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This is my second time applying. Last year I had an MD, and NP and my office manager write my letters. I got two interviews so I'm pretty sure they all said good things:)

This year I have a PA, the same MD and I'm debating between the NP or a coworker of mine who is an LPN. My co-worker knows me very well and has worked with MDs,NPs and PAs for 20+years- she is VERY supportive of my going to PA school and she would write a wonderful letter for me. The NP is also great- she and I have worked together for two years and she, obviously, is familiar with the requirements and rigor involved in becoming a "mid level" practitioner. While I know she would write a good letter (she did last year I assume), I don't think she would gush about me as much as the LPN. I don't know which one would look better to schools- an LPN or NP....


Any thoughts on the matter?

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