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  1. I was just offered a seat at my top choice/local school and this was such a hard decision because I absolutely loved this program but I decided to drop my seat for the class of 2021! Good luck to you guys!!
  2. When do you guys think the waitlist will move? Going a tad bit crazy here with checking my email/calling messaging system.....
  3. I am at #3 ! Wow a third of the last class was all from waitlist then!
  4. Just received an update that I am on waitlist! I heard it was ranked but will they email us or do we ask?
  5. Just received an interview for 2/4! I will be declining due to accepting a seat elsewhere! Applied on 6/18
  6. Hi guys! I got a continued consideration email after the 11/7 interview. Does that mean waitlist? And if so is the waitlist ranked?
  7. Hi guys! Any last minute interview advice? I’ll be interviewing at RFUMS tomorrow. Anyone else?
  8. I was offered a seat today! Went on the waitlist after the 8/30 interview. Unfortunately I had to decline my seat due to accepting elsewhere! Goodluck to the rest!
  9. I applied on June 18th and haven’t heard back
  10. Received an interview invite for 11/27 yesterday night! Will be declining due to another acceptance and because I don’t think I want to do the MPH ? Applied on 6/19 and supplemental invite received on 8/10 and submitted 4 days later. Good luck guys!!
  11. Just received acceptance email from the 10/2 interview! However, will be accepting seat at NOVA Orlando instead! Good luck to the rest who interviewed with me and to you all!
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