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  1. As far as local reputation it is fairly good. The institution itself is decent but the PA program ranks pretty low. I just wonder if it's worth taking the risk for the new program.
  2. Yeah I was gonna call/email the school in a few! Hopefully it's good news!
  3. Do you think there is definitely a risk with securing clinical rotations for brand new programs? I just figured this would all be contracted and agreed upon so there wouldn't be any difficulties with securing these sites.
  4. I guess it just seems neat being a part of an inaugural class. Do programs have to secure clinical sites before the program even starts or is all that subject to change?
  5. But don't all PA programs have to teach the same General information? Wouldn't it be up to me to how well I perform on the PANCE?
  6. Thank you so much for your response. The provisional program institution only offers one other healthcare related field which is nursing. Whereas, the continued program institution has a DMD and MD program associated with it, with a fairly good reputation. I just worry if choosing a provisional program has a slight risk factor. I feel like choosing a continued program is more secure, but I don't really know that to be true.
  7. I've been accepted at a continued state program as well as a private provisional program ( brand new, would be first cohort). What are the risks/if any associated with choosing the provisional program? Once a program is granted that status, does it mean this program has allocated the funds/time/faculty to ensure that we graduate from an accredited program? Are we allowed to sit for the PANCE? What happens if the program loses accreditation during our time in the program? What happens if it loses accreditation after we graduate, does this affect job opportunities in the future? Would greatly appreciate any advice on this! Thank you!! :)
  8. any advice for the interview process? Was it traditional or MMI?
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