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  1. Not sure as far as this year, but I recall that when I applied here a previous cycle, they sent out a round of rejections about a week before interview invites began. I think some other rejections trickled in later as well. But there was a large group of rejection emails shortly before invites. (I was one of them. Hoping for better fortune this time ).
  2. I’m not sure, but this was the case in the past 2 years I applied to them as well and it didn’t seem to have much bearing on whether folks got offered interviews/acceptances in the end. Last year I recall quite a few people got ruffled because some apps seemed to be reviewed out of chronological order, but ultimately the people the school wanted to interview got interviewed. So I wouldn’t put too much weight on it. I feel like a Touro elder by now, lol. Hope this helps.
  3. Nope! Other than the app confirmation a while ago. In previous years, interview invites usually went out at the end of September.
  4. 34/F 3rd time applicant cGPA 3.09 sGPA 3.66 Last 60 units 3.78 PCE ~4,000 hours as MA & Scribe (less if you don’t count scribing) HCE ~1,000 hours Volunteering ~800 hours PA shadowing 44 hours GRE 314, 5.0 (though I don’t think they look at it) LOR from PA, 2 MDs, & director of volunteer clinic Some of their feedback from previous years was I didn’t have enough hands-on experience & science coursework compared to other applicants, so the past year I got a new more hands-on job & took more science classes. Also changed 2 of my LOR. Relentless forward progress is key!
  5. Just got an invitation to interview on 11/4!!! This is my top choice school and 3rd year applying. I am in shock and so ecstatic Applied 7/20, confirmation & under review 8/19, invitation today 9/15. Good luck to all still waiting - there are many months of interviews ahead for this program, so don't get discouraged! Last year they continued interviewing all the way through April.
  6. Hi friends. Mid September, starting to get a little jittery
  7. They don’t start interviewing until next year. (Website says February) Last year the first interview invites went out in December
  8. I've heard of people getting in with stats like yours, so definitely possible. Admission depends on so many diverse factors that it's impossible to truly say what someone's chances are. But a high GPA like yours absolutely helps offset lacking in other categories. Just keep gaining patient care hours and perhaps do some more volunteering. Most programs don't care anymore about if you do classes at a CC vs university, I've only heard of a rare few that are picky about that.
  9. There's a MEDEX forum, you might want to post this there https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forum/428-washington-university-of-washington/
  10. I’d be down too. Maybe when the interview gets closer, like end of October? I’ll check in on here before then & we can all plan something out
  11. 34/F cGPA 3.09 (last 60u 3.78; I had a rough freshman year) sGPA 3.66 B.A. in Political Science & International Relations (career-changer here!) PCE ~4,000 hours as an MA & Scribe HCE ~1,000 hours PA Shadowing 44 hours (skimped on this a bit since I work w/ PAs at my job) Volunteer ~700-800 hours, not sure exact GRE 314, 5.0 I would advise you not to get too hung up on stats though; albeit numbers do matter, I genuinely think there's so much more to each of us holistically than numbers.
  12. Submitted 8/25, confirmed 8/26, invite today 9/7
  13. Just got an interview invite! I'm a 3rd year applicant and this is my first ever interview And for such a good school! I am over the moon excited. The only options shown were 9/18 (which was full), and 11/6, so I selected the latter. Going to be a tough wait til then! Good luck everyone
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