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Found 8 results

  1. So I’m applying to around 15 schools this next cycle (April 30th), and I’m stressing out a little bit about getting my letters of evaluation. I have had three people agree to do them already and I feel very confident about them (2 recent science professors and a firefighter chief I worked with on calls as an EMT). I also might ask my supervisor at my job I’ve been at for 1.5 years as an EMT. My problem is I don’t have any connections with any PAs, doctors, NPs, etc., and It seems like a lot of schools want a LOR from one of these professions, but as an EMT, I don’t really work directly with th
  2. I have a question for female PA students and current PA's. I am still in the application process but like to have a plan or at least an idea of a plan. I am recently married and would like to know your personal experiences as far as timing of having children? Before school, during, after? I would really like to have an extended time period off with my child after they are born so is taking a little time off after graduating a common thing or do people generally jump straight in to work? Is it impossible to have a child during school? Because of school and my husband's career we kind of have to
  3. I was just wondering how many letters of recommendation most people have on their CASPA application? I know you're allowed to have up to 5, but I've heard of a couple schools that will specify a maximum of 3 or so, or that there's 3 types of references they will look for. I am probably going to have 4 letters, but would do 5 too if it's not looked down upon. Just wanted to hear other people's recommendations and experiences!
  4. I am currently a Junior in college and planning to apply for PA this coming cycle for starting mid April 2015. As far as letters of recommendation, most of the schools I am looking at require 3. I have 2 set already, the PA I shadow and my house advisor that knows me well. For the professor perspective, I am stuck on what to do. I am not really close with any of my professors. I have had a professor in the past write me a letter of recommendation for studying abroad even when she really didn't know me. There is a chance I will TA for her in the fall but I am not positive yet and I only had her
  5. I'll be applying PA programs year. The deadlines vary: some early as Sept, others all the way in May. For my LOR, I have 2 professors on board. I don't have a PA yet, but around the time that I want to turn the application in I will have some hours of shadowing, but not enough to ask a PA for a LOR. So, should I..... A) Wait a few more weeks to turn in my app so I'll have a PA LOR? (As in hitting submit for CASPA 2-4 weeks before the school's deadline) B) Or should I opt for earlier submission date with no PA LOR (If I did this, I would ask the Volunteer Coordinator at the hospital to wri
  6. This is my second time applying. Last year I had an MD, and NP and my office manager write my letters. I got two interviews so I'm pretty sure they all said good things:) This year I have a PA, the same MD and I'm debating between the NP or a coworker of mine who is an LPN. My co-worker knows me very well and has worked with MDs,NPs and PAs for 20+years- she is VERY supportive of my going to PA school and she would write a wonderful letter for me. The NP is also great- she and I have worked together for two years and she, obviously, is familiar with the requirements and rigor involved in bec
  7. Hey all, So I have had a hard time deciding what I want my undergrad to be for a long time, I finally decided a couple of months ago. I was really on the idea of getting a bachelors in Medical Laboratory Sciences but after I found out some more information I am probably going to need to change my degree. The college that offers it only takes about 26 students a year(only school in my area that offers this degree), I am not sure how many people apply yearly. I am told It is a very hard degree, the classes are very intense, and I may never use most of them as a PA. I am debating on swi
  8. JOB TITLE/DESCRIPTION: White House Physician Assistant. Assists the White House Physicians in providing comprehensive health care to the President, Vice President and their families. Plans, coordinates and directs emergency action plans for medical contingencies including both on-site and remote assessment of medical capabilities at White House travel destinations worldwide. Provides acute care to military personnel assigned to the White House and occupational health services to members of the White House staff. Stands independent watch as on-site medical response officer for the Presiden
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