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  1. Hi all. I have a LOR question that might have been asked/answered before but still would love some clarification. I have 2/4 LOR submitted and I know if I submit my application now, CASPA will verify it since I have all my transcripts sent and received by CASPA. My question is: Will schools that require 3 LORs see my application after the verification and before at least 3 LORs are submitted? Will they only review my application until I have all 3 LORs submitted or will my application automatically be rejected because I have 1 LOR missing? TIA!
  2. Laybunny

    LOR question

    Hello all, I had a quick question regarding who I should ask LORs from. I have one from a science prof, and one from a PA I shadowed. My last one was going to be from a pharmacist that I did a year long internship under, and that I've known for about three years now. However, I have also been working as a CNA for about 6 months, and there are a few LVNs I could possibly ask, or even an RN (though I spend way more time with the LVNs, and they'd probably write me a better letter) Is it fine to stick to my gut and use the letter from the pharmacist, or would schools prefer to see a
  3. I wanted to know if anyone could add any input on this; I had requested a PA for a letter of evaluation. He was happy to agree to give one. I also had sent him a copy of my resume just because I thought that was the appropriate thing to do. last week at work him had mentioned two things... he had brought it up to me that I didn't have my GPA posted on my resume and asked if if I was planning to put it on my resume. he also started asking me things like "do you want me to just not address GPA at all then?". So, for the copy of the resume I had sent to her, I didn't put my GPA in bec
  4. Finntastic

    LOR for CASPA

    So I'm trying to figure out who I should ask for letters of recommendation for this upcoming application cycle. I know that I could get very solid ones from three people I work under, but they would all be from the same place. I'm wondering if it would be better to ask at least one person away from work for variety, but also in risk of getting a less robust letter...
  5. Hi guys! This might have been answered previously but if i submit my CASPA to get verified when I still have my third and last LOR pending, will the schools still get to see that LOR?
  6. Hello there, I am a non-traditional student aspiring to get into the SMU PA program. I'm currently an EMT in Oakland and taking my prereqs at CSUEB. I have a little over 1,000 hours HCE. My GPA is not stellar however the latest 60 units of hardcore science curriculum I have maintained a 3.7 GPA in my Microbiology/ Biomedical Laboratory Science major. I am reaching out to the people who have already gotten accepted to please chime in and tell us some of your achievements leading up to your acceptance into the program. Any help would be truly extraordinary in helping me to hone in on what
  7. Hi guys, I am sending out some more applications and for one of the programs, the three letters of rec are from a PA, MD/NP, and professor. I have both the PA and professor letters but not one from an MD. I feel like I know the answer to this question, but it is worth to ask anyway, will my application be automatically rejected if my 3rd letter is from an employer or volunteer coordinator instead of an MD? Thanks!
  8. If you have 3 people send letters of rec to CASPA but a school only requires 2; does CASPA randomly choose 2 out of your 3 to send to that school that only requires 2? That would sort of be unfair if you had 2 PAs and 1 professor send in LORs, and lets say the school requires: 1 from a professor and 1 from a PA... what if CASPA randomly chooses the 2 from the PAs. Then it looks like you never got one from a professor? Am I missing something here?
  9. I am trying to decide who I should ask for a third letter of recommendation for my PA school application. Right now I have one professor who knows me well and who is also the head of the Bio and Chemistry department, as well as a PA who I have shadowed. As for my third, I have quite a few different options but not sure which would be best to choose. From what I have read on this forum it seems that having a LOR from someone who has worked with you in a clinical setting is a pretty important thing to have. The problem is, I haven't worked at one place long enough to really get a solid letter (I
  10. so, I graduated in 2015. My premed advisor was a professor for a lot of my upper level bio classes. Unfortunately, I went through a crisis & depression during my GAP year & applied to pharmacy school ( he wrote me a LOR). I got in & realized that I had let my circumstances take control of me instead of vice versa. I declined the acceptance into pharmacy school. 2016 I applied to DO schools ( He wrote me a LOR AGAIN) while my sister had a medical emergency, I spent majority of the time taking her from one dr to the next. I was waitlist & rejected to the few DO schools I applied
  11. so, I graduated in 2015. My premed advisor was a professor for a lot of my upper level bio classes. Unfortunately, I went through a crisis & depression during my GAP year & applied to pharmacy school ( he wrote me a LOR). I got in & realized that I had let my circumstances take control of me instead of vice versa. I declined the acceptance into pharmacy school. 2016 I applied to DO schools ( He wrote me a LOR AGAIN) while my sister had a medical emergency, I spent majority of the time taking her from one dr to the next. I was waitlist & rejected to the few DO schools I applied
  12. Would it be okay have a PA who knows my character, my academic ability, and my work ethic very well but OUTSIDE of a clinical setting (didn't shadow her, didn't work with her in HC setting) write me a letter of rec? She is a mentor and I've known her for 4+ years but I've been unable to shadow her due to timing/distance/other factors. She could write me a killer LOR but I fear that it might not be "good enough" for my schools since she hasn't officially seen me work in a clinical setting. When I told her long ago that I am applying to PA school, she said she would be happy to write me a letter
  13. Hello! I have posted here occasionally for advice about who to approach for LoRs (I didn't feel that my shadowing MDs,PAs knew me well enough to write a quality letter). I thought I would run through my current choices and hopefully get some peace of mind from you folks! Here are my current 3 LoR choices (I am aware that some schools require letters from an MD/PA but I believe I can work around that.) 1. Academic letter written by my Anatomy series professor. I got a 4.0 in this class and I know I'll get a solid letter here so no worries. 2. Letter from my upper level manager in the radi
  14. Hi all, As a sole practitioner for the past 20 years, I have not had any recent supervisors or school experience to look to for a LOR. I have a solid reference from a PA who is a department head at a major hospital. I have several current and past patients who have work in a professional capacity (medical doctors, lawyers, nurse practitioners, etc). I also have a long time family friend who is a priest who works for the local diocese. The PA school I am looking to apply requires 3 letters of reference and only one needs to be from a PA. I am looking for someone who knows me in a professional
  15. Hey all! Im again looking at reapplying for the 2017-2018 cycle. I was wondering what the thoughts are on reusing letters of reference for an application. Between my first application and second I made sure to upgrade my letters of reference. This past cycle I had two PAs I worked with and my anatomy professor write my LORs. Im not sure I can improve them by much. Is it appropriate to ask for the same letters again, or do I see 3 new letters/letter writers? Thanks for the input!
  16. Hey everyone! I am a little bit confused. Are evaluation form and letter of recommendation from physician assistant whom I shadowed the same thing? In the other words if my PA completed the evaluation form in CASPA and also completed and signed the PA shadowing form for Supplemental Application, should she need to write a letter of recommendation for me as well? I am applying in TOURO. I would really appreciate if someone can answer my question. Thank you!!!!
  17. Hi guys, I submitted and verified my CASPA application in early July and I also had 3 LOR so my application was complete. During this time, I was just starting to work with a new physician. Now it is October and I have been getting to know him very well and I believe he can write an outstanding LOR for me. I do believe that it would be beneficial for me to have a LOR from him. Will it be ok to add a LOR from him after my CASPA submission? Thanks!
  18. Internal Medicine / Geriatric care clinic will be hiring a medical assistant to start the first week of November 2017. The office employs two physicians and one physician assistant. This is a great opportunity for pre-PA students to earn quality patient contact hours in order to bolster their applications for physician assistant programs. Additionally, the office is a rotation site for the local PA program. This provides an opportunity for interaction with current PA students during their rotations. Must have medical assistant certification or a Bachelor's degree in a science or medically
  19. I have a huge dilemma....I am really worried about my application because I have a poorly written and obviously not thought out recommendation letter. I had asked my boss for a recommendation letter almost a month before the due date. I asked her because I trusted her. I saw her as a reliable person who knows my work ethic well and who also supported by endeavors. She willingly agreed to it, but I found her scrambling to write it the day before my designated due date. She took less than 30 minutes to write it while I was having a panic attack. On top of that, she spelled physician assistant a
  20. jordanvilla

