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I have an MA in Psychology and 3 years experience working directly with PTs in a hospital setting--assessing, diagnosing, discussing treatment plan,BUT all with psychiatric PTs exclusively.


So, I'm pretty concerned about my lack of MEDICAL HCE.


If I quit my job and get EMT-B certified and then work full-time as an EMT-B, I will: 1. Get VALUABLE medical HCE, and

2. Reduce my income by about 55%.


I am pretty broke as is, but willing to do so if it'll get me into PA school--my goal.


Questions for y'all: Is psych HCE enough on its own? Is EMT-B a good idea, at this point--for me?





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Mental Health Assistant/Technician experience is considered patient care experience (PCE). As a PA, you will be assessing, diagnosing, discussing treatment plan at a greater extent, but your experience is still relevant. Reach out to schools of interest if you need a definite answer.

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