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  1. Hi, I am a student here now! No, if you get an interview, it will not change from Ready for Review, if I am remembering correctly!
  2. Hey y'all! I am currently a first year here now. Good luck to everyone that has already been offered interviews! And good luck to everyone who is still "Ready for review". I applied here my first year, was interviewed and waitlisted; then spent a year working more, getting more experience, and fixing the things I was told to improve during my initial interview; I then re-applied and was accepted! So I think the faculty are very big on the holistic approach, as well as appreciating when students have enough determination to improve themselves and re-apply. I started school here in May and am in the class of 2020. The best advice I can give you for the interview is be yourself!!! Which I know is super hard. Second best advice, drive by the night before if possible to scope out where you're going to be parking, where the Health Sciences building is, etc. Also, wear a suit! Dress professional and act professional; professionalism is VERY important here. Again, good luck!!!
  3. Hey @laurenah the Facebook group has been made! Send me a message so we can get you added. My apologies! I thought this was a different thread! I don't know what's happening with this Facebook page!!
  4. Hey everyone. I talked to a member of the faculty today who told me that interviews are completely done. They interviewed a total of 112 people, and the class is now full. So everybody should hear some kind of news very soon!! Can't wait to meet the rest of our class! Looking forward to May. Happy Holidays, y'all!
  5. Anyone else have interviews this month or heard back about acceptance or waitlist? Good luck! Can't wait to meet our class!
  6. I did use a professional headshot! Congrats on everyone with upcoming interviews, and good luck!
  7. @haleycmaxwell I'm sorry.. I'm sure mine is coming soon. Was it an actual letter in the mail, or an email?
  8. Hey, that is so great! Congratulations to you! I'm embarrassed to say that I don't recognize you from just this screen name to be able to remember you from the interview. But I did interview on Halloween last year, so it must be true! Excited to be classmates as well!
  9. Congratulations to you!!! How long did they give you to pay the $500 and accept your seat? Do you mind sharing your stats? Hoping we can be in the class together!!
  10. Hmm.. trying to remember. Over 2000 hours working as a CNA around 300 hours working as an MA Close to 1000 PA shadowing hours 3.45 GPA and something like 303 for verbal and quantitative on the GRE.. BS biology and minor in Community Health I applied and interviewed here last year, and they waitlisted me.. so I improved my application to re-apply this year, and am hoping it'll be enough for an acceptance!
  11. Hey everyone! Congrats to those who have already interviewed. Has anyone heard back from their interview yet?? I have an interview here tomorrow!!
  12. I'm with you! I didn't ask for an update either, but I guess it was more of a blanket email to everyone. It was nice to receive some kind of communication, though! I wonder how full the class is by now??
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