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Lipscomb University PA Program 2020-2021

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

I submitted my application last Thursday and it was verified within 24 hours. I got an email confirmation from Lipscomb this morning.

Thank you for considering the Lipscomb University School of Physician Assistant Studies. Your verified application has been received and the admissions committee will conduct a holistic review. Should the committee have any questions or wish to invite you to interview they will reach out via email.

Average Profile of Accepted Applicants – 2019-2020 Cycle:

  • Biology/Chemistry/Physics (BCP) GPA – 3.67
  • Overall Science GPA - 3.70
  • Overall Total GPA – 3.76
  • PA Shadowing Hours – 75
  • Patient Care Experience Hours: 1,613
  • Healthcare Related Experience Hours - 1,079
  • Volunteer Hours - 256

Good luck!

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Hello everyone, wanted to join in on the discussion! I submitted and was verified the end of May. Looking forward to hearing when people heard about interviews and such. I did the virtual info session and was very impressed. I am interested to see, has anyone taken a tour of the facility? If so, what did you think? 

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51 minutes ago, bh427 said:

Just received an invite to interview too and I will be attending the August 14th interview date!! I am super excited but also nervous. Do any of you know how Lipscomb conducts/formats the interviews days? 

I have not heard anything at all about that- I am waiting to book hotel and flights until I hear!

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I received an email on June 17th with verification that they received my application, but I havent gotten anything back. Huge bummer, was also hoping to be in the first interview round. Hoping they have another round and that this doesn't mean the end of the road for me. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing soon!!

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I will be interviewing on August 17th! I'm super stoked since Lipscomb is my top choice! Good luck to everyone else that has received interviews or is still waiting to hear! I am also curious if anyone knows the stats on how many people they interview and how many seats are available!

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On 7/17/2020 at 11:00 AM, NoahL said:

Just received an interview invite yesterday morning! Stoked for everyone getting invites and if you'll be there on the 17th let me know! I'll be driving from Grand Rapids, MI 

I am also going to be there on the 17th and am driving from Grand Rapids! Good luck!

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