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LOR question

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Hello all, I had a quick question regarding who I should ask LORs from.

I have one from a science prof, and one from a PA I shadowed. My last one was going to be from a pharmacist that I did a year long internship under, and that I've known for about three years now.

However, I have also been working as a CNA for about 6 months, and there are a few LVNs I could possibly ask, or even an RN (though I spend way more time with the LVNs, and they'd probably write me a better letter)

Is it fine to stick to my gut and use the letter from the pharmacist, or would schools prefer to see a letter from someone in nursing? A lot recommend from "someone in the medical field" but I didnt know if the title mattered so much in that (PharmD vs. LVN) and I also wasnt sure if theyd prefer a paid experience or if an internship experience was okay.

As a side note, the pharmacist is also an assistant professor at one of the schools I will be applying to. So that may make a difference as well.

Thanks for your help!! 🙂

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6 hours ago, Janie55 said:

In choosing who to ask,  just make sure they know you and can write you a good recommendation. If you think they all fit that criteria, then ask them all. I had 5 letters I submitted: 2 medical (MD/PA), 1 Prof, 1 from boss at work, 1 Volunteer coordinator.

Thanks Janie! 

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