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  1. Hey everyone, Just had an interview with an outpatient opioid treatment program, essentially a methadone/buprenorphine clinic. It sounds interesting and I eventually likely want to get a different more general psyc position, but this would be a part time position starting out as a new grad that I'd add to another much less specialized part time job (e.g. urgent care, family med). Does anyone have experience working in this setting? Curious to hear your experiences and thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm interested in hearing anyone's experience doing residential visits, particularly with geriatric patients. If you have experience in this setting, what do you think of the job for a new grad? Any specific things to consider going into an interview? Thanks for your input!
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies! You all brought up great points. Going to start being more transparent about the pregnancy in future talks with recruiters and relax a bit about finding a job as soon as possible. It'll all work out, I'm sure.
  4. Hello, all! I'm graduating in a few weeks (Dec 15) and am very actively looking for my first job as a PA. I also happen to be due to have a baby in late January. Because of this, I'm looking for a job to start in April/May. I had been advised by preceptors/advisers to not mention the pregnancy/baby during interviews until employment is secured. Have had a bunch of phone interviews and today was the first one in which the recruiter basically asked me what I plan on doing from December until April. She gave me a few options ("traveling? taking much-needed time off? volunteering? working somewhere else?") and at first I said taking some time off, but later in the conversation she asked again in a different way about a timeline and I was honest and told her I'm expecting my first child in late January. This admission didn't seem to hurt the conversation, as she seemed excited and mentioned applicable benefits. My question for you all: Was this the right way to handle this situation? Should I be honest about the pregnancy in future interviews, if it comes up? I've felt during other interviews that recruiters wanted to know what I'm doing during this apparent time-off until my April start date, but haven't asked outright. So it seemed like a good idea to give a reason, rather than have it seem I'm just chilling around for 4 months. Plus, once I get an in-person interview I won't be able to hide the pregnancy. Also, I really would like to secure a job before Jan 15th or so, and I feel like being honest about the pregnancy might help speed the job placement process up? I know the large health care systems can be slow with hiring, but if they know my situation they'll work with me on a timeline maybe? Not sure if any of that made sense, but you can probably tell I'm getting a bit anxious about getting everything figured out before baby comes! Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated, thanks! Sorry if this topic is already on here somewhere, but I didn't see it recently.
  5. I was 5th, so I thought my chances were pretty slim with such a small class. Actually was sitting in the dentist's chair when I got the call! Good luck to you!
  6. I just got accepted off the waitlist! So excited!
  7. Mine was sent for review on September 1st. I was called last week for an interview this Wednesday because someone cancelled and I'm local. Very grateful and excited for the opportunity!
  8. Congrats, that's awesome! I'm hoping to get that call, too
  9. Just got a call for an interview on October 5th! Looking forward to meeting some of you next week!
  10. So the supplemental app is up now. It looks like we need to send transcripts and GRE scores directly to the grad school, too? Or am I confused?
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