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  1. Urgent message from FNP about a mutual pt. “Pt is anemic, what should we order next?” Hgb wnl. Hematocrit 33.6.
  2. Pt with h/o advanced adenomas, perforated diverticulitis s/p sigmoid resection with colostomy in place. 300lbs. A1c 10. O2 dependent COPD. FNP orders cologuard. Positive. Orders another cologuard. Positive. Refer to GI.
  3. Agree with the above. Really bad idea. And if you tell the schools you’re interviewing with, it’ll be a red flag. PA school will not be easier for you just because you’re a paramedic. The paramedic in my class failed out.
  4. Spoiler alert: I think it’s safe to say we all know why she still settled on being a gynecologist.
  5. …and many doctors voice similar concerns about patient safety if PAs are allowed to drift too far from physician oversight. Dr. Colene Arnold, a gynecologist in Newington, N.H., started her medical career as a PA, practicing with little supervision. In retrospect, she says, "I didn't recognize the severity of what I was seeing, and that's scary." Yes. That is scary. You didn’t understand severity as a PA, so much so that you needed twice the exposure to the same information in med school. Hope you got that severity thing figured out. Yikes.
  6. Agree with the above. You were the one working for the paternalistic physician urgent care owner and you were miserable just a month ago. What are you waiting for? You were applying for a reason. Take an ice cold shower, stop being indecisive, and go for it.
  7. Depending on the specialty, this could be seen as a super power.
  8. I think it’s safe to assume cervical dysplasia is one of those reasons.
  9. Did you read the last sentence in the article you posted? You can argue semantics all you want, but the cut and dry answer to your question is a resounding YES.
  10. The other PA is on RVU bonus, that’s the huge difference in pay structure. While you’re making 15 per patient no matter what, once he covers his overhead for the quarter he’s probably making up to +/- $100 per patient. The lower his base, the higher his bonus. I think your request is reasonable. But you could also negotiate to switch to a different pay structure.
  11. Please don’t wear a knit sweater.
  12. Yeah. Crazy. Who wants to prevent cancer with a proven vaccine? That’s stupid. Look at Australia, due to their HPV vaccine mandate, they’ve nearly completely eradicated cervical cancer from the continent. Freakin idiots.
  13. I have 3 state licenses and started the application for 2 more when I was applying. Pick the states you’re primarily applying to/or want to live in and start the process. As said above, it looks good on your application.
  14. Feel like I’m reading a huddle conversation.
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