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  1. Has anyone applied with courses in progress? I found out late that the ochem class I took didn’t satisfy the prerequisites, and I’m taking a different one now. Not sure if that will impact interview chances.
  2. Same. I just sent them an email, so I’ll let you know if I hear anything
  3. Also got my review email July 25th. I wonder if that’s how they’re splitting up interview candidates?
  4. For those who have interviewed, how did you get around? I’m debating if I should rent a car or if I can just Uber between the hotel and midwestern.
  5. No email confirmation for me either. Someone did answer one of my questions about a pre-req by email though, so I'm sure they'll give you an update if you ask.
  6. It was an intro course, so yes.
  7. I know this is mainly a "contact the school" issue, but I'm wondering is anyone has ever had a problem with programs accepting a combined organic chem and biochem course? I just found out one of them won't allow it after I applied
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows how long (in general) it takes for a mailed transcript to be sent to and processed by CASPA? I submitted an order through parchment last Friday. The status reads "Delivered", but I've yet to see anything in CASPA.
  9. I have a class that doesn't end until June 23rd. As such I might not have transcripts verified by July 15th. According to the website I can still submit as long as CASPA has the transcript though, right? "An application and materials must have a ”complete” (all materials received and pending verification) or ”verified” application status by the deadline."
  10. Finntastic

    LOR for CASPA

    Yes, I have checked each of the schools. Getting all my LORs from my current place of work would satisfy these requirements. I am simply trying to determine whether having all these letters from the same place would look bad.
  11. Finntastic

    LOR for CASPA

    So I'm trying to figure out who I should ask for letters of recommendation for this upcoming application cycle. I know that I could get very solid ones from three people I work under, but they would all be from the same place. I'm wondering if it would be better to ask at least one person away from work for variety, but also in risk of getting a less robust letter...
  12. Hi everyone! I'm graduating from UCSD this year and am planning on applying to a few schools across the West Coast this cycle. Super nervous about getting LORs as well (I've been mainly focused on pre-reqs and healthcare experience instead of shadowing). Not to mention that my healthcare experience is as a clinical research assistant, which a lot of programs accept, but not as a first choice. Here's a link I found that shows what LOR writers see: https://www.mypatraining.com/pa-school-reference-letter-writers-see/ Good luck!
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