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  1. Honestly, you might have not even done as badly as you think. I actually had an interview I was late to - I am talking like, 15-20 minutes late. They had to send me an email asking if I was coming, and I quickly got prepped and jumped into the zoom interview. I was honest with them and told them I spaced because I was going by the time in my home state and not the time in that state. I figured I had bombed it for being so late, so I didn't try super hard during the interview and just kind of simply answered the questions. That program was one of the few that accepted me, whereas a bunch of pro
  2. I do definitely think taking some time to work on your application may be the best move. Usually people with low GPAs make up for it with high PCE, or vise versa. For example, I had about a 3.8 cGPA and a 3.89 sGPA but only about 1100 hours of PCE. I got accepted into a few schools but also rejected from several.
  3. The best thing is do when unsure is to email programs you are interested in with a job description and title and see what they say. I got a lot of helpful information doing this. Generally though, CNA is almost universally considered PCE. Physical therapy aide is also oftentimes considered PCE, but not always, and may be considered less quality than CNA or other types. But there are students who have gotten in with only or mostly physical therapy aide experience, so at the end of the day, it is very program-specific and speaking to the programs directly is your best bet. Personally, I did C
  4. Hardin-Simmons university in Texas doesn't have course expiration dates: Master of Physician Assistant | Hardin-Simmons University (hsutx.edu) "If I took a prerequisite course 5, 10, even 35 years ago, will you still accept that? Yes. We do not impose an expiration date on coursework, prerequisite or otherwise; however, more recent Science academic work is encouraged." I can't think of any others that come to mind though. Unfortunately, it may just need to be a hurdle you have to cross. It is unfortunate to need to pay out-of-pocket for courses, but think of it this way: you'll get
  5. You are definitely on the right track and you seem to know what is important for your app. When it comes to volunteering, I know it is hard right now to get responses from anyone. Covid-19 will definitely slow your progress in multiple areas, unfortunately. But remember that volunteering can be anything and you definitely do not need to limit yourself to healthcare related volunteering. I actually bonded with an interviewer over my love of animals and me having done about 4750 hours volunteering with animal rescues. My recommendation is to just do what you can currently. You are young and
  6. I think COVID-19 complicates this further, because lots of schools are online only and I am not sure how good online classes are for you. Additionally, I would say that some heavy science and math courses are extremely hard to do online. Anatomy is one that comes to mind. It really helped me to be there in person to observe 3D models. So I would question what classes you would like to retake and if any campuses nearby are offering classes that work for your learning needs. If you are able to find classes that work for you, then personally, I would recommend doing one at a time. Take a ful
  7. I recommend emailing the school and seeing if they offer any suggestions for improvement. They don't always do that, but it is worth a try. Otherwise, you can describe your app and post your stats and others may be able to offer you suggestions. It is totally okay to copy stuff from your current application - in fact, you can opt to have most of it transfer over on caspa to save you the time and hassle of typing it all up again. Some things do not transfer however, such as your LORs and your personal statement. You will need to ask your letter writers to resubmit the letters, or ask for n
  8. I just got waitlisted for an interview too. I never heard of getting waitlisted for an interview slot.
  9. I also got a rejection email. Feeling a little bit bummed, but still happy I got accepted into a different and very good program. Best of luck to those who are still waiting or interviewing. You got this!
  10. Thank you for sharing this. I interviewed on October 8 and I know I'm being a little impatient but the wait is so hard
  11. In my opinion, you already have a respectable amount of PCE and you still have a good chunk of time until the next cycle opens. I would definitely prioritize your sanity and quit. Since you have only been working there 6 weeks, you probably don't want to include this experience on a job resume, but I do not see why you can't include it on CASPA. On CASPA, you fill out your start and end date, your average hours worked per week x how many weeks you were there, and your job responsibilities. They do not ask about why you left or anything like that, and I never got that sort of question in interv
  12. I also got a rejection email without interview. Good luck to everyone else!
  13. Behavioral therapist doesn't require any certs. Sometimes they like to see a Psych degree / experience but that's not usually required. And it pays decently well compared to other PCE. It ranges, but places around me are paying around $18/hr. CNA does not pay as well, but cert can take very little time (some courses are as short as 2 weeks) and there are tons of job openings in most cases. Plus, CNA has the perk of almost universally being considered PCE. Physical therapy aide also does not pay a lot, but does not require any certs. Some medical assistant positions do not require a
  14. If it helps, I've heard of so many stories of people who didn't even get an interview invite at "safety" schools, and got accepted into schools that they applied to mostly for giggles because they figured there was no way they would get in. It's a weird way PA school applications work, and each program does it in a different way. So try not to be so hard on yourself. You may still get accepted, or possibly even accepted at one of your "non-safety" programs.
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