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  1. Hey everyone, I’m currently looking for a roommate for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment nearby downtown. I’m part of the emerging leaders program. I would generally like to stay close to innovation quarters all three years. If your looking for a roomie hit me up.
  2. @VinceH hey there, I interviewed on the 31st and got the call on feb 5th!
  3. I’ve been accepted to the emerging leaders program! Anyone else have issue with the fb link
  4. Congrats on all those who have been accepted. I will be interviewing on Jan 17th. Any pointers? I'm also looking to enroll in the emerging leaders class.
  5. I confirmed my interview date for Dec. 4-5. What should I expect out of the interview with multiple candidates? Also if the admissions committee, ask you for an additional interview is that typically good or bad?
  6. Just curious but does anyone know many many interviewees will be at each session? I thought I read that they’ll interview about 290 which means each session would have about 36 applicants if my math is right. Also I’m guessing there will be some intersection between the AM and the PM session. Just really curious how the logistics will work out.
  7. Nov 7th pm! Does anyone know how many people will interview per session?
  8. They finished interviewing in September. I got waitlisted. Congrats to everyone that was accepted.
  9. Oh, also for the submission of a recent photograph did you guys do professional headshot?
  10. Super excited I just received my interview invite! I confirmed for Oct. 16th! Any advice for the interview would be appreciated.
  11. I still haven't heard anything back yet. Would it be appropriate to email or call to inquire?
  12. So my status is still "Ready for Review", however I received a letter from office of admissions with just my transcript. Is that normal? I'm a little confused by what this means.
  13. Hello everyone! I just literally submitted my application. That was the toughest supplemental yet. For those of you accepted into the Emerging Leaders Program, did you still have to put the deposit down?
  14. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Good luck everyone.
  15. Thank you so much! I knew I saw the link somewhere, I went back to the site and found it. I think my nerves are just getting the best of me. That and writer's fatigue haha. Good Luck everyone :)
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