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  1. I’d rather print out EBM and give it to them. Or have them talk to the parent of a dead kid from measles. Also, if they were truly objective folks, wouldn’t they be more concerned with the guy practicing subjective medicine?
  2. Doesn’t make me/providers who practice EBM feel any of that that. Pack the pettiness. I will never support pseudoscience and neither should anyone here.
  3. Oh. And the tendency to approach them with religious and political bias/complacency is?
  4. Ugh. This is absolute theoretical nonsense and perfect example of oxymoron devoid of science and medicine. The applicable analogies are endless here. There is zero, ZERO, EBM supporting this. Most pediatric practices will not continue care for those who refuse vaccinations for their children or prefer a “delayed schedule”. Your job is not to make parents comfortable, it’s to prevent children from getting deadly diseases.
  5. Fox News kills. Every one knows that at this point. Just like dropping a quarter means gravity. It’ll be forgotten about. They won’t have to deal with any repercussion and they’ll keep doing what they do best going forward. Gaslight, rinse, repeat. Denying that is lunacy. The other side has their problems, but they also don’t actively try to kill people. The entire MA staff at my practice is unvaccinated for ‘some reason’. After talking to a few of them about hesitancy, providing EBM and facts about the vaccine, only one thing is clear beside the obvious lack of higher education-thei
  6. Curious as to your prior profession? Was it in healthcare? Not much to add to great advice above. We all hated PA school at some point. We all wanted to bail at some point. Everyone copes in different ways. I lost family in death, lost a relationship with kids during the process. Was in a different state with no support. I have to be completely honest with you though, you need to weigh the other side. Tending to plants all day sounds great, I wish I was on the water all day guiding fly fishermen and haying fields. But, I truly believe you will regret dropping out and it will eat at y
  7. I stopped reading at: a video interview of Canadian Doctor Dr. Charles Hoffe,which was conducted by Christian Evangelist
  8. Covid has conveniently become the new excuse for a s***hole PA market. It was like this before covid. Keep trying, one will come to you. Took me and most of my classmates 6-7 months so you’re right on track. PM me your cover letter and CV and I’ll look it over. Also, NC is one of the worst places to find a PA gig within the last 3 years.
  9. Seems like a decent offer. Call sucks. I’m lucky enough not to have it. The optional “2nd weekend of call” could get out of hand. PTO seems low. Production bonus at 6 months is fair but will be limited and harder to obtain the more you’re in the hospital rather than clinic. Make sure you define/clarify that with the other PA.
  10. Yes and no. You will definitely have several night shifts or shifts lasting into the early morning hours in either EM or surgery. But you probably won’t be assigned a consistent night shift for weeks on end.
  11. Post above said it perfectly. I’m the opposite of religious. Christopher Hitchens, Dawkins, Sam Harris-my people. I attended a faith-based program. It can be annoying at times. For example, probably will have at least one religious class, small things here and there like praying before exams, etc. But you will be a better provider for your patients having experienced it, understood it, grown from, and learned from it. On the flip side, you will also inadvertently have the opportunity to teach a lot of people about who you are, your spirituality, religion, lack therof, etc. Spirituality does pl
  12. Wouldn’t worry too much, it would just be better. I agree with the above, you should be fine either way with your credentials/experience alone.
  13. The quality of your LORs is equally important. So if those whom have already written about you know you well, should be fine.
  14. You should be more concerned about not having an LOR written by an MD.
  15. Crazy! And to think…there are social workers in CPS. What a terrible idea! Right boats?
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