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  1. Yeah, I’ve never been able to quite figure you out. But pretty obvious which way you lean. I think it will be way more complicated than that considering population, infrastructure, and demographics.
  2. Lmao I just went back and read that. I originally read that he/she HAD given it to them, but sadly you are correct. Any medical provider (particularly MD, PA, NP) that even slightly implies antivax rhetoric, vaccine hesitancy, or alternative vaccine schedules should be actively ridiculed. You are the finest example of dereliction of duty. I have a higher expectation of the posters here, sorry. And this thread has exposed some true incompetence.
  3. Agree. This is absolutely unacceptable and unheard of. I would assume you are being refunded 50% of your tuition? A lot of that goes to setting up your rotations
  4. I had a similar situation when I was there. Go and get it over with or stay home and wait for acceptance to a local program. I ended up moving to the other side of the country. Ended up staying there and working after. At first, I was wishing I had waited, but then I got comfortable. In fact, being away from family was more conducive to productivity than anything. Looking back, I’m glad I got it out of the way when I did and don’t regret moving. I lost relationships, but gained others. You will grow from the experience. Big changes are scary, and that’s understandable. This is a tough decision
  5. I believe that was the other one. But to my point, this thread has merely exposed people making scientific and medical decisions based on bar talk banter and political affiliation. There’s no other explanation when minimizing the severity optics and latching to alternative facts for the virus.
  6. I suppose we can never use the acronym again
  7. In summary, this clearly has nothing to do with a “vaccine passport” as this originally began. Rather more so vaccine hesitancy, antivax, conspiracy theory, virus denying/downplaying, personal political influence, and the theoretical violation of ‘do no harm’ secondary to said beliefs. There is no vaccine passport. This is known. There will be no vaccine passport, this has been stated. But that doesn’t change the real issue here. I truly hope some of the members here do not interact with transplant patients.
  8. From what I recall, some of the lower percentiles in the country. I had an offer in Sheridan in 2019 starting at 72k. I’m sure prn and locums is different.
  9. You could literally take this sentence and go in every direction possible. I suppose we ask you the same question, with lack of health concern for millions on the basis of your individual liberty and “health privacy”. Where is the line drawn?
  10. Everyone on this forum required a “vaccine passport” to attend PA school, PA rotations, and to even set foot in the hospital for clinical practice. In the hospital that typically includes influenza. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone here.
  11. He’s back flying the victim flag in the fastest 6 months I’ve ever seen.
  12. Agree with the above. Point is to plan your wedding around school, not school around your wedding. The wedding should take a far back seat to PA school. I can second UGL. Two students in my cohort got covered in wedding antics, 1 failed out (but got married), the other struggled tremendously and passed by a thread. It’s possible, you can surely do it, but it’s ill-advised. PA school will the most difficult thing you’ve ever done in your entire life. It will place a lot of stress on your family, friends, and fiancé. 25k is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Simply put, if you plan
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