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  1. Good luck to all of us! Hoping for the best for everyone applying
  2. I submitted CASPA 5/28 and got verified 5/29. does anyone know when they might start sending out invite info for interviews?
  3. I would say to email the school to double check that they received it but also check your spam folder because I’ve heard some people say that their confirmation emails get put there since they’re automated.
  4. Hi! Best of luck to you too! Just submitted 16 apps today so I’m hopeful!
  5. hey yall! I went here for undergrad so I know a few things about the program! It is not rolling admissions first of all. Second, you should receive a conformation email a few days after your app gets verified! The program has provisional accreditation now and I believe they will be fully accredited when they get the chance- this program it top notch!! Good luck to everyone and if you have any questions I can try to answer them!
  6. Did you guys have everything done before they sent a supplemental? CASPA, GRE, CASPer...
  7. Did you guys complete the CASPer before submitting your app?
  8. Okay thanks. I’m trying to stay in the NC/SC area but maybe I should broaden my area a bit more. I’d love Wake Forest but I just need to get in wherever I can go! Thanks for the advice!
  9. Those are all great point and things to think about. I really appreciate the insight!
  10. Thanks! i have worked as a medical assistant in a doctors office specifically for a PA. I also currently work as a tech in a cardiovascular and transplant OR. my goal is to apply to around 15 schools. thanks for the advice! I for sure need to have my personal statement reviewed again by a few people.
  11. So hopefully the third times a charm! Can someone give me some advice as to my chances of getting in/ good programs to apply to? cGPA: 3.36 sGPA: 3.36 PCE: 4500 and counting GRE: 310 I took Micro, Biochem, Orgo 1, and Genetics after graduating with my BS and got A's in all of them, hopefully showing an upward trend to any schools. I have great LORs and my PCE is hospital OR based as well as Medical office based. I don't have tons of volunteering hours (~100) which I know could hurt me considering my GPA I should also mention that I was a 2 sport NCAA athlete for all 4 years of college. My schools of choices right now: University of Tampa, USF, South University, Wake Forest, UNC, Gardner-Webb, Campbell, University of Tennessee, Elon, Duke (gotta try right?), FGCU, Emory Any advice/Insight would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  12. Hey guys just thought id start a thread for this years cycle! Good luck everyone!!
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