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  1. Thank you! No, I actually applied really late in the cycle. I live in NorCal and wasn’t certain I wanted to apply down there yet until I did some more research on the program and heard good things
  2. When they verify your app they should catch errors like this for you. I wouldn’t stress too much. I would encourage you to take these types of questions to the general discussion board of this website, CASPA help boards, Facebook pre-PA groups etc. This thread is specifically about UC Davis applicants, so some folks may find it to be an annoyance to keep getting notifications for posts unrelated to Davis. Good luck!
  3. When you’re entering units, there’s a drop down box to the right of the units box that has .5 as an option.
  4. Heya This will be my 3rd time applying to SMU. Good luck everyone!
  5. So just heads up from my experience from previous cycles is that they typically do not send a confirmation until when the admissions committee is actually beginning to review your application. 2019 I submitted in late July and got 'application received' email in mid November. 2020 I submitted in mid July and got 'application received' email in January 2021. Since you're submitting earlier I bet the wait won't be quite as long as mine was.
  6. That is super cool to hear, thank you for sharing! Also I think it’s great that they’re doing phone calls rather than emails at this stage in the app process. Nice courtesy.
  7. No, not too late. Last year a few people on the forums got interview invites who applied in July.
  8. Hey folks! This will be my 2nd year applying to MBKU. Was 'waitlisted to interview' last year but didn't make it farther than that. Wishing everyone good luck
  9. Hi everybody! This year will be my 3rd time applying to Davis Excited to get this show on the road. Wishing us all the best of luck
  10. Just spoke with Naisha; she confirmed that we can just use the same COVID essay, they do not expect us to write something separate. Said they’ve been getting this question a lot (understandably!)
  11. Good question, I was wondering too! I think I’ll ask
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