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  1. Great! I really do hope my experience is considered by CASPA to be PCE--it sure is, albeit psych. I still plan on getting an EMT-B certification for some medical HCE.
  2. Hello, I have an MA in Psychology and 3 years experience working directly with PTs in a hospital setting--assessing, diagnosing, discussing treatment plan,BUT all with psychiatric PTs exclusively. So, I'm pretty concerned about my lack of MEDICAL HCE. If I quit my job and get EMT-B certified and then work full-time as an EMT-B, I will: 1. Get VALUABLE medical HCE, and 2. Reduce my income by about 55%. I am pretty broke as is, but willing to do so if it'll get me into PA school--my goal. Questions for y'all: Is psych HCE enough on its own? Is EMT-B a good idea, at this point--for me?
  3. Hello paadmissions, My question is about HCE: I have 3-years paid experience in behavioral health; I have worked as an intake clinician at a free-standing psychiatric hospital, I have worked as a crisis-counselor at the ED of a medical hospital, and I currently work as the Utilization Reviewer for the behavioral health wing of a medical hospital. All of these jobs have allowed me to have direct contact with PTs, and my current job has me staffing with psychiatrists, nurses and therapists on a daily basis. Will my experience be good enough, or do I need actual MEDICAL experience--not psychiatric?? I have been contimplating getting an EMT-B certification and working that job for a while, but if I did that fulltime I would loose approximately 50% of my salary (I currently make $30/hour and EMTs around here make an average of $14/hour) Can I ask how you would proceed with this scenario if you were in my shoes? I am 38 and have a Master's degree in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy. MY GRE is very competitive and I have a 4.0 GPA so far in my science prerequisites. I plan on shadowing and volunteering soon as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! This forum is great, I am so glad I found it. I am looking for an opportunity to shadow a PA-C in the Chicagoland area. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks! Andrew
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