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  1. In regards to sketchy pharm, how can I start the free trial on there? I would just like to try it out before paying for it... I do see "start your free trial" on their website but every time I click it, it brings me to the checkout screen with no other choice but to pay for the whole subscription. I emailed their company but just curious if any of you have any experience with that.
  2. Hello everyone! I also received a call of acceptance yesterday at around 1pm from my interviewer. I interviewed Friday 1/5. I’m so excited to start this program in August!! My interviewer said we should be expecting something in the email and mail this week or next week
  3. What day are you guys interviewing? And about this optional tour.... I definitely want to see the campus but I will obviously have on my interview attire and shoes that aren't really suitable for snow haha. Did people bring snow boots with them last year or something? (I thought I read that in a previous years thread but I may be dreaming that lol).
  4. I was also told that, but not in phone call, I was sent an e-mail with the same information. Were you offered a date/time to interview?
  5. I also received an interview on Friday! Weird because the e-mail went into my "promotions" folder on gmail, glad I checked that one and saw it! Everyone check all your inboxes because sometimes these emails don't go directly into your official inbox. So excited to see the school and meet everyone! :)
  6. Good luck to those in future interviews it seems like a great program! And to those that that were at the 10/16 interview, have any of you heard back yet? I have not yet, and my portal still says my app is under review, anyone in a similar situation?
  7. The “portal” looks like it’s just an application system through MCPHS, saying the campus you applied to and the status of your application. I was sent an email a couple days ago to create a password for it. The email wasn’t in my regular email box it was either in “promotional” or spam, I’m not sure but it wasn’t in my inbox. I was also at the 10/16 interview but I have not heard of an admission decision yet. Keeping my fingers crossed! Anyone else there heard back yet?
  8. Also congrats to those that received invites! It seems like an AMAZING school
  9. I wonder if they're the type to give feedback?
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