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  1. HI all, Second year in the midst of clinicals. Looking for a peds rotation in either Chicago or DC area... if ANYONE can help with a contact that would be amazing! Looking for Feb-March 2016 Thanks, Cara
  2. congratulations from the class of 2016 to all who were accepted! For those of you who were not- EVMS looks very kindly on repeat applicants... keep your head up and know that you made it to an interview: you will be PAs- maybe not this year, maybe not at this school, but YOU ARE QUALIFIED! Class of 2017-- I suggest you set up a closed group FB page for all who were accepted. This is a great way to stay in touch, get to know each other and get your questions answered (especially if you invite MPA16 students to join in). You will each be paired with a monitor over the next several months- your mentor will be available to answer your questions and show you the ropes- maybe even get you some books ;) . Congrats to you all!
  3. HI There, So the interviews are simple :) I know sounds crazy...! The purpose of all the interviews is a time to ask you some questions and get to know you as an individual. Be yourself- do not rehearse any answers- we want to know the REAL you- the you that will be coming to PA school. Be honest and let them see who you are as a person. Enjoy this experience, try to stay as calm as you can :) Cara
  4. cara222

    NHSC 2014

    Does this mean you have been accepted as a finalist- if so congratulations!? Mine also still says under review-- how do you know people are hearing back? How exciting that people are hearing, beginning to worry....
  5. HI everyone. I'm a current student at EVMS and will be meeting many of your during interviews. Stay positive and have fun- we can't wait to meet you! Feel free to ask any questions, I'll answer if I can. Good luck to you all!
  6. cara222

    NHSC 2014

    HI Snoofle- I believe we both applied to Emory this last go around! Congratulations! I am also struggling with the word count and in particular not overlapping my essays- I feel like I keep answering all three questions in one essay, then have to figure out how to say the same thing differently in the other ones! Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I got the email same day (it was on my birthday) at like 9:30pm. I was devastated but hopeful for the following year.. I have actually already started another PA program (began in January)- But never officially withdrew my application from Emory the second time. I decided in November after I didn't make the first cut and was asked to wait until Feb for the final decision (in hindsight it looks like I chose well). I was still hoping for the acceptance- Emory was my top choice school, and I would have liked the validation of knowing they thought I was worth the investment. All this to say, stay positive: You WILL be a PA- It feels horrible to not get your first choice (twice), but they saw something special in you or they wouldn't have even bothered to interview you. The programs are all different but the end result is the SAME! I encourage you to take stock in knowing that this isn't the end. Best of luck to you in your journey and hang onto the knowledge that you WILL BE A PA- so congratulations in advance!
  8. I was wait listed last year and reapplied this year. They sent me an email last year advising me that I was not accepted at this time but would be reconsidered should anyone withdraw their acceptance. I called and spoke with Ms Kaye and got feedback for ways to improve my application. I was offered a second interview this year as well- but have not been called. My understanding is that they do not rank their wait list and review the entire list as a group when there is a spot to be filled. They consider things like distance from ATL and how quickly you would be able to come on short notice as well as re-evaluating your interview and application. Hope this helps.
  9. Congratulations!!! I'm still waiting and hoping ;) I'm sure you are over the moon with excitement!
  10. Anyone else interviewing November 1st? I'm coming into town the 31st and spending the weekend- would love to meet up with other interviewees the night before- PM me if you're interested. Congrats to all who have received interviews!
  11. Congratulations to everyone- and thank you to all who are excited for me- GMarie, as you know this is round two!! I submitted all of my applications in mid July. And for those who don't have an interview yet- don't fret... seriously last year I didn't hear back until Jan about an interview in Feb. They generally send out the invite 4-6 weeks before the interview date so don't give up until Feb!!! Good Luck everyone!
  12. I just got an interview invite! :) SUPER EXCITED AND HAPPY! November 1st :=D:
  13. Emory looks at SO MUCH MORE than just your GPA. They are all about the whole package- community service, GPA, GRE, and HCE. They don't have a GPA cut off- so there isn't a direct answer to your question. Have people gotten in before with a 3.2? yes they have.... Look at their website to see what they are all about- they also list past stats... hope this helps
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