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  1. I disagree with the above poster. Having low PCE is usually compensated for with high GPA, which you have. Volunteering is nice but isn't making or breaking any applications. I would apply broadly though; GW usually has a pretty high average PCE hours for matriculating students (like 4k+).
  2. Not sure what happened here but just chiming in that the derm offer is awful. The stipend will barely cover your DEA, state, and NCCPA fees each year. Certainly nothing substantial for CME. 2 weeks time off isn't great. Derm is probably the ONE field I would consider taking a 'training' salary to get your foot in the door, but even that is insulting here. Rooming and turning over your own rooms? No wonder you get 30 min per visit. The UC offer is actually decent- just sounds like you don't want to do shift work. Frankly if you don't want the UC job, I'd just keep looking. It's no wonder half of the derm PAs are leaving; I anticipate a high turnover rate there.
  3. There's also nothing wrong with a resume that is more than 1 page. As long as it's not rambling, people with long careers often aren't able to cram it all into a single page that is readable in any manner.
  4. You can reapply, certainly nothing is stopping you. However the likelihood that you would have any interview invites or even acceptances BEFORE your other program start date is negligible. Ultimately you have to decide if you want to go to the program in CA or reapply and try for a different school and give up the other acceptance. I think no matter the timing this will be the decision you are making - that is to say, I don't think timing will work that you have 2+ acceptance in hand to choose from.
  5. Outpatient specialty here. Have to stay open but visits are significantly cut back and all it's doing is highlighting how poorly they utilize APPs in our system (fewer pt visits means docs can take care of all of them...and they want the RVUs). I don't realistically think they'll fire/layoff anyone but who knows. Taking this time to brush up my resume and get more serious about the job search.
  6. I don't have the debt so I have the guts to set boundaries and walk away...but I want to walk away to something better so it's not a fast process.
  7. First few years. Maybe it's because I'm in it. But the first time you realize you have to justify why you are beneficial to the team and aren't here for scut work...it's hard. Still fighting with docs and a system that don't use me optimally or respect that I have any autonomy and feeling like the best option is leaving even if there are other good aspects.... It's one thing to be a pre-PA or on this forum hearing that these things happen, it's a completely different thing to LIVE it and it's disheartening.
  8. As above, wait til next year. Usually folks who apply with low PCE have stellar grades or something else to compensate; I don't see that here. Lack of PA shadowing is a non-issue in my opinion.
  9. All I will say is don't ignore the cost. Tuition is comparable however cost of living is vastly different among the two (Duke/GW). You'll get a great education at either. At the end of the day, only you can decide which one you 'fit' at better.
  10. Wow. That seems like a long delay...however I think this all hinges on the clinical year students. From my experience, our school wouldn't have had enough clinical rotation openings to keep the didactic year kids on track to start and play catch up with the clinical year students. I imagine this will be going on a lot of places. Keep working, save money. Starting late sounds better than being interrupted mid-program.
  11. There are several good instagram accounts giving glimpses into the front lines of everything that's happening. In true IG format as opposed to blog type thoughts.
  12. With limited PCE planned, you'd be wise to take the GRE so as not to further limit your pool of realistic schools. Even if the GRE is lacking, it is still currently a requirement for a large number of schools.
  13. If they don't have a 'good grasp of you' then you should probably find other references that can provide more thorough letters on your behalf. If all this PA knows about you is your CV and personal statement she won't really be ADDING to your application by providing reviewers any new information.
  14. This is essentially what my system is doing. Only urgent ambulatory visits (chemo must go on....) but clinics are sparse. It's not perfect and we're learning as we go but they are at least taking this seriously. Seems like chaos from the inside but compared to these other stories...I feel like I should be bragging.
  15. Frankly I'd wait. Hospitals/healthcare have bigger things to deal with right now than hiring for someone who can't reasonably start until the fall - assuming you graduate on time. Your app will probably just get lost in the shuffle.
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