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  1. guys, good night. i am going to leave the forum for a while because i have a lot to study. But i don't want to go without leaving some advice to those who are going to apply first time or again next cycle: 1. go to medical campus advisement and get all the information necessary to start the process (if reapplying, try to figure out what should be improved) 2. ask for Ms. Rebeca Garcia at advisement. She is very busy but totally worthy the waiting. She is the right person to get your chances boosted because she really knows how to help you to get better for the next cycle 3. after seeing Ms. Rebeca Garcia, go to building 2 second floor School of Health Sciences and ask for Ms. Hernandez. She is going to help you understand why you did not reach enough points to get in the Program. She is also going to guide you as much as she can. 4. start to follow the above as soon as possible because time flies and it might happen that you will need to repeat a class that is expired or that you will have to take a new class that is gonna help you to become a better candidate. I wish you the best and repeat once again that the students at the MDC PA Program will support you the best way we can when you need any help. Sincerely, Kele
  2. Dear Forum participants, Class 2020 is proud of you. We know the struggle and hard work it takes to get into PA School, so we can appreciate your efforts. To those who got accepted: we can't wait to meet you. Please try to relax now and follow the instructions on the email that you received from MDC PA Program. Also, please send me a personal message here and we are gonna take it from there. To those who did not get accepted yet: this is a journey with different people from different backgrounds and stories walking all together towards the same goal, which is hopefully becoming an excellent PA. It seems that some get there faster than others, but in reality each person gets there at their right time. So be courageous. Take the time to cry and be sad because you did not get in, but get back on your feet quickly because there is still a lot of work to be done in order for you to achieve your dreams. We will be here ready to help you. Just reach out to me or any of my friends from Class 2020 and we will find a way to get back to you despite of our crazy schedule. Praying for you all. Have a restful night. Sincerely, Kele
  3. guys, trust me that I just feel super anxious as well so i understand you. have a restful night. if we have any news we will let you know
  4. good morning! hope you all well. emails should go out towards the end of the week. we will keep you guys posted. have a good week.
  5. This waiting is killing me keep your hopes up guys! For sure they are gonna send it at the beginning of the week. Will try to get some info on Monday before noon try to forget about pa school and have fun during the weekend!
  6. Good morning, guys! I am praying for all of you taking the exams today and tomorrow Do not change your answers on the exam unless you are 100% sure about the right answer. Many times the subconscious is faster than our conscious and the first answer that comes is the correct one. Please listen to me. Also, take a minute (literally) to plan what to write on your essay before you actually start writing it. That will help you calm down and also give time to the brain to prepare for success! Be blessed!
  7. good evening! hope you are all well. just to update you, today I heard that they have finished sending invitations for the entrance exam for this cycle. for the people who did not get an invitation i would suggest going to the campus as soon as possible to find out why and to improve your application for the next cycle. also, if there is anything I can help you with on a personal basis, please send me a private msg and I will answer you as soon as possible. cordially,
  8. Good night! The invitations are still being sent. Wednesday should be the last they they are gonna send them. Study and do your best! Good luck!
  9. if you have not received an invite, keep studying and do not lose hope. I don't have news but will try to find out on monday if they have finished sending the invites. just keep focused on preparing. have a good weekend
  10. i am confident they will. please keep us posted and study hard! Study as if there is no tomorrow lol
  11. reply to them now. i think they will still take you
  12. guys, they are still sending the invitations. if I have any more news i will let you know
  13. I am gonna try to find out tomorrow. But don't lose faith because sometimes the system does not work the way we think. Good luck to all of you!
  14. Hello, guys. Their system sends the emails based on the candidate's last name. As of Friday afternoon they were sending from A through L. I am not sure if it starts w/ letter A, but that would be my best guess. I do not think they are going to finish sending it before the beginning of next week. If you have any questions, please let me know. PS. I am a first year student and will try to get more info on Monday and post it here. And by the way, highly suggest that you follow up on them receiving your emails, because there is always a chance an email goes to the spam folder.
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