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  1. CASPA has a reduced-fee program but funds are limited and the vouchers are issued very quickly after opening day of the application cycle.
  2. If you already have your required letters then let the supervisor be. You were wise to begin with by asking for more letters than you needed in case a situation like this were to happen; good on you.
  3. Comeback story of the year; you're on your way. Keep it up, doc. Something that might help you in the future - and this can be applied to many, many of the questions which are herein asked - is to take your question directly to the admissions offices of the schools to which you will apply. I had a somewhat less-usual circumstance when I applied and found adcoms to be very receptive, open, and forthright. They want a diverse applicant pool and storied applications like yours get noticed.
  4. 1) Take more classes and earn As. That's really the only way to do it. Take hard science courses (read: hard v. soft). 2) You're on the far left end of the bell curve of acceptance with that GPA and academic history. Be aware of the uphill battle you are facing.
  5. Looks good right off the bat - were I you I would go to the admissions pages of my prospective schools and compare my numbers with the stats of the last accepted classes.
  6. Looks good - however you can answer your own question definitively by going to your prospective schools' admissions pages and looking at their data for the last accepted classes.
  7. How do you know you're not satisfied with MD culture? And what surveys are you referencing? There are good docs and docs that suck at life...just like with everything else out there. The thing is, you will be in and amongst MDs most likely, especially during ojt when you land a job, and your culture will be their culture. It seems like you made it through college, got to the MCAT, and are now having second thoughts about getting into medicine. Not an uncommon story; I'm not sure if anyone here can help you find what it is you are seeking, but I can tell you that if you're having any doubts about getting into medicine then that's probably not where you want to be.
  8. Lot of replies here from folks who have apparently never been through an application cycle or interview, and who have also not hashed out any basic stats on accepted applicants per cycle. There's fluff that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside, and then there's the real world. Apparently many here prefer the former to the latter.
  9. - Your undergrad school doesn't matter. - Your certs and awards don't matter. - You need to start cranking out As like it's the cool thing to do. - Keep racking up HCE. The PA school applicant pool is so competitive, it is jaw dropping. I applied and interviewed with a cohort which could have easily applied to corresponding medical schools if they had only taken and scored decent on the MCAT. For the average schools to which I applied, the rates of accpentance for the previous year was 3-4%. Three to four per-cent. That's Mayo and Harvard competitive. You have the burden of a low GPA to overcome...forgive the blunt frankness but for every 100 posts on this and other forums about overcoming a low GPA, maybe 1 poster actually gets serious and accomplishes the goal of admission. I don't mean to be dissuasive but I find it better to know what I'm up against so I can make a better informed life decision like this due to the constraints it puts on the wallet and on the amount of time one has in a day. If you want it, you'll find a way to make it happen. Best of luck to you.
  10. You're already too late in the cycle to apply. What you need to do is spend the next year accumulating HCE and building professional relationships for a supervisor/provider LOR, then apply on opening day of the 2017 cycle.
  11. You're trying to sub a low GPA with HCE - this is wrong. You're not going to get in anywhere with this tactic - if you want a competitive application you need to bring the GPA and GRE up. It would behoove you to understand that you are stepping into an applicant pool that is as competitive as many mid-to-top-tier medical schools. Without bringing up your scores, the best chance you will have is applying to as many schools as your bank account allows you to pay for.
  12. There is no subbing for a low-ish GPA. Fortunately, with a 3.3 you meet the threshold cut-off for many schools, so at least your application won't be denied outright. The paid HCE hours are there, the volunteering is there, with a 3.3+ I'd say you have a decent shot. Have you considered D.O. school?
  13. You need paid HCE outside of high school. Having interviewed at Quinnipiac, I can tell you the cohort was mostly older, mid-career students with paid HCE hours in the 10s of 1000s. My application cohorts were around 25-35 mostly. It would behoove you to understand that the PA applicant pool is just as competitive as many medical schools...I'm talking schools like Mayo. I believe, according to a back of the napkin calculation, that the class prior to my application cycle at Quinn had an acceptance rate of less than 4%. That number is jaw-dropping, and a testament to how crowded the application cycle is. I graduated with a science degree within the top 10% of my class, have 1000s of hours experience as a combat medic, and was denied across the board - each school sent a rejection letter stating there simply isn't enough space for all the qualified applicants, though admittedly I could be just an average applicant or could have completely blown the interviews. The PA profession was created to make mid-level practitioners out of combat medics with a wealth of medical experience and know-how - this has mostly carried over to today. Without paid HCE, you aren't going to get into a program like Quinn. On a positive note, you may have better luck with a school like Western U, which takes applicants who have no HCE at all. Another idea - if you are such an excellent student, have you considered medical school?
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