up surgeon schedule to do surgeries, see patients, etc.
  8. Self explanatory title.
  9. Apply to jobs, I got my first job out of school in Ortho focused on sports and totals. Only experience was my elective ortho rotation.
  10. Where are you located? That's a crap salary for such long hours. I just started my second year as a PA (started in Ortho) and I'm making 105K salary + 10% of collections (so more like 125K total) + 16 days PTO + $2K/5daysCME and I only work about 45 hours a week. Granted I'm in a HCOL area, but still.
  11. I would try to get that down to 200K at least, if you're hitting that they are making their money back on you and you should at the minimum get a bonus after that.
  12. As long as you're not limited to post-ops it's doable if your clinic is busy and you're doing injections. My friend is busy clinic and gets 400-500K in collections so he gets like 50K a year in bonus (12% of total). I don't see as many patients, see a lot of post-ops, plus we have a fellow so when I assist in surgery I usually don't get first assist fees. I probably barely get 200K in collections. But I work easily 5-10 hours a week less than him. All depends on your practice. It's pretty shitty that you get nothing for the first 300K though.
  13. Might help get you the job but I don't know that it would command a higher salary.
  14. Really depends on the practice. I am in ortho outpatient. I get a base salary and bonus of 10% of collections. Since I see a lot of post-ops and am not always first assist, my yearly bonus is only 15-20K. I know another PA who is really busy and works a bunch but makes 50K bonus. However, I leave when I'm done and leave early if I need to. I usually work 40-45 hours a week, and I don't do weekend/call/holidays.
  15. "It depends on the entire compensation package, including any bonuses, benefits, and hours I would be working. If you believe I'm the right person for the job, I'm sure we can come to an agreement. Did you have a pay range in mind?"