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  1. Thank you so much for your response. I'm an anxious person naturally so the admission process has been driving me a bit crazy haha. I appreciate your suggestions/support.
  2. Hi everyone, this will be my first time applying and I am worried I don't have enough HCE (particularly PCE) to get accepted. I plan on applying only to schools with low or no HCE requirements, and I also plan on applying to quite a few schools. I am OK with taking a gap year if needed but I was wondering if it's even worth trying this cycle. GPA: 3.759 (I'm not finished with my bachelor's yet, but I'm in my 5th year as a senior so I doubt it'll change much this semester) As a note, I do have two Ws on my transcript that are spaced pretty far apart. I have only Bs and As on my transcripts with no repeated grades. I also have an upward trend, as the first year I had mostly Bs and now I have almost all As. sGPA: It'd be the same as above or higher (I only got a B in general chem 1. I have all As in other prereqs.) GRE: 312, 4.5 PCE: 150hrs as a CNA in a SNF, plan on accumulating an additional 350 hours by time of admission, for a total of about 500hrs HCE: About 420 hours volunteering in a hospital (Not sure if this is HCE or PCE), about 720 hours as a pharmacy intern Shadowing: 38 hours total. 2 PAs in internal medicine for 34 hours, 1 PA in urgent care for 4 hours (I'm still shadowing currently, so this number will be higher by time of admission) LORs: A PA I shadowed, my pharmacy supervisor, and my anatomy professor Volunteer: About 1,400hrs volunteering at a Kitten Rescue, 100hrs at a dog rescue, 100hrs at a children's community center (helping with arts+crafts mostly) Other things (not sure if I should put these on my app): - Black belt in Tae Kwon Do - CPR certification - Won state and legislative awards in digital art - Worked various retail positions (Cashier, sales floor) for over a year at Target (not sure if we should include non-healthcare related work experience?)
  3. I am taking microbiology during the summer and it is my final prereq, but the summer class is said to end on August 17. I heard because of rolling admissions, August is generally late to submit an application. Is this true? and if so, should I really just focus on applying to schools that allow outstanding prereqs? Are there many schools that do?
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