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  1. I would do a live one. You get to ask questions with current students so it is pretty neat. You don't HAVE to turn your camera on. I was at work as well and tuned in during my lunch break.
  2. Yeah for sure! cGPA - 3.36 sGPA - 3.67 PCE - 10k+ hours as a Paramedic GRE - 298 (I’m assuming this is what killed me) volunteer - 175~ in multiple positions shadowing - 150~ in Ortho, Derm, and Cardio 3 LORs - 2 from PAs that I shadowed and 1 from my Paramedic school director. I applied pretty early too. Verified 5/16. Feel like I wrote a pretty jam up personal statement too. Had it edited multiple times through my university PA advisors. Strange that I didn’t get an interview here though. I have an interview at Emory so far. But it
  3. Received a rejection today, so for anyone wondering they do send them out! Best of luck to you all! Hopefully we will all be colleagues one day!
  4. I don’t believe that’s necessarily true. I have a friend who is in the program right now and he applied 2 weeks before the deadline and got an interview and was accepted. I know last years application cycle was probably a lot different with COVID but I’m sure people will still get chances even if you didn’t apply super early.
  5. When I registered it was on there so I’m guessing we do? I can’t find anything on their website about the snapshot specifically.
  6. @kayywri Yeah I agree, I was just a little confused by it lol. Thanks!
  7. Same! There is a section we can upload an "autobiographical statement". Did you guys put your personal statement in there? I mean they should already have it through CASPA so I don't want to put it there and it be redundant. I did upload a resume though!
  8. I have been a paramedic for the last 8 years and applying to PA school this cycle. I am biased but I personally believe you would get so much more exposure to different types of patients and experiences as an EMT. It will also open many job opportunities as well. You can work in a 911 services, transport service, emergency departments, etc.. Just my 2 cents! Hope it helps!
  9. Negative, which is weird since they went out July 1st last year, during the middle of Covid.
  10. I applied like the 10-12 days after the cycle opened and got confirmation they had all my materials shortly after. Haven’t heard anything since so I’m just gonna take it as bad news lol.
  11. I just checked and mine is there as well! Went ahead and signed up for the CASPer so after that everything for AU will be complete!
  12. Yeah that was my question. I guess I will wait to see. I sent my GRE scores and transcripts 7/6 and then submitted the application 7/7. Thanks for the quick response!
  13. @reagan99 I think it is an error on their site, I was getting the same thing but I had filled everything else out as well. Also, for anybody who has submitted recently, did AU send you a conformation email immediately after or do we have to wait until our transcripts and GRE have been verified to receive that? I am just wondering because I want to sign up for the CASPer as early as possible and I cant do it without the AU temp ID.
  14. All submitted! Just waiting on the temp AU ID so I can take the CASPer! Best of luck everyone!
  15. That’s all I did! I graduated back in December so all my classes are done. I just sent my transcripts and left that particular section empty!
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