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  1. With the programs being online, it seems easy to scale up to however many students apply. As long as you have a graduate degree, have passed the PANCE, are licensed in at least one state, and don't have any misconduct history attached to that license you should be okay.
  2. I have nurses who say that getting vaccinated in a "personal choice" and that since they aren't criticizing my choice to get vaccinated then I shouldn't be able to criticize their choice to not get vaccinated. I tell them that it is a personal choice as much as driving drunk is a personal choice. Since the drunk driver isn't telling me that I can't drive sober, does that mean that I can't tell the drunk driver not to drive drunk? They don't get it. Worse, they engage patients in conversations about the vaccine and the patients figure that if an LPN didn't get her vaccine then they shouldn't have to either. The physician I work with keeps telling the patients to get vaccinated, in spite of not getting vaccinated himself. Patients will tell me about something that they saw on YouTube that made them not want to get the vaccine. I ask about the credentials of the person on YouTube and they don't know. I ask them why they would believe some stranger on YouTube rather than believing science and believing the word of their medical provider, who they know has extensive medical training and has repeatedly demonstrated concern and care for them. They don't get it.
  3. When medical staff treat car accident victims, performing the care in no way puts any of the medical staff at any higher risk of getting into car accidents themselves. Treating COVID patients puts healthcare workers at risk of getting COVID. Even if we are vaccinated, we could get a breakthrough infection. How is this difference not obvious to everyone?
  4. I am a PA looking for students interested in shadowing in addiction treatment in northeastern MD/northern DE/southeastern PA.
  5. I can't imagine that it is recommended that a mother with COVID have a baby be inches from her face several times per day while breastfeeding. If I were lactating, I would take my chances with the vaccine long before I would put a baby at risk of contracting COVID.
  6. The data shows that there may be some antibody transmission to the child, which would be a good thing. Lactation is not a good excuse to not get vaccinated.
  7. The majority of my patients are refusing to get the vaccine. I find it baffling when they says thing like "it hasn't been tested enough." Really? 164 million fully vaccinated people just in the US isn't enough for you? My patients are all coming to me for their opiate addiction, so I'm thinking things like "so how many clinical trials do you think your dealer did before selling you that fentanyl laced with animal tranquilizers?" But they keep injecting who knows what into their veins while refusing the vaccine because the vaccine is "too dangerous." My supervising physician refuses to get vaccinated because God told him not to, as a test of his faith. Any deity that requires one to prove one's willingness to kill people by spreading a deadly disease is not a deity I want to follow.
  8. There are no right or wrong paths. You have to do what is best for you. You may want to ask for a medical leave of absence to give you time to rest and reassess. Also remember the importance of sleep and eating right. Extra hours spent studying won't benefit you when you are exhausted. Talk to your school's counseling services about what you are facing. I thought about leaving PA school pretty much every second of every day. I would tell myself that I would just make the commitment to go to school today and if I couldn't do tomorrow I could quit then. I am still trying to get over how much I hated PA school, but I am very happy with my life since I graduated. Being a PA has been great, and it wouldn't have been possible without going through school.
  9. I admire your dedication to showing up for your patients, but if you are going to be able to continue providing excellent patient care you need to take time to take care of yourself.
  10. I was reviewing hospital records for one of my patients. The transcription said that the patient had been using "hero wine." I see those transcription oddities a lot, even on common words.
  11. I put all of that information onto the NCCPA site immediately after I do the CME. Isn't that what everyone does?
  12. It may turn out that you have to be at your job for a while before you qualify for the 401K. If that is the case, it makes sense to use the extra money to pay down your loans until you are eligible to sign up for the company's retirement plan. Even then, it can make sense to put money into an IRA or Roth IRA. I would max out on any tax advantaged accounts before I would put a lot extra into paying off students loans, but that's me. If you live a frugal lifestyle, you may find yourself being able to put the maximum into the retirement accounts and still pay down the loans.
  13. My local community college is offering MA training for free (state grant.) I thought about trying to push my offspring to do this, but then decided not to when I realized that she could make at least as much money working retail or at the local Amazon warehouse. The only reason I can see to be an MA is to use that for healthcare hours to get into a higher up healthcare program. Where I work, it is terribly difficult to keep front desk staff or counselors. They can easily get jobs at similar pay without having to have patients yell at them all day.
  14. I saved as much as I could before PA school by living a really frugal lifestyle. I lived as simply and frugally as I possibly could during PA school. I put every single spare cent to student loan repayment once I started working. I paid off my loans 16 months after graduating. Being in debt for decades doesn't have to happen.
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