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Letter of Recommendation requirements

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Hi guys,


I am sending out some more applications and for one of the programs, the three letters of rec are from a PA, MD/NP, and professor. I have both the PA and professor letters but not one from an MD. I feel like I know the answer to this question, but it is worth to ask anyway, will my application be automatically rejected if my 3rd letter is from an employer or volunteer coordinator instead of an MD?




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Here’s the deal: some schools require a letter from a PA and some don’t.


That said, try to get letters from people who know you well enough to write something other than a vanilla letter that just as easily could have been written about almost anyone else.


Best letter I ever read was from an applicant’s varsity soccer coach.


In my case, I used a letter from the chief of my EMS unit, a professor, and a dear old friend who happened to be a senior executive where I used to work in a non-medical job. Together they covered my patient care skills and style; my ability to do graduate work; and my general approach to life, other people, and integrity. People like that can say things about you that you can’t say for yourself.



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Email the program.  I was several years out of school and the few pre-reqs I took were large lecture courses so I wasn't going to have a professor reference.  I inquired about it explaining that I had several other supervisors who knew me better than any professor I could find who would even know my name and the school was firm that a professor LOR was required.  Their loss.  Holding to strict rules for rules sake is their prerogative but at least I didn't waste the money to apply to their program on the chance they would overlook that requirement.

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