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  1. Wondering if we have any EVMS DHSc alumni who are on the forum willing to share their experiences.
  2. Completed a survey for UNMC about 2-3 months ago concerning: curriculum, capstone requirement, specialty focus, cost, and general interest in a UNMC Distance DMSc program. Has anyone heard of further developments?
  3. 1. DMSc-first choice 2. DHSc These should be the choices...not DPA, DPAS, DPAMed
  4. Just completed mine and it brought some questions to mind. Are we really able to still say that we "see less patients and are able to spend more time with patients" then other providers? This concept keeps getting sold but I do not think it is the norm anymore. I am scheduled in 15 min slots for evaluations and I am typically double booked.
  5. PAT? Maybe not lowest risk as you are clearing patients for surgeries however it is usually 8-10 eval/day (at the clinic we are affiliated with) and you are just performing physicals/not rendering treatment.
  6. I agree with many of the points as presented. I would be willing to work with NPs to the advancement of the greater good for both professions because, in the end, it would be to our own and the patient's benefit. I have respect for NPs and what they have been able to accomplish as a profession and hope we can have the same success. Our practice of medicine being tied directly to the medical board/physician has its advantages. But as it stands the physician/medical board/Nursing Lobby will always rank first and rule in that manor over reimbursement/legislation/advocacy since we are viewed
  7. I was a respiratory therapist in my past life. I still maintain my certification/license. Figured it took time/money to complete the program and it could still be valuable if I needed to return to work in this area or to change specialties to pulmonary.
  8. My personal favorite.."crepitus" Dragon translates to "crap on this". "Rest" is frequently changed to "breast" as well. Definitely need to proof read notes or they can become very interesting.
  9. Anyone completed the CAQ for Orthopedics? What source material did you use to prep or did you just take it cold? Have worked in Orthopedics for 13 years (spine/pain management 2 years, 6 years adult joint reconstruction and general ortho/sports medicine 5 years) and I am entertaining the idea of taking the exam. Any guidance is appreciated!
  10. I have had three: Pain management 2 years then switched to Orthopedic Surgery for the last 11 years. Have done ER/urgent care moonlighting as well. Have found the PRN positions are harder to find in Northeast Ohio however.
  11. My first job out of school was in pain management. It was definitely a learning experience and taught me the business side of medicine that I was not exposed to during training. I would see 30-34 patients a day on average (private insurance, Medicaid/care, BWC) and yes, it did suck the life from me. It was a block/procedure shop (spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal pump placements) and that was all the attendings wanted to do and I was left to do the medical management portion. Your patient volume is good at 10-20 per day and allows you the time for proper assessment/med management.
  12. You hit it right on the head! I have seen bad PAs, NPs, MDs and great ones as well. Knowing your limitations and asking for help/training when needed is a big talking point I have with my PA students during rotation.
  13. Does the EVMS program require dissertation/research project? Looking at the brochure/curriculum it does not appear that it does.
  14. I stopped wearing my wedding ring to work. To much on and off with hand washing, surgery, etc. I also lost it one day while in surgery, had it tied in the draw strings of the scrub pants and forgot about it in a hurry one day while changing. Got home and realized it was gone. Luckily, I found it on the floor in the locker room. That was when I just gave up wearing it at work.
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