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  1. I’m not sure what you were trying to achieve with this article but I honestly read it as counterintuitive to your point. “There is absolutely no way to know the extent of the problem....” I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Where does this leave me to respond? How do I prove a negative. Why should I have to? We all know this is logical fallacy, c’mon.
  2. Easy answer to this: you absolutely need to have at least one of your LORs from an MD/PA. Otherwise you’re doing everything correctly. No harm in knocking out various bonus prereq’s some schools see as beneficial, if you have the time. Research your top schools to find that info. Otherwise just focus on writing a stellar narrative, re write an even better narrative, have it edited by 3 different professionals. Start practicing interviewing for PA school.
  3. I don’t think you’re doing any harm. Simply show that you’re readily willing to relocate and enthusiastic to start a new career there. If you’ve ever been in the area you might even expand with an additional sentence. Just don’t get out of hand with it and keep everything short and sweet.
  4. A phrase that became very popular in 2016 to a very specific group of people. I’ve refused to insult you as a person in return to the many I’ve received. One saying I wasn’t even an American, the other saying I wasn’t even a PA, and now you demeaning my existence as a person. Once again I’ll let it go. I’m enjoying the thread so far actually.
  5. Like I said. I’m looking forward to the facts from the people that care to sit down and go back and forth. I’m admittedly not going to be the one to energize it. To no avail have either of you absorbed any amount of information you have been provided in multiple threads. Yes they are facts, I agree. However conveniently left out everything else including some negative results of said facts. Your last sentence is classic gaslighting. Not falling for it. Your history is a sufficient bibliography.
  6. And another troll/baiting thread by boats. Who’s going to put in the work, effort, and energy to respond without making boats look like a victim of alternative facts again? Looking forward to it.
  7. Interesting. Had no idea. Has this changed in the last 20-30 years? My old man was a large animal/primate vet, easily brought in over 200k/yr. I’m assuming the sample in this article primarily covers rural clinics etc?
  8. That’s because it’s an objective review with no bias in the article whatsoever as compared to the ones you post. Pretty obvious you don’t thrive unless there is active disagreement within the thread.
  9. Although likely acutely satisfying, do not do what @AbeTheBabe suggested. You will get nothing out of it. I agree with @Boatswain2PA. Assuming you can go 3-4 months without a paycheck. Put in your notice now and leave in good standing. Probably even better standing if you give them 2 months notice and ample time to replace you accordingly. Have your significant other give you 2-3 locations you will most likely be moving to. Spend the next 3-4 months brandishing your CV and rigorously applying to jobs/state licensing/etc. every single day as your sole focus.
  10. Bravo! Most original idea you’ve provided thus far. Definitely got a chuckle out of it!
  11. I love the fact that your response is rooted in the past tense. As if POTUS and other GOP senators aren’t still currently undermining the precautions put in place by the CDC, undermining the disease severity, continuing to hold super spreader events without said precautions, and actively mocking the coronavirus as if they are oddly enough objectively pro-virus.
  12. Like ordering the incorrect imaging study, wrong labs, or medication. You F up, you reverse course, fix your stupid mistake, and learn from it. Trump keeps doing the same shit to the same patient over and over again. That’s why. Also, gov. Cuomo isn’t the supposed leader of the free world.
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