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PA as Career Shift or Initial Career?

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I feel like I'm seeing more and more current college students and recent grads on here, knowing that they want to pursue PA right out of the gate (which is awesome!)

I'm curious what the breakdown is of pre-PA folks here who are pursuing a career pivot to PA vs those who are pursuing PA as their first career (or whose PCE/HCE job was chosen specifically to meet PA school requirements)? 

(I've been a certified athletic trainer for 7 years and have had my sights set on PA for about 4 years --  had to spruce up the ol' GPA prior to applying -- this year is my first application cycle! I've absolutely loved being and ATC, and plan to keep my certification active as a PA, but have reached the point where I really want to be able to do more for my patients. I know, cliche... but true.)

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Based on what I see, a sizable majority of students come right from their undergrad. Some decided to be PAs late in their schooling. Still, there are a number of people who took other paths first. When I went through, we had a few ATCs in our class and they did well. I am a late-in-life PA (graduated at 60) so I can appreciate what that route is like.

Programs like diversity, which includes diversity in age and background as well as race and culture. There is nothing wrong -- and a lot right -- about being different: you can add a lot to your class and the profession.

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I am pursing PA as a second career.  I've been a clinical social worker in the medical field for 11 years so this is a career shift.  I currently have over 22,000 Patient Care/Healthcare hours.  Medicine is something I'm passionate about and wish to dive deeper into.  I'm in my mid 30s and do Not consider myself to be old.  Life is short, it's never too late to pursue a passion.

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      Hi! I was recently accepted into a program that I didn't think I would be too fond of, but I ended up falling in love with the program! I am interviewing at my original top choice on the 13th, and I have been having a hard time deciding what school I would choose if I were to get in to this other program as well. I would love to hear what current students think. School A (the one I have already been accepted to) is a 1 hour commute, ( I can't afford to move or get an apartment, I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend who pays the mortgage). This is the biggest downside to this school. I don't know how commuting an hour both ways, 5 days a week, will work with the course load. School B is a 30 minute commute. School A is also about $15,000 more expensive. The reason I justify price is that this program is 28 months, which is 4 months longer than school B (where I am interviewing on the 13th). I love that the clinical rotations are 5 weeks, instead of 4 at school B. There are also 2 elective clinical sites and school A, as opposed to only 1 at school B. They are both very new programs so they're pretty comparable when it comes to everything else that I've looked into!
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      Hi All!
      My name is Shelby, I am a medical assistant at a private orthopedic practice in San Mateo, CA. I have acquired over 3,000 hours of patient care experience and healthcare experience in this position. Our office is currently looking for pre-PA students to fill two available staff positions. The first is a MA/CNA position. The second is an administrative assistant position, which has the potential to move up into a MA/CNA role. Certification (CNA, MA) and experience is preferred for both positions, but not required. 
      As a small practice, we have a great team approach to patient care. You will have the opportunity to work closely with the PA and orthopedic surgeon. Many job duties allow you to be present in the room during patient visits so you can become familiar with the PA scope of practice. Additionally, both the orthopedic surgeon and PA are excellent mentors and educators. If you are eager to learn more about orthopedics and medicine in general, they are always willing to share their expertise. 
      If you live in the Bay Area or are looking to move to the Bay Area, this is a great opportunity to prepare you for PA school. Below is the job listing for both positions. 
      If you are interested, you can respond to the listing or email your cover letter and resume to ma2@oiba.us .  
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