    LOR Advice

    Hello All, Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I had a quick inquiry for everyone. For my LOR's I am getting one from a PA I've been shadowing and one from a MD I've been scribing for. However, I feel a little challenged with my 3rd LOR. I work with a Nurse Practioner very closely at one of my jobs and was wondering how a LOR would look coming from a NP? Would that be contradictory or a nice variety of health care providers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jordan
  21. Hello everyone! I am asking for a bit of advice as to who I should be asking for LOR's from. Please let me know what sources you think would be best/what seems to be most desirable for schools! Aside from that, I have a bit of a problem. I completed my PCH at a nursing home and my supervisor has since left (and is not able to be contacted). I was planning to get a LOR written by her, so now I am not sure what to do. I am planning to get one written by a current PA and another by my lab supervisor (she is a faculty member at my university and I have worked under her 6 hours a week for
  22. Hello all, I'm planning to apply for 2016-2017 cycle. Just wondering: 1) Is there a way for me to calculate my CASPA GPA ahead of time before registering/using the CASPA website? I've seen the CASPA GPA site calculation and it is a bit confusing to me. Does anyone know a simpler explanation of how I can calculate? I have a bit of a low GPA and just want to be sure I am hitting the program minimums. I have a 4 yr university bachelors GPA, and have taken/retaken some prerequisites at a city college. How would I calculate my GPA including the grades from both of these colleges to get
  23. I work as a patient care technician in a hospital and am getting prepared to ask people to write me letters of recommendation. I have two options for letters from clinical supervisors (which is a requirement from a lot of the schools I'm considering): my head charge nurse or the department nurse manager. I am confident that both would speak highly of me, but am unsure of whether a letter of recommendation from someone with a higher job title would look better or not. I work more frequently with the head charge nurse and him and I share a lot of the same hobbies. However, I do not question that
  24. I'm a recent grad and am looking for my first job. One place called and asked me if I had my letters of recommendations ready. She said "Just for future, you should have these on hand." This caught me off guard. Should I have these done before even applying for any jobs? Should the letters of recommendation be generalized or specific to the job I am applying for? Does this mean I have to ask my references for new letters of recommendations for every job I apply for? Any input is appreciated! Thank you!
  25. So this morning I bumped into my nurse manager that wrote one my letters of recommendation this cycle and she ended up printing out for me the detailed letter of recommendation she submitted on my behalf. I was awed by how vast and detailed the letter she wrote was but I was also left surprised at the many and I mean MANY "physician's assistant" (in lower case letters) there were throughout the entire recommendation. I was at a complete loss for words after reading. I mean she works along side so many on our floor I didn't think this was possible. The last sentence ended with: I implore
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