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  1. From what others are saying, Anchorage should be after Tacoma, but seems like either some Anchorage invites did go out but no one posted, OR they decided to do another Seattle round before sending first round Anchorage invites... I'm so antsy at this point! I'm waiting for Anchorage and Kona too. Kona is last from what I hear from last year though, I think.
  2. I had a similar experience with a required course for a program, taken after CASPA was submitted. It is my understanding that most programs will require the new transcripts sent to CASPA directly, then they will want to be notified once CASPA says they have received it. Schools have access to view your CASPA info, so once the course is in the CASPA system, the admissions folks will be able to view it, along with the grade. Of course, that grade won't affect your CASPA GPA this cycle, since it's already been calculated. I would double check with the admissions office and double check that this is what they'd like you to do, but in my experience schools do not want you sending transcripts directly to them - CASPA is an effective middle man. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi! I had some success with SCUHS's self-paced online courses. I will say, though, that while there are several pacing options, they are still fairly expensive (~2k for 4 credit lec+lab course), and the exams are still proctored through Proctorio (video'd and then the instructor has the option to watch the video if the AI flags certain things that might indicate cheating, etc.). All in all I do recommend, especially since for my needs I was very grateful to find a course that could be completed as early as 5 weeks (had some deadlines I wanted to meet). https://acceleratedsciences.scuhs.edu/course-listing/ Hope this helps!
  4. I'll start - (as of summer/fall 2021) George Fox University in Oregon is doing in-person with a virtual option if absolutely necessary (but it seems they are encouraging in-person). OHSU in Oregon is doing entirely virtual interviews.
  5. In hopeful anticipation for a few more interview invites this cycle, I have tried to make my own list of schools' interview formats, whether in-person or virtual, so I can best plan out travel time/costs/etc. I'm guessing this info could probably help a lot of us! If you've received an interview invitation for a program, would you mind commenting with the program/school name and whether they are offering in-person, virtual, or a choice? Thanks all!
  6. Me too! I'll see you in the morning session, I can't wait!
  7. My friends! I had all but given up hope, after applying 6/30, and then never receiving a supplemental invitation -- until today! I got an invite to complete the supplemental this morning (after 2+ months)! So to those in similar boats, don't give up hope! Even when we have fellow applicants having completed interviews and awaiting admissions decisions, apparently they're still sending out straggler supplemental invitations! I'm over the moon, people. YAY!
  8. Congrats to everyone invited to interview for Tacoma! Yay! Eagerly waiting for Anchorage & Kona! Anyone else with that particular combo?
  9. Thank you!! Congrats to you too and I hope we see each other virtually there!
  10. Same here! No supp invite so far...definitely seeing many others awaiting interview results can be discouraging but I'm choosing to stay hopeful
  11. My friends! This is my second app cycle and I've already been denied from 3 schools w/o interview this cycle... so after 15 consecutive rejections in ~12 months --- I finally have my first PA school interview invite!! I got an email today from OHSU! I am beyond excited and finally feel so validated and encouraged. (applied 6/30) Those of us who feel like the underdogs - we can do this!! I'm so excited for us!
  12. If I understand your question correctly, yes, it seems that the supplemental invitation is not necessarily an indication of your strength as an applicant, but rather the next hurdle before your app can go to the admissions committee.
  13. I'm so sorry, thank you for sharing with us. Was it a physical letter, not email? Best of luck to you!
  14. Oh that's helpful to know! I was verified 6/30 so that likely puts us on similar timelines, thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed!
  15. I believe everyone who meets the minimum criteria receive the supplemental application.
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