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Nebraska Bridge program closing..... This has been one of the most direct ways to get a Masters.... Hoping they do a DMSc.

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Physician Assistant Degree Advancement Option


Enrollment in the DAO program has declined steadily over time as the number of master’s trained PAs has risen. As such, UNMC plans to sunset this program and will stop matriculating new students into the DAO program after the 2021 fall semester. Students matriculating in fall 2021 will have three years to complete the program. We will work closely with currently enrolled students in the DAO program to ensure they finish their plans of study no later than the 2024 fall semester.

Master of Physician Assistant Studies

A Practical Solution
Because of the advantages of having a master's degree, physician assistants are seeking ways to further their education. Recognizing that returning to a college campus for postgraduate study is impractical for most working physician assistants, the University of Nebraska Medical Center Physician Assistant Program offers a degree advancement option (DAO) to enable practicing PAs to advance from the bachelor's degree to the master's degree. Now in its third decade, this program has provided master’s degrees to thousands of practicing PAs.

This program provides an opportunity for practicing physician assistants with a bachelor's degree to obtain a professional postgraduate master's degree in as little as five semesters at a reasonable cost and without any required travel. The program can be completed in 5 semesters. However, students are allowed up to five years to complete the DAO. Upon completion of the program, physician assistants are awarded the Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree.

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Wow this is big news.  I got mine from there as well.  Great experience.  I learned a bit, it was reasonable in it's expectations and was extremely affordable.  Too bad, but understandable as now most PA programs are Masters out of the gate.  It wasn't that way when I went to PA school.

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24 minutes ago, krisephillips said:

Received my degree there as well. Don't remember exact cost in 2006 but want to say it was $2,500-2,800. My employer also paid out of my CME allowance.  About 1 year ago I received a online questionnaire request asking about a DMSc program being offered.  Hope it comes through, would definitely be interested.

I was 2007 I think I paid $3-4kish?  

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