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  1. I got the call right after my interview but didn’t get official email until a week later! Hope that helps
  2. I interviewed back in August/September and got my acceptance call this morning!
  3. during my interview they mentioned having everything wrapped up by December! this could have changed though because they did extend their deadline
  4. Just got an interview invitation! I will be declining my interview as I have been accepted to my top choice already. Good luck everyone!!
  5. I got my acceptance link today! I interview 9/16 for anyone wondering
  6. Just got accepted! I will be accepting my seat!! Please let me know whenever someone starts a facebook group.
  7. Just requested to join! Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  8. I got an email saying my app was under review now, but that’s it.
  9. I submitted my CASPA 6/10! Here are my stats. cGPA: 3.81 sGPA: 3.80 Last 60 credits: 4.0 GRE: 308, 4.5 writing PCE: 4,000+ (rehab aide, exercise physiologist, and ED scribe) Volunteering: 1,500 across many different organizations LOR: 1 PT/clinical director, 1 OT, professor, and 1 PA
  10. I received my transcript review prior to last week, but I think my GPA was incorrectly calculated. Should I reach out via email? I'm just not sure how to ask about this.
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