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  1. Don’t worry, they don’t need the scores first for you to apply. They’ll just need them for the application to be complete.
  2. Oh my gosh! I just got off the waitlist yesterday super excited to be part of this class. Is there an accepted Facebook group?
  3. Thanks for starting the thread! Good luck to you all
  4. Let's get going on this new cycle. Good luck to everyone!
  5. I’ve taken several courses with UCSD extension, and so far I’ve had no issue with them being accepted. Biochemistry wasn’t too bad, and I have no idea what their genetics class is like.
  6. UCSD extension had a good one. It is a bit expensive though.
  7. I’ve gotten interviews from working as a clinical research assistant, so CRC should be good. Once again, depends on the specific school though.
  8. Sounds right Per the email I got: "It is possible that the class may be filled prior to the completion of the interview cycle. In that event, candidates with a confirmed interview date will automatically be considered for wait list." So it seems like they could fill the class soon, but that it hasn't filled yet.
  9. This is fine, as they cannot see it. However, you should edit and update it if there are any parts that can be strengthened / bettered.
  10. Struggling in some subjects is natural. That doesn’t mean that you cannot be an amazing PA if that is something you’re passionate about. Try to join a study group, get help outside class, and learn new study habits. You’ve got this
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