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  1. Rejection received here today as well. Congrats to the incoming class
  2. Hi! I totally feel you, I haven’t heard anything from almost all programs I applied to as well. What date did you apply to Touro / verified? If this helps, for reference, I applied July 25th and I *just* now got my “your applications has been uploaded and is under review” email this past week.
  3. Believe me I completely understand! SMU is one of my top choices and I live only 20 minutes away from campus. This is my 2nd year trying; applied to 10 programs this year and have had no interview invitations thus far. It's easy to get demoralized. Hope for good news soon.
  4. I think it's a little too early to declare that. Like I said above, last year they sent out invites over the course of about 3 weeks. Just because people in here have received invites for multiple dates does not necessarily mean they have filled every single seat for all of those dates.
  5. Hey, I’m a re-applicant - last year they sent out interview invites over the course of 3 weeks (first went out 12/23, last one went out around 1/18, so timeline is a little later this cycle). So if we don’t hear anything this week that doesn’t necessarily mean Game Over. Hang in there! I’m still hoping too.
  6. Congrats to everyone who got an interview invite today! I know they do a holistic app review, but simply for the sake of curiosity, could you all share your stats and what you do for work? Thanks and good luck (I know PCE hour count is bound to be wonky since a full 6 months has passed since most of us applied )
  7. That’s awesome! Glad to hear there’s hope for us interview waitlist-ers. For reference, what date were you put on the interview waitlist? Good luck! Let those other rejections go and put them behind you, it can only go up from here.
  8. Gotcha! That’s great. Good luck! I was referring to getting an email for initial app review. I know a lot of folks are still waiting. Crossing fingers.
  9. Nice! Yes! I’m confused though, I thought I remember you posting over a month ago that you got supplemental app invite already
  10. Hi everyone - I got the email from Touro this morning that my app is under review. I applied and was verified 7/25. Anyone who applied later, hang in there, it’s moving along!
  11. I don’t think anyone has yet Kinda wish they would send the full applicant pool any little email update, since we were told we’d start hearing about interviews in December. Strange times for sure.
  12. Yeah, it's tough to pinpoint specific factors, especially with LOR and personal statements being a wild card as well. They do a holistic application review but are a pretty competitive program. According to their website last year's incoming class had median & mean HCE of around 5,000 hours, and GPA around 3.7.
  13. Hi Adam - I'm similar age to you and also had a non-science undergrad degree, so I totally get it! I think it's possible to do Biochem without any previous Chem, since honestly it's pretty different than Inorganic (General) Chem anyway. I definitely think having taken some other Bio courses by the time I took Biochem helped me a lot though because the ideas and terminology are pretty complicated if you're brand new to it. As far as Organic, almost all other schools I've encountered will require you've taken some type of intro/inorganic/general Chem first before Orgo, so I'm surprised there's no prereq. I genuinely don't think I would have been able to get an A in Organic without already having taken some Chem; all the structures, bonds, types of interactions between atoms etc would have been so foreign without that knowledge base, especially taking online without the full experience of an engaged classroom setting for learning. I would definitely suggest taking an extra semester to get an intro/general Chem class under your belt first before you try to get a good grade in Orgo. The information in that class is such a fundamental foundation to all the other sciences you'll be taking and helped set me up for success. But again, that's just my experience. Also, my experience has been that due to the competitive nature of PA programs, the required prerequisites are basically just their bare minimum - most applicants have more science coursework than is required, and you're going to be competing against them. Last year I simply didn't have enough science classes under my belt and didn't get any interviews, even though I met the minimum prereqs. Don't worry about Stats, it's pretty easy IMO. Hope this helps!
  14. I am in the same boat as you, have not heard anything since my faculty review email. I did apply quite late in the cycle though, so I have been keeping my expectations humble. Selected Seattle and Tacoma.
  15. Hey folks, happy new year! Has anyone who applied August or later received an "application under review" email or supplemental app yet? I applied July 25th and still haven't heard anything. I think the last person on this forum who stated they had gotten a supplemental applied 7/23, so I was wondering if they've made it any farther than that yet. Been remaining patient thus far but am definitely starting to get antsy now! Hoping for something soon.
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