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Augusta University Applying 2017 for 2018 Start

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I applied the day applications opened last cycle (July 1st- something like that). I was asked for an interview the 3rd Monday of November and received an acceptance letter December 1st. I got a weeks notice via email, and most people get a letter in the mail in a week giving you an answer. 

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19 hours ago, cmedley said:

They usually start interviews the end of August. Not really a timeline except we just started fall so faculty is probably getting us set up before they start sending out interviews invitations.

Thanks for the reply. That's what I was thinking, I just need to be patient

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Hey guys I'm also in the class of 2019 with cmedley, I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone good luck of their ventures! Everyone wants advice for the interview so here's my 2 cents... get up early eat breakfast bc it's a LONG day, DO NOT park in a reserve spot bc you will get a parking ticket! The instructors really want to get to know everyone on a personal level so be yourself. Your "stats" only get you the interview I promise you! I'm as average as you could possibly get on paper but I had prior medical experience for 10 years. If you want to brush up on interview strategies go to YouTube and search ThePAcoach he has like 80 short videos that are free, even though he's trying to sell you extra, just watch his tips I used a handful of his advice during my interviews last year. I'm sure all of you will do great wether you get in this year or another! Don't stop applying, I got in my 2nd try. Good luck! 

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So this is what I know about the process before the PA dept. but don't quote me on it. Academic admissions gets your app first, they make sure everything checks out like GPA requirements, GRE scores, etc, and they read your admission essay. If everything checks out and they like your essay they pass it on, and your status changes to complete. So just because you submitted first doesn't mean someone else didn't beat you to the complete stage. They receive ALOT of apps the first day it opens, historically July 1st. Then the PA dept gets those apps and has to sift through them and pick out the ones they think would be the best "fit for this program." They pick about 15-20 people per interview date. With that being said, it's a rolling admission so they don't wait until they have all the apps and pick out 100-115 students to interview. So if they get 50 apps the first day they are "complete" odds are they can find 10-15 students to interview from the first day. Just to give you some rule of thumb, I applied the 2nd or 3rd week after it opened and received an invite for Oct. Typically they send invites out a week or two before the interview date and interview till the class fills up typically in Dec or Jan. 

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