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  1. I’m working FT right now and have been through this entire ordeal. Pay was cut significantly. After taxes/retirement/small deductions for my HSA I’m netting a little over $15/hour right now. Consider yours a gift?
  2. Exactly. Quite the opposite. Know too many PAs who lost their jobs while my friends in business and IT are kickin it back with full pay/bennies Netflixing at home for the last 2 months. While I’ve had to work FT while still getting paid like a substitute kindergarten teacher.
  3. My significant other was exposed to confirmed covid patients. She subsequently tested positive with mild symptoms. She was made to stay home for nearly 3 weeks. I was subsequently exposed to her however was never symptomatic. I was required to quarantine for 10 days. My test was lost amongst thousands of others that were sent out so I never received a positive verification. Her neighbor, who also works inpatient was exposed as well, had more moderate symptoms yet refused to go in and test for fear of not working, kept going to work and potentially infecting others. I’d incline you to get tested if you do develop sinusitis-like symptoms, dry cough, etc. Even if you don’t have a fever.
  4. You forgot veterinary assistant. I heard there’s a bridge program now.
  5. Straw man argument. I could just as easily say “prove that it is in fact just as easy for a PA to get a job in these states”. Google searches and indeed doesn’t provide credibility. It only proves that you’re lazy enough to deem this as sufficient evidence to disprove growing difficulty in the market. I can assure you that you absolutely can not get jobs in certain parts of these states. Specifically rural towns and highly desirable areas as a direct result of NP dominance. If you want to talk the mountain west I have a plenty of examples as well as personal experiences.
  6. It was a tough market before, even tougher now. It’s going to be rough for new grads this coming season. Only thing you can do is keep applying. In regard to your latter question I’m assuming you mean your desired specialty, which you technically would’ve had to sacrifice before this started anyways.

    Any PAs in Montana

    That ^^^ Similar situations with northern CO, NE Utah, eastern Idaho, and Wyoming. Although there have been one or two positions open up in Cody, if you’re interested in the Yellowstone area.
  8. I’m going to give you the best advice you’ll ever get right now. Don’t be a PA, NP, or MD. Go get your BSN within a year. Work on the floor for a year or two. Go to CRNA school.
  9. Tried giving you the benefit of doubt, believing/hoping you were going to add some sort of valuable insight after so nonchalantly comparing our training to BSN students. But I digress. I don’t find it threatening enough to go discuss it on an NP forum. Thanks...”Doc”.
  10. Aka don’t need to take national certifying exams anymore, as implied. We are required to have more CME and still retake boards. I’m with Rev. They would never go for this. They want to be called “Doctors”. No. Thanks. I’d rather sink with the ship or claw our way out than sell ourselves as NPs. We’re not, we are statistically higher trained providers on the medical model without the recognition.
  11. Could be a bridge. However, judging by the track record of our profession, that bridge will only go one way. MD grad to “AP”. With the changing landscape in healthcare and the amount of med students unable to match, I think it’ll be a popular way to get out of being a physician while still technically being a physician.

    Any PAs in Montana

    I was the same way. Hate metropolitan areas. Even small cities. Grew up in the country, and wanted to stay there after sacrificing so much for PA school. Took me 7-8 months to get hired and still didn’t get my desired location. I don’t wish that on anyone else. So keep looking, start now, and let me know if you need any advice on job searching etc. I’m happy to help.
